Thursday, March 22, 2007

At the Salon

I've been needing a haircut for an eternity (eternity = several months). I haven't liked my cut since the last time - the cutter butchered my bangs and made my layers too chunky - but I've put off getting it cut again. As much as I haven't liked it, I was worried that my hair would look worse after getting it cut.

Last week I finally decided I had to do something with my hair. The bottom layer was going completely out of control; it would turn up when I wanted it to curl under and would be flat as a pancake when I wanted it to curl up. Sigh. I called my usual beauty salon, Salon Divo, to schedule an appointment. Imagine my surprise when instead of hearing, "Salon Divo, how can I help you?", I heard "Mane Attraction this is Mary Lou"! I mumbled my apology about dialing the wrong number, but Mary Lou politely interrupted, "Oh, were you calling Salon Divo?" I replied in the affirmative, and she explained that Salon Divo had gone out of business. I put off getting a haircut and this is what happens?!?! I sighed and asked if they had an opening for a haircut for that evening, as close to 5pm as possible. She said no, so I decided to try a few other salons. No one had an appointment open. Double sigh.

Yesterday, I got up my nerve again. Actually, I was desperate. If I didn't get a haircut a.s.a.p, I would end up either a) shaving off my hair myself or b) checking myself into the neighborhood loony bin. I decided to try the salon located downstairs from my office. Just as last week, they had no openings. Mini-sigh. After a little thought, I decided to try Mane Attraction. You see, I don't know anyone who works there, no one who has had a haircut from there, and a girl who had her nails done there (years ago) who didn't enjoy her experience. That's why I hesitated.

When I called, Pete answered the phone. It seemed a little odd that a man answered (no men cut hair at Salon Divo) but I just plunged ahead with my request for an appointment around 5pm. Pete looked at "the books" and replied that there was an opening at 5pm. Yipee! He took my name and phone number and asked if I knew where the salon was located. I said yes, then Pete said, "Okay, I'll be cutting your hair at 5 - see ya then."

Yes, I admit that my initial thought was "WHAT!" Yes, I did have preconceived notions about who could cut my hair. Would a man know how to cut and style my hair?! Would he be able to understand my hair struggles and know how to help me?! I almost cancelled the appointment. I thought of the TLC show What Not To Wear. Nick is a guy, I reminded myself, and he always does a fabulous job with the guests' cuts/styles. I reminded myself of all the famous men who cut hair for the stars. Okay, I'll do it, I said, with a prayer in my heart.

Good decision. Pete was great. Absolutely marvelous. Pete is in his 40's and has been doing hair for 17 years. He sat me down in his chair and, while combing my hair with his fingers, asked what I wanted. I told him. He listened. He understood - at least, he seemed to, I hoped. Next came my favorite part of getting a haircut - the shampoo. It's 10 times better with a man. You'll have to call me if you want details.

Pete and I had agreed to cut off almost 3". I'll admit I was worried that my hair would be too short. I was wrong; Pete was right. I would have never guessed I had that much hair to lose and still have the length I wanted - it was that troublesome bottom layer! Now it's gone! Yipee!

Second favorite part: blow drying. I love this part because I love having my hair brushed. When I dry my own hair, my arms start to hurt.

Third favorite part (just seconds behind blow drying): compliments. Almost without fail, whenever a new person cuts my hair they remark at some point that I have thicker hair than they guessed. Pete was no exception. While drying my hair, he said I must have strong forearms. I asked what he meant, and he said I'd have to have strong arms to blow dry that much hair every day. Then he just went on and on and on about how luxurious my hair is, how thick and healthy it is, how much of it there is, etc. It was great. He said that if it weren't for the visible line, he wouldn't have guessed my hair was dyed because it is in such remarkable condition. Sigh. I love getting compliments! I just demurely said thanks every time, beaming inside and out.

In the end, my hair turned out exactly like I wanted. Pete, you convinced me. You are now my go-to guy for hair. Thank you.


julie said...

Sometimes I amaze myself. I figured this would be just a little post about getting a hair cut. Boy, I'm even long-winded when I write!

Alyson said...

I'm glad you're hair cut turned out great. I also need to get a hair cut and have been putting it off for an eternity. I prefer to have a man cut my hair, because it seems they do a better job.

booklogged said...

Oh, how I wish I lived close to Pete. I have burned out on the regulars that have done my hair in the past and don't have anyone right now. I don't feel comfortable going to the same salon where an x-regular works. Lately I've been going to Wal-Mart. Most of the time I walk out of the salon thinking,"Why would anyone want their hair to look like this?!" The woes of living in a small town.

booklogged said...

BTW, love your blog's new spring look.

Cardine said...

That's so awesome! I'm glad you found someone you are pleased with! I've been having haircutting needs for a few months, too. I made my appointment for April 18.

tearese said...

Most of the salons in my area have several guys working there, and my hair has been cut by those of the male persuasion many times. My mistake is always assuming that they're gay. One guy who seemed very feminine in the University District once told me all about his girlfriend. oops.

Cassie said...

I love getting my hair done. In fact I'm getting my done next week. I love having a regular person. It makes things so much easier and less stressful.

Framed said...

And I've been trying to forget the disaster of my last trim. Yes, she "trimmed" 3 inches from my almost top-of-the-shoulder length to "ack, the wind is blowing on my neck" length. I want Pete. I've always liked to have men cut my hair, but there aren't any qualified here. So while I mourn my dismal do, I'm glad yours is a triumph. And I'm jealous that you have found the one, while I have to go searching.

Adam said...

Ever since the first time a female cut my hair, that has been my preference. I enjoy the feeling of someone playing with my hair so much that I could probably fall asleep in the chair while getting my hair cut.

If only they would just not talk to me so much!

julie said...

Adam, I agree! That was the only problem with Pete - he was chatty. He wanted to talk about American Idol! Fortunately, when I didn't know anything about AI, he wasn't so talkative and I could just sit and enjoy the process in silence.

Book, I'm glad you like the colors. Thank you.

Cassie, I think I understand what you mean about having a regular person. Pete and I made plans for the future and I feel comfortable with his execution of those plans. If I went to someone else, it would be like starting over.

Framed, I feel your pain! Good luck with your search for a good hair stylist!

Indy said...

I loved this blog!!! I have had many sad experiences in the last year of getting my hair cut. I have had to try out a lot of new places since I am in a new area. It is hard because you don't know if you can trust the people who are cutting your hair.

The last girl didn't put less distance in between my layers so I was unhappy. I am coming up to needing a hair cut soon, wish me luck.

I wish that I could see your new cut.