Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Don't Expect Anything to Go With Anything Else

Sometimes I feel like I have things I want to write about that wouldn't be enough to fill a full post. Times like this, I decide to write a "bits 'n pieces" post.

Good Advice
1. Awhile ago, Adam reminded me that it's okay to dream and to pursue those dreams. He gave me a fantastic analogy about Tarzan and uttered the inspired words, "At some point you have to let go". Inspired, I tell ya. My heart hurt as he said it, and I knew it was what I needed to hear, and what I'll need to do in time. I was in a coma, a dream coma, where I was kind of numb and a little lost. I thought pursuing my dreams was irresponsible and was scared to try. Now, I'm finally waking up from the coma and am ready and excited to start living life, pursuing my dreams, having adventures. Yeah!

2. Last night, Cardine compared deciding to marry to being in the pre-existance and deciding to come to this life. When we made that choice, we were told that there would be tough times, miserable times even, to go along with the gloriously good times, and that in the end, if we continued faithful, the reward would be inconceivable. I admit that, more often than not, I tend to focus on the scary, tough aspects of marriage instead of the good possibilities and the end reward (eternal life with the person I love more than anyone else). Cardine's analogy put a few things in perspective. Who knows, someday I may actually choose to get married! Maybe.

Thanks, you two. I love good analogies and both were perfectly timed.

My Apartment
Sometimes I wish I were more of a photo-taker (NOT a photographer - there's a difference). I wish I had pics of my apartment to show those of you who haven't been graced enough (or in town) to visit. I'm also not in the mood to go into too much of a description of it; I just want to say...

I love it! It's teeny-tiny and the kitchen is practically non-existant (though better than when I moved in, thanks to a hutch my boss gave me and a kitchen cart I bought), but it's mine! All mine. I don't share it with anyone. If I decide to leave my water bottle on the end table when I go to bed, I know no one else will see it (it will be taken care of when I wake up - I can't stand a mess!). I can roam around sans clothing, and I have full use of the refrigerator. Full use.

My mom asks me everysooften if I get lonely. No. I don't. Not at all, in fact. When I want to talk to someone, I use my handy-dandy cell phone. When I think the apartment is too quiet, I turn on the TV (PBS) or the radio (one of the two country stations). I read a lot, I cook, I entertain visitors, I watch TV, I sleep. I don't have time to get lonely!

HP 5
I saw my ex-crush, Anthony, yesterday. He came to have me retube his hearing aid. After I had done so, we talked about movies coming out this summer, or that have already come out. He asked me again if I wanted to go to Harry Potter 5 with him when it opens. Of course, he said this just as my boss was coming into the room. My boss is obsessed with finding me a boyfriend and has always given me a hard time about Anthony. Anthony verified that my cell phone number hasn't changed and said he'd text me (he can't hear on the phone - remember he's totally deaf in one ear and has profound hearing loss in the other). My boss was about to die with glee. Sigh.

I almost hate to mention this, because who knows if anything will actually come of it...but, sometimes I'm a glutton for punishment. Just please don't give me a hard time if nothing comes to fruition. Anyway, I want to write a novel; I've wanted to since time began, but have never attempted it. Right now, I have a general idea about a storyline and am getting a good grasp of the main character and some of the other characters. I can picture them and have an idea of their respective personalities - I'm writing everything down, too, which is more than I've ever done. We'll see if anything comes of it, but don't be too shocked if nothing does. (I'm such a pessimist sometimes!)

Last weekend I went to Kanab to see Adam. We hadn't seen each other for months, and before that it had been over a year. We've talked a lot on the phone lately, but it was tons better talking to him in person. Some of the highlights: he treated me to a private concert - he's quite good on the piano and has a great singing voice - and he didn't even charge me an entrance fee! After eating at a local diner (I had a delicious turkey 'n avocado wrap), he took me on a driving tour of Kanab and showed me some really cool old houses. His sister and brother-in-law had us over to their house for rootbeer floats, then Adam and I watched Over the Hedge (very funny). It was a great weekend.

Hmmm. I think that's all I want to say. Hopefully, you're feeling all sorts of uptodate-edness. (That sounds like something cjane would say - I hope I didn't plagiarize!)


Cassie said...

You know I think it's okay to do little posts if you think about it not that I don't enjoy reading it all in bulk too. Well, glad everything is going so well and that your dreams may come to fruition.

Framed said...

I enjoy anything you have to say. Wish I could think of one thing to write about in my blog.
I have a blog on my links you may want to check out. Click on Tristi Pinkston. She is a published author and has done several posts with writing tips that are really common sense but we don't think about them. I try to use her tips when I'm doing a book review but forget quite often. I have one of her books, but haven't read it yet. But I do enjoy her blog. One of her no-no's is not to start every sentence with "I". Or it should be.

Cardine said...

Ohmygosh! I was referenced in your post! I am kind of embarrassed and flattered, and ... I ... I can't believe that analogy made it online.

And, I love your apartment, too.

Alyson said...

Amazing! I am feeling sorts of uptodate-edness. I like the bits-n-pieces posts, but I would read them all if they were separate posts as well.

I hope you do write a novel and get it published!! I would be so excited to read it, and so excited to be able to brag to everyone "My cousin is an author"!! I may be able to do the same for my sister one day.

julie said...

Cassie, for some reason I feel like a post has to be bulky enough to make it worth my time. Does that make sense? I'm kind of like that with my journal, too. It's why I write weekly instead of daily - not enough happens to make it worth my time to write daily.

Framed, thanks for the link suggestion. Someday I'll get around to checking out Tristi's blog. I like the idea of getting some writing tips.

Cardine, I kind of hoped you wouldn't mind me sharing that analogy. It wasn't copyrighted was it? If so, I'll pay the fine. :)

Aly, thanks for the support. I'm beginning to think that the biggest hinderance to me writing a book is lack of time. Not to complain, because I love having a life, but I really don't have a lot of time to just think about it.

booklogged said...

What great analogies. So glad you shared those with us. Those friends sound pretty wise.

James & Melissa's Family said...

So I though that I would leave a note for you, since you have left some for me about my blog. Boy do you have a lot going on in your life. I think you would be great author, and would make a great story for us all to read and aspire to. It will be fun to catch up next week, I am glad you have time for an old friend. Bye.

julie said...

Book, yes, I have wise friends. I'm blessed.

Melissa, thanks for stopping by! I will ALWAYS have time for you! Am looking forward to having dinner with you next week!

booklogged said...

I received a book from the library yesterday that a fellow blogger recommended for my 'before trip' reading. The first chapter is Poutine Nation! A few weeks ago I would not have chuckled when I saw that, but thanks to you I know what it means.

I was also recommended a little restaurant in Matane, Quebec that serves shrimp poutine. It has a shrimp sauce and shrimp. Yummmmm..

Madman said...

Wow, mentioned twice in your blog. I feel honored.

I never thought about charging an entrance fee. Maybe I should have.

And I definitely enjoyed last weekend, it was a lot of fun, and worth the long round-trip with the quick turnaround time.

tearese said...

I always want to know whats going on in your life! Otherwise, I wouldn't feel like we were really keeping in touch. Sometimes blogs share so much more insight than emails do, you know?
Thanks for writing yours!

Indy said...

That was a great analogy on marriage. Lately I have been thinking too much on the negative and not of the positive. Marriage is no picnic, but I do hear it is worth it.

The Farmer's Wife said...

I liked your random thoughts. The one about the "ex-crush" made me smile! Let us know when that novel comes out, because now I'm curious.

XYZinn said...

Yes! Take pictures and post them . I would love to see your apartment...and YOU!!
Who is Adam? Is he an ex boyfriend or a current boyfriend? :)

julie said...

Good question - Adam is an exboyfriend that is now one of my closest friends.

Hmmm. Pictures. Good idea. I do have a digital camera. What I don't have is the inclination to a)actually take pictures and b)take the time to figure out what to do with the pictures once I take them. I'm sure it's fairly straight forward, so someday I may do it. Maybe! :)

c jane said...

I know I am late here (sorry) but this post ignited some feelings inside me and I wanted you to know how much love and admiration I have for you (and while, I am at it, for all of these wonderful people in your life Cassie, Alyson, Cardine to name a few who are just awesome.)And I love, love the line about "choosing to marry" we forget that everything is a choice.

I LOVE YOU (and your last line was all YOU!)

c jane said...

And, I love your distinction between a picture-taker and a photographer. You are so smart.

Anonymous said...

I hesitate to tell people my future plans, because I feel the same way as you: "We'll see if anything comes of it, but don't be too shocked if nothing does."

Someone told me the other day that she's on plan ZZZ, because she's run out of the letters of the alphabet so many times in planning her next step (or life goals, or whatever), and that God can direct someone in motion better than someone standing still.

She also said that letting people know your plans may actually be the way they come to pass.

I hesitate voicing my plans, because of my own fears and anxieties... I am afraid of making a bad (or anything less than perfect) decision.

Suddenly this is turning into a therapy session and it's getting a little too open for me!

tearese said...

hmmm, I always wondered who adam is. I guess I still don't really know, but now I have a better idea.

zephyr said...

I like your rocks!!!