Thursday, November 29, 2007


Don't you hate liars?

Please don't hate me for lying about posting about Thanksgiving.

I probably won't post about it at all.

I hope you weren't holding your breath.

My rule of thumb: if it's been a week since the event/idea/thing that I was going to post about, I'm not going to post about it.

Sorry. I know you had your heart set on reading all about my lovely Thanksgiving day and weekend.

Anyway, I may not post about Thanksgiving, but I do have a few ideas of other posts that aren't time-sensitive. So...

Probably best not to hold your breath, though. I've been busy this week.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I'm confused.

I keep getting signals from this guy (yes, Anthony) that make me wonder if he likes me, but then he doesn't ever ask me out. We went on a date this past summer, and he made all these comments that made me think he liked me, but he hasn't asked me out since then. Every time I see him, I think he's going to ask me out because of the things he says and how he acts, but then he doesn't. He also text messages me out-of-the blue. Example: on Thanksgiving he tm'ed me "Happy Thanksgiving, Julie!". I hadn't seen him since the last time he came into my office, then he wishes me a happy holiday out of nowhere???

I'm confused.

I wonder if he just thinks of me as a friend, then my boss and other people (okay, just one other person - the exboyfriend of one of my friends) tell me that guys don't do things like that unless they like a girl. Is this true? My boss was right before. When Adam started calling me this past spring, I said it was just because he wanted to be friends. My boss said guys don't call girls unless they like them. He was right, at least that time, and I was wrong.

Sigh. Don't even get me started about whether or not I want Anthony to ask me out! I do, but I don't.

Anyway, I'm planning on posting about Thanksgiving soon, so stayed tuned!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Quick Bits

I cut my hair. To be exact, Pete cut my hair. I love Pete. He's the perfect man for me. The perfect man to cut my hair, that is. I had him cut about 4" off and had him angle it a bit so the front is a tad longer than the back. I've wanted this haircut for ages, but every time the stylist cuts it a little different than what I had wanted. When Pete finished, I looked in the mirror and saw exactly what I had envisioned. I love Pete. I love my haircut. Life is good.

Last weekend, my youngest brother, K, came for a visit and brought his new girlfriend. So, I spent a lot of time with my family, which is always nice. Saturday afternoon, just after lunch, we took the three little kids to the park by the high school. Us big kids played "baseball". Really, we had one pitcher, one catcher, one batter, and the rest of us were outfielders. No bases, no running, no keeping score. We took turns being batter, catcher, and pitcher and each batter hit the ball a few times before we changed. Well, one time I decided to try pitching to my brother J. This was incredibly foolish on my part because I can't throw worth a darn. I felt bad for J because he had to suffer through a lot of wild pitches. I also felt bad for the catcher who had to chase a lot of wild pitches and for the outfielders who basically had nothing to do while waiting for me to get the ball across the "plate". I finally scooted up 'til I was fairly close to the plate (a few feet or so, I'm a horrible judge of distance) and started giving J some pitches he could hit. Well, one time he hit the ball right into my stomach. Boy, did that sting! Fortunately, my stomach is well-padded, so there was no lasting damage done, I hope, but I have a nasty-looking bruise the size of a softball (quite the misnomer I discovered) on my stomach. It's sad because it hurts and because it's in a place I don't want to show anyone, so no one can see how horrible it looks and pity me as much as I want to be pitied. J felt really bad, but it wasn't his fault; a) he didn't aim the ball at me, and b) I was really close. On the plus side, the two times I was at bat I actually had several really good hits! I've always been horrible at baseball and used to strike out every time up to bat, so I was very pleased.

I had a dream last night that I got shot while walking on my lastest walking route. It was so realistic - the streets, the houses, everything looked just like they do when I go for my walk. In my dream, I was walking along and felt a pinch in my thigh, then I heard the gunshot, then I felt the pain. I blacked out (in my dream) and came to in a hospital room. The ER nurse had recognized me and had called my mom. The doctor was explaining to her that the surgery had gone okay, but it may take awhile for me to walk again, if ever, since the bullet had done a lot of damage. I thought a lot about how I was going to work and get around and just live my life if I couldn't walk. It was so vivid that when I woke up I was extremely relieved that I could walk.

That's it. Everything in my life is going well... the same, but well.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Just a little pathetic

Don't get me wrong, I'm quite content with my life, but it occurred to me today that my life is a just a little pathetic, and because I LOVE lists, I decided to list for you why this is so. Enjoy.

You know my life is pathetic when... hot Friday night date is with a fictional vampire on CBS named Mick St. John. At least he's a hot vampire.

...I check Pioneer Woman's blog a million times a day to see if she's written another installment of "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story". So far, there's 20 (yes 20!!!) installments and she's not finished! I almost feel like I'm reading a trashy romance novel except there hasn't been anything trashy, unless you count Malboro Man suggesting they go back to his place (they didn't), AND it's a true story. Sigh. It's my romance fix and I'm addicted. Thanks, Tearese. (Seriously, no sarcasm, I'm loving it and appreciate you telling me about it.)

...I chose to stay here instead of moving to France. The Julie of 10 years ago would have chosen France. Now, this could be construed as maturity...your call.

...I can no longer stay up 'til 1 or 2 am without dire consequences. Dire consequences = moody. of the things I like most about my jobs is cleaning hearing aids. There's something really satisfying about sucking out (with a special vacuum) all the gunk and moisture that is causing the hearing aid to not work. It never gets old. Or, it hasn't yet.

...the only guy who hits on me consistently is my 100 year-old neighbor who in the summer goes out for a smoke in just his slippers and boxers. Whenever he sees me he says, "Hey there, sexy!" (giggle)

...I cried during the Primary's sacrament meeting program. Just a couple tears. They had a couple dads sing with their sons, and it really touched me.

...comfy sweats + a soft blanket + a good book + a treat (preferrably chocolate) = a perfect night. Perfect day = all the above + PBS cooking shows. BBQ U and New Scandinavian Cooking are my favorites.

...there are so many things that I could put on a list like this, but it's quitting time and I don't want to stay longer.

So, though LIFE is good, it's also just a little pathetic. I'm okay with that, though.

Friday, November 09, 2007

I hope I know what I'm doing

Today, I told my boss that I'm staying.

Can you believe it? If I weren't me, and I didn't know all that I had put into making this decision, I wouldn't believe that I actually decided to stay and not move away. Cuz, I was pretty set on leaving. I remember thinking that there was nothing my boss could say to get me to stay. I was wrong.

That doesn't mean my life has to stay at a stand-still the next two years. I'm looking into an online masters degree and am making sure that an online degree won't hurt my chances of getting into a PhD program when I finally leave here. Cuz, I'm thinking that I'd like to be a college professor someday. When I told my boss this, he was very supportive...then smirked and said that in two years he'll make me another offer I can't refuse. I've gotta say that I'm extremely relieved that I won't have to go through this process again for two more years!

And, no, my decision doesn't have anything to do with Anthony coming in to the office recently! (My boss actually asked me this!) I made my decision to stay earlier this week, before Anthony showed up, and waited to tell my boss today just to be mean. Yes, I'm a brat. He deserved it, though. (smirk)

And, yes, my decision had a lot to do with the monthly stack of homemade tortillas my boss promised. I mean, really, you have to try these someday! Yummy!

In other news: I have a new cell phone. It's red and really cool. Oh, and it's a picture phone. I like it a lot. I hated my old phone and have put off upgrading it until I knew what I was doing with my life. My phone number is, of course, the same. :)

That's it really. Thanks, everyone, for your support and well-wishes!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Woe Is Me

Sigh. I'm pathetic.

Anthony came into my work tonight. Sigh.

I haven't seen or heard from him in a few weeks, so I was surprised when the office door opened and he walked in. My boss was just leaving (of course!!!), and gave me a smirk before saying hi to Anthony and goodbye to me.

Sigh. I had almost forgotten how good-looking Anthony is.

He needed to buy hearing aid batteries and needed a new earmold tube. When that was taken care of, we talked for an hour and a half. At one point, he mentioned that he has a new phone and I walked around the counter (so we were on the same side of it), and he showed me all the cool features of his phone. We stood reallyreallyclose, our arms were touching - almost my entire arm was against almost his entire arm.

He smelled really good. Sigh.

Then he wanted to show me something on the internet, so we sat in front of the computer reallyreallyclose, our legs were touching - almost my entire leg was touching almost his entire leg. I was controlling the mouse, so my hand was up on the desk. So were both of his, for some reason. At one point, his hand was reallyreallyclose to my hand, but wasn't touching it. Then his hand moved and his fingers rested on my hand for a split-second.

I was dying. I think he is so attractive! I so want him to ask me out! Yet, I don't because I'm really not sure we're compatible. Heavens, though, I want him to kiss me. I love that we were touching almost the entire time he was in my office. He asked me if I'm busy on the weekends, and I said that some weekends I am, some I'm not. I tried to tell him about last weekend, but I think he thought I was telling him my plans for this weekend! Curses! I tried to correct him, but sometimes our communication abilities are less than perfect. Double curses!

I finally needed to leave work (it was well after the time I get off), so we said goodbye. He said that it was really good to see me and that I was looking good (there go my knees!), then he hugged me. Sigh.

A friend and I talked recently about how great it feels to have a guy's arms around you, and I remember thinking that I was beginning to forget how it felt (since it's been a little while). Aaaahhhh. This was a nice reminder. As we stepped apart, one of his hands slid across my back and over the top of my arm. Sigh.

It's probably a good thing he doesn't know the effect he has on me. He's my Achilles heel.

I told you I'm pathetic.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Keeping Busy

Was it only last week that I was saying I need a hobby??

I certainly didn't need one this weekend. Saturday was especially busy - I was on the go ALL DAY! It was fun, though, so I'm going to tell you about it.

6:30-8:00 am (YES - A.M.!!!) - woke up at this unheavenly hour in order to get showered and dressed for work. Yes, work! (I don't normally work Saturdays, in case you didn't know.)

8:00 am - drove to the hospital.

8:03-8:37 am - set up my booth for the hospital's annual(?) health fair.

8:37-11:15 am - looked in approximately 50 pairs of ears with a video otoscope (so the inside of the ear showed up on a monitor) and explained at least 50 times what we were looking at. Fortunately, most of these ears had normal ear drums and normal amounts of wax (because who wants to see excessive ear wax this early on a Saturday??).

11:15-11:45 am - finally able to take a lunch and get off my feet. I wore the wrong shoes. My feet hurt.

11:45 am-1:00 pm - looked in more ears and explained more times. Feet = pain. Oh, and the hospital had provided shirts for all the providers to wear. Long-sleeved. I was rather toasty. Good news, though, is that I saw a lot of people and got my boss's name out there. Publicity, publicity, publicity.

1:00-1:15 pm - took down my booth and drove home.

1:20 pm - changed into grubbies and started watching an episode of "As Time Goes By", planned to nap for a couple hours. I watched it for twenty minutes when...

1:40 pm - Mom called and invited me to a movie. I said no. Then I called her back and told her yes. Who needs sleep anyway?? The movie didn't start for 40 minutes, so I thought I could sit and relax, maybe nap a little, but...

1:45 pm - brother called. Brother had important things to say that I wanted to hear. So, eventually changed back into street clothes while talking to brother and finally had to tell him goodbye because...

2:05 pm - Mom picked me up for movie.

2:20-4:20 (ish) pm - watched "Elizabeth: The Golden Years". I really enjoyed it, more than the first movie, in fact. Queen Elizabeth I is one of my heroines; she totally fascinates me. I can recommend an excellent biography of her, if you're interested! And, if you like historical films, or movies with Clive Owen, you may like this movie!

4:30 pm - rested a bit and played a couple games of Yahtzee on my cell phone (I'm a little addicted.)

4:40 pm - rushed to Deseret Book to buy a present for my sister. I bought her a journal and a pen that lights up. The journal is funky and cute. My sister is 9.

4:43 pm - Dad called wondering where I was. I protested, "The party isn't 'til 5!" He responded, "I said between 4 and 5." I said I'd get there a.s.a.p., but not before 5.

5:08-7:00 pm - Sister's birthday party. We had pizza, salad, cake, ice cream, and ice cream cake. She opened presents and seemed to like everything she got. We watched college football - they were cheering for Alabama, but I had to leave before it ended, so I don't know who won.

7:00-8:30 pm - party at Celeste's. She just moved in to a new place and wanted to break it in with a party. For the first time, girls outnumbered guys at one of her parties. Seriously, it's usually me and her and then 2-4 guys. One of the guys is her ex, at least one guy is usually gay, and the others tend to be guys she's interested in. All of them are really nice and we have a lot of fun playing games. This time, her ex was the only guy and I finally got to meet two of Celeste's female friends that she keeps talking about. They are super nice and we got along really well.

8:30-11:30 pm - made candles at Cardine's with Cardine and Shiree. It was our first time making candles, and I think we did a great job! We colored them blue, gree, and orangy-red and scented them with cinnamon and sugar cookie scents. Seriously, I was impressed with us. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot and now we have nice gifts to give away. Of course, one of the best things about doing things with Cardine and Shiree is talking with them. We always have such interesting conversations. However, I was beat so I probably didn't contribute anything too intellectual to the conversation, and I left fairly early by our standards.

12:00 am - after driving home, washing my face and etc., and reading my scriptures, I finally was able to turn off the light and go to sleep. It felt great to snuggle under my covers and close my eyes and know that I didn't have to wake up for nine hours instead of eight because of the time change. Aaaahhhh.

Sunday was a little better, but still quite hectic. Did you see that the Lions beat the Broncos 44 to 7??? I was so pleased! The Lions are my favorite team and the Broncos are my least favorite team. Sweet! Unfortunately, the Colts lost to the Patriots. Before the game started, I guessed the Pats would win, but then the Colts put forth a tremendous effort and made me believe they'd actually pull off a win. With less than 5 minutes to play, they were up 20 to 10! Then they either let the Pats have the game, or the Pats dug deep inside and pulled up something so amazing that the Colts couldn't do anything to stop 'em, but the Pats made two really great plays that put them up 24 to 20. Even worse, their defense was able to stop P. Manning from being his awesome self and the Colts were unable to convert their last possessions into points. Sigh. Too bad. At least the Lions won. And, getting to watch football always = good times.