Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Story of How I Learned I'm Pregnant

This morning, I had a doctor appointment on base. I had scheduled it a few weeks ago, weeks before I thought I could be pregnant. I had planned to renew my birth control...hahaha. Instead, they confirmed what two at-home tests and the student health center had said - I'm pregnant.

I had been feeling quesy for quite awhile before taking the at-home pregnancy test. At first, I thought I had caught the flu but I never threw up and kept feeling quesy day after day. Then I read a blog post from a friend who is pregnant, and she said that her first clue to being pregnant again was feeling sea sick. That's what I felt like - sea sick! Could I be pregnant, too? Surely it was too soon to be feeling sick, right? Didn't that start after a month or so? I knew I couldn't be a month into pregnancy.

I told Steve about my suspicions. If he was a praying man, I bet he would have spent hours on his knees praying that I simply had a long-running, light-weight case of the flu. I looked online to see how early one could take an at-home pregnancy test and decided upon a certain day on which to take it if I wasn't feeling better by then. Two weeks I waited. I still felt quesy but often forgot about it since I wasn't vomiting and was kind of getting used to it. However, there were times that I felt really bad. The day before the day I had chosen to take the test, I felt pretty sick to my stomach. I texted Steve and asked him to buy my a pregnancy test. There was a long pause before he said ok. Maybe he was saying a mental prayer??

The next morning, I woke up and peed on the stick. I hopped in the shower, wondering if my life was about to change. When I got out of the shower and looked at the stick and the picture on the box that tells you what the symbols on the stick mean, I could hardly believe it. It's one thing to wonder if you're pregnant; it's a whole different ball game to have a white, plastic stick tell you that you most likely are. I went into the bedroom and woke up Steve. It took him a bit to focus. He handled the news better than I had hoped for, but I could tell he wasn't overjoyed. Poor guy. What a way to wake up.

I used to work as a part-time student employee in the university's student health center and knew that they gave free pregnancy tests that were more reliable than the at-home tests, which are pretty reliable. So, I decided to take a visit there that day at lunch to get a second opinion. It turned out positive as well and I was given an approximate due date. All the ladies at the center were ecstatic that I was pregnant and I began to catch a little of their enthusiasm. I called Steve and let him know and he apologized for not being more enthusiastic that morning, he had been sleepy and surprised. He said lots of sweet things and I felt much, much better. Though still pretty freaked out.

We decided to wait until the day before Thanksgiving to tell anyone. That way I could tell my mom in person since she was spending the holiday at our home. It was really hard, though, because my whole family was getting together the weekend before to go to my youngest brother's baby's blessing. We had thought about telling everyone then but didn't want to take away from their event. Imagine our surprise and hapiness when my younger brother and his wife announced that they are expecting a baby! She is due in June, so just a few weeks before me! Steve was so impressed that I managed to keep our secret after that. It wasn't too hard because I wanted to let them enjoy the moment of telling everyone. I am super excited that Rachel and I will be pregnant together and that our kids will be so close in age - along with their cousin Kason who will be less than a year older.

My mom's reaction to the news that I'm pregnant was priceless and totally worth the wait. We put a card and pacifier on her bed. The card said that we're having a baby and gave the due date. She always puts her bags and things away in the guest room as soon as she gets to our house. She went upstairs and was so excited when she came back down. The whole time she was with us, she kept saying how excited she is. She's so happy to be getting more grandkids! Once she knew, we started making phone calls and sending out texts and emails. For some reason, the text that I sent out to my brothers and cousins didn't go out, so they didn't hear about it as soon as I would have liked. Then, I posted it on facebook. I don't always love facebook, but it sure is a good way to get information spread to the people I care about!

The nurse on base got me registered for their two-hour pregnancy class. After the class, I'll be referred to an off-base OB for the duration of my pregnancy. Fortunately, we know a couple people who have had babies in this area and have received great recommendation of OBs that work with the military's insurance.

Is eight months really long enough to prepare for such a life-changing event?? Holy cow!!