Thursday, December 28, 2006

I Must Have Been A Good Girl This Year...

...Because I'm actually going to get something off of my silly Christmas Wish List!

Due to a very generous Christmas present/year-end bonus from my boss, I have some extra money. (He gave me a large handbag full of one-dollar bills - it was very surprising and a lot of fun!) I have decided to spend most of the money in a responsible fashion (to pay off a little chunk of my dental bill), but 1/3 of it is going to go towards a VACATION!

I am so excited! My last true vacation was August of 2004 when I spent a week in Portland. The year before that I went on a cruise to western Mexico. The year before that I lived in New York and took several trips into Manhattan, one trip to Palmyra, and a trip to Washington D.C. This past summer and the summer of 2005 I only took little trips to Bryce Canyon that only lasted a day. Both those summers I took off three days for the Shakespearean festival, but that doesn't really count as a vacation. No, I need a honest-to-heavens vacation and I'm gonna get it.

I haven't done a lot of research yet (Christmas was just a few days ago, afterall), but I'm definitely leaning towards taking another cruise. Cruises are nice for several reasons; you pay for the cruise and don't have to worry about meals or lodging. Entertainment is provided on the ship and I can choose whether or not to pay for any of the cruise-sponsored port activities. Most importantly, I left my last cruise feeling truly refreshed and relaxed, unlike other vacations that made me feel more tired after the trip than before it.

In case you decide you'd like to join me on my cruise, here's what I'm thinking; the southern Carribean, the first part of August 2007. With the little bit of research I've done, I found a 7-day cruise for about $500 and a round-trip flight to and from Puerto Rico (where the ship sets sail) for about $500. I'm pretty firm about the first part of August, but I'm open to other destinations. I've heard great things about Alaskan cruises, but they tend to be more expensive. I don't want to go to western Mexico, because I've been there, done that. Hawaii would be nice, as would other parts of the Carribean. I would also like to try the New York/Canada cruises. So, if you're interested in taking this vacation with me, everyone is invited, email me or call me. I'm going no matter what, even if I go alone, but it would be really fun to share this experience with my friends and family.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

What I Want for Christmas

Last year I had a lot of fun making this list, so I'm doing it again. The idea is to give you suggestions, but feel free to buy me something not on the list if you'd like.

My Christmas Wish List

1. A Vacation. Not just any vacation, either; I want to go all around the world, hitting all the major regions, without the use of airplanes. I could spend a lot of time in the places I really enjoy and less time in the ones I enjoy less. Of course, half the fun would be getting to the destinations, hence the prohibition of airplanes - trains, boats, hot air balloons, etc. allow for time to see things around me.

2. A Boyfriend. It doesn't have to be my crush, though I wouldn't mind if things developed with him along these lines. I would like someone with whom I can talk, share things, go on dates, etc. I'm not talking marriage, just dating. Maybe next year (or the next) I'll ask for a husband.

3. A Ponytail. I cut my hair in August and told the stylist that I didn't want to be able to put my hair in a ponytail. I've regretted that decision ever since. Yes, I'm glad that I do my hair down more often now - I think it definitely looks better. However, I miss the ease of styling my hair in a quick bun or twist when I'm running late for work.

4. A Log Cabin. Last year, if you recall, I asked for a castle. Imagine my disappointment when, early Christmas morning, I didn't find a key to a castle wrapped under my tree. So, this year, hoping for better luck, I'm willing to settle for something smaller - a nice cabin located on a remote, but beautiful and wooded, acre or so of Montana. Don't ask why Montana, it just sounds nice. In the spirit of generosity, I'd also be willing to accept a cabin on Cedar Mountain. Wow. I'm selfless.

5. Painting Lessons. Grandma Moses didn't start painting 'til she was 70, so I figure if I start now I'll be ahead of the game. In all seriousness, I doubt I have any talent for painting, but I'd love to give it a go. With the right teacher (I'm thinking Da Vinci, Monet, or Picasso), I'm pretty sure I could turn out something that would look okay on the front of the fridge.
6. A Jar of Homemade Blackberry Jam and Homemade Bread. Mmmm.

You'd better hurry - there's only THREE shopping days left!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


So, here's a little update:

Ant is coming to my house tonight to watch a movie!

I can't believe I invited him, it was an unusually bold move for me. Here's how it came about:

He came into my office yesterday evening about 20 minutes before closing time. We spent 10 minutes talking about his hearing aid, leaving only 10 minutes before I had to leave. And, unlike most evenings where I can stay after work longer to talk to him, I had to leave at 5pm last night. (Our office Christmas party started at 5:30, and I had to run home, pick up my date (my mom), and head to the restaurant.) So, right at 5pm I told Ant that I needed to leave. It may have been my imagination, but he looked disappointed.

Anyway, after the party I went home and turned on Lord of the Rings 3, it was on TV, and after awhile I received a text message from Ant asking if the party had been fun. I replied and we started texting. At one point he asked me if I wanted to borrow a movie from him and I said yes. He offered to bring it to me tomorrow (or today, Saturday) and asked what time would be good. Well, my family is celebrating my mom's birthday today, Saturday, (she's turning 38 on the 17th), so I said I wouldn't be free until around 9pm. He said he'd bring it to me at 9pm and asked for my address. I typed my address into my phone then worked up a lot of courage and asked if he wanted to watch the movie with me.

He said yes, and now he's coming to my house to watch a movie! I've just gotta say that I would never have been so bold in the past. I was inspired by the recent boldness of my friend, Burnsie. She's my hero!

Anyhoo, that's what's happening.

Wish me luck! (All I want is to not make a fool of myself.)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006



I feel silly admitting it; I should have grown out of crushes by now. Guess not.

I first met my crush, Ant, when I started my job 3 1/2 years ago. When he was a kid, he got really sick and lost all the hearing in one ear and most of his hearing in the other, so he wears a really powerful hearing aid in his 'good' ear. The first time he came in, I thought he was cute, but he's four years younger than I am, and at that time four years was just too big of an age difference for me (I was barely 26 and he was 22). His age was a turn-off, so I wasn't interested in him at all. Whenever he'd come in, I'd think he was nice and cute, but that was it.

That changed. Recently, Ant came to pick up a new ear mold, and in order to measure the tube to fit his ear, I had to get quite close. I realized he smelled really good. He smiled at me and... well... to put it one way, his age suddenly didn't seem such a big deal.

He came back the next week to see my boss about something, but I was on the phone when he arrived for the appointment and when he left, so I didn't get a chance to talk to him. However, he came back the following day (the day before Thanksgiving), and we ended up talking for two hours. He has since come in a few more times, and each time we've talked for an hour or so.

Talking with Ant is interesting. He speaks quite well, though there are words that bother him. He know sign language, of course, and has taught me several words and helped me brush up on the alphabet (I used to forget how to sign F, Q, and X). He also reads lips; it's a bit disconcerting to talk and realize he's focused on my lips. Sometimes, though, he looks right into my eyes while I speak, and that's a bit disconcerting, too. I like that our conversations are kind of interactive, not just words coming out of our mouths. Both of us have to concentrate to make sure we fully understand the other, and sometimes we have to write a word on a piece of paper to know what is trying to be said. Often, instead of writing a word, I try to spell it out using sign language. It's fun.

Please remember that this is just a crush. I don't know enough about him to know if I could like him, but I am definitely interested in getting to know him better. Besides, I have no clue if he's interested in getting to know me better (though, there have been a couple clues that he might be). It's just kind of nice to have a crush again; it's been awhile.

I'll keep you updated, if there's ever anything to tell.