Monday, September 15, 2008


Yesterday, I watched football.

I watched it from the moment I got home from Stake Conference 'til the very last second ticked away for the Sunday Night Football game between the Pittsburg Steelers and the Cleveland Browns.

I chose a good time to start watching it, though I wish they would start games later so church wouldn't interfere. Oh well. Anyway, after I started watching, Peyton Manning (my future husband) and the Colts started playing better, tied the game, and eventually won. Next, I watched the San Diego Chargers lose to the Denver Broncos due to a technical difficulty (with the replay equipment) and a end-of-the-game miscall by the head ref that turned an obvious (you know it's obvious if I see it) fumble (retrieved by the Chargers) into an incomplete pass that kept the ball in Bronco hands. Even the less-than-inspired game between the Steelers and Browns was better than not watching football.

I love football.

I love watching it in my sweats, cuddled up in a blanket because it's kind of chilly, eating Whoppers (the candy, people, NOT the burger), drinking ice water, and shouting encouragement to the teams I'm cheering for.

Guess what I'm doing now. Yep, I'm watching Monday Night Football on ESPN, eating Whoppers, drinking ice water. Dallas is playing Philadelphia. I'm not a Cowboys fan, so I'm cheering for the Eagles. My roommate's fiance loves the Cowboys. It's fourth quarter and the Cowboys are up by 1 but looking like they're getting tired. Jeff's playing softball right now and is bummed not to be here watching the game with me. Little does he know that he's better off where he is because now Philly is up by 6.

My friend, Cardine, has a goal to go to a Monday night football game someday. Me, too. Actually, if I had my pick, I'd go to a Detroit Lions game on Thanksgiving Day (it's tradition that they play every Turkey Day). That would be awesome!

Is there anything better than watching football?

For you, maybe. For me, I wouldn't bet on it.

*This is where I should say something about my up-coming cruise post. I should tell you that I haven't even downloaded my pictures off my camera, just so you know not to hold your breath waiting for a cruise post.


julie said...

Because I know you're dying to know: Dallas ended up winning by 4 points. Just before Jeff got here (5 minutes before the end of the game), Dallas scored a touchdown. The Eagles couldn't take advantage of their remaining possessions and lost the game. To his credit, Jeff didn't even rub it in that his team won. He just scored some points.

Anonymous said...

There was a USU vs Utah game here this weekend and I thought to myself, "I wish I had more time/energy to get into football." Really. I enjoy watching a game, but it seems like I always let other things take priority.

And that one would've been a fun one to watch. I'm not as close as Tearese is to the stadium, but I could definitely feel the electricity in the air (and of course, hear the cheering fans). I like watching sports live.

My goal is to go to at least one football game while I live in Logan. If I had a friend or two that were interested in going, I think it would be easier for me to make it out to a game.

Booklogged said...

Who cares about football - I want details on the trip. Haven't heard one word yet from anyone.

Frame has been busy and out of town and the other two of you enjoyed your trip and have put it away in the past to never be spoken of again, it seems.

Just giving you a hard time. I do appreciate how nice it must feel to wrap up in a blanket and do something relaxing and enjoyable.

Alyson said...

I AM holding my breath, so you better hurry it up with the cruise post!! JK. I did get to hear about some of it straight from you, and I told Cassie I was going to call her last week to get her cruise stories, but I still haven't had a chance to.

You already know I'm not a football watcher. I would love to go to a game though. I enjoy football when it's live.

tearese said...

This is me reading your replay paragraph: "Huh?"
Did I mention no one in my family or in-law family watches sports?
But I'm glad you enjoy it!

tearese said...

FYI- Sarah mentioned how close I live to the stadium. This was me on Saturday, "Why are there cones in the street and cars over there? Is there a game or something? Sheesh, how am I supposed to get out of our street? I hope its over before the kids go to bed."
I heard the tickets were 32 dollars.
I did go to some games on Bainbridge because my cousins were on their high school team. That was fun, but I think I was people watching more than game watching. And I kept accidentally cheering for the other team, because I was like, "Hey, that guy caught the ball, good for him!" not caring if it helped our team or not. Oops.
Thats all about that.

Jen said...

John may tag along to the Lions games if you ever go. They are his favorite team. Because the win so much (ha ha).

Cardine said...

Well, Thanksgiving Day would work for me, too. Except for the whole family thing. I just don't want to go on a Sunday, so Monday night had to be it! But if I just go to a Pro-Football game, it will totally count.

One of these days I want to come watch football with you. Or we need to go to a local game together.

I almost just stopped by your apartment last night. I should have.

I wonder how you are going to marry Peyton Manning. Are you going to off his wife, Ashley? Or are you going to wait for her to die? Or are you going to steal him away?

julie said...

Sarah, hmmmm. I've been thinking of making another trip up there to see you and my friend Natalie. Maybe I should time it to coincide with a football game and we could go! Would you want to?

Book, sorry! I just need a bit of time to download my pictures. If it doesn't happen tomorrow night, it's not happening for awhile (unless I break down and do it at work - but I'm trying to be a better employee!). Don't give up on me, though, I'll make it happen asap!

Aly, I agree, live football is way better! The chill in the air, the cheers of the crowd, the food, everything about it is awesome. However, I still love watching it on tv.

Tearese, I love your story about cheering for the wrong team! I think it would be very interesting to watch a live football game with you - you'd have fun comments, I bet. :) Maybe you'd want to come to the game with Sarah and I???

Jen, the Lions are my favorite team, too. I won't go into the reasons why - they just have been since I was a kid. It would be fun to get a large group of people together to go. Maybe in a few years!

Cardine, I din't get home 'til 9, but I would have been happy to see you after that! I hope you know that you are always welcome to stop by my house. Always. We could look at Arizona Cardinals tickets - they are relatively close and I hear that tix are cheaper than a lot of other teams (because they aren't very good). You're welcome to come over for Monday Night Football any time. Also, I'd enjoy going to a local game with you, too. Want to go visit Sarah with me when/if I go?

Cardine said...

Actually, I already looked earlier into Monday night football tickets, and the schedule isn't terribly conducive to a cheap adventure. Seriously, it's the Monday night thing that hinders.

On the Logan thing: maybe. I can't say that my weekends are looking very free at this point. I feel like I've taken on too much.

julie said...

I was going to say that maybe we should try going next season, since I'm not going on a true vacation for a few years (saving for France), but then I remembered that you're going on a big vacation next year. Maybe the next year???

I know, I'm still not 100% sure I'm going to go up again, but I'd like to. I'd like to see Natalie and Erik again - it's been ages. Plus, it's always wonderful to see Sarah and Tearese! :) I'll let you know when I have a couple dates in mind, and if you can/want to come, yipee!

Framed said...

I like watching football with someone else. It's not nearly as much fun to watch alone. Plus it's not an Olympic sport.

Anonymous said...

I'm not making this up: I just opened a fortune cookie and on the paper was "An interesting sports opportunity is in your near future."

Cassie said...

You should go to a Utes game with me sometime. I'm surrounded by USU people so no one want to go to a Utes game. I could maybe like watching football on t.v. it if was with but that is still a big maybe.

And geez what is with all the guff about not posting about our trip? give us some time to relax and catch up on life. That's right I'm talking to you booklogged. Just kidding.

julie said...

Framed, sometimes I like watching it alone because I worry that I bother people because I'm so vocal when I watch it. :)

Sarah, that is so cool! I guess I'll have to go now! Yeah!

Cassie, I'd love to go to a Utes game with you! Can you believe I only went to ONE game while I was there???