Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Day Off

Today I did something I haven't done in a long time...I took the day off. When I asked my boss on Tuesday if I could have today off, he asked what I was planning on doing. The answer was simple; nothing. And that's pretty much what I did (or didn't do).

I started my day off the way all days off should begin - I slept in. I remember that I was having an odd dream and that I kept hoping I wouldn't wake up until the end because something important was going to happen and I wanted to see it. Whatever it was happened and seconds later my alarm went off. I thought, That was excellent timing. Now, I don't know what happened, but I'm glad I got to see it.

My morning was a little busier than I wanted. Almost an hour was spent emptying out my storage shed looking for the container holding last year's tax information. I needed 2005's AGI in order to e-file this year's taxes. Curses! Shortly after I got home, my sister-in-law and niece came over. I love them, but I was frustrated that they were here 'til noon and I wasn't getting to do what I wanted to do (nothing, in case you've forgotten). She kept saying I didn't need to help her, but she needed my help. Sigh. After I helped her, I filed my own taxes, then exercised.

The afternoon lived up to my hopes and wishes. I ate lunch, watched a few episodes of "As Time Goes By", read, and "napped" while watching/listening to CMT's Top 20. Oh, and after I ate lunch, while watching "As Time Goes By", I braided my hair into little braids all over my head. I looked ridiculous! Don't ask why I did it (my mom asked and I didn't have an answer). It really looked silly, but it was fun to do, fun to have in, and fun to take out. I probably would have left my hair like that 'til tomorrow morning, but I went to Bajio for dinner and I have a fairly strict policy of minimizing my public embarrassment whenever possible. My hair looked interesting after taking out the braids, but not embarrassing.

This evening, besides my trip to Bajio, I have done absolutely nothing! Specifically, I read until 8pm then watched CSI (Grissom is hot!). My plans for the rest of the night: nothing! Aaahhh.

Actually, days off are kind of bittersweet and a little paradoxical and it starts from the moment I wake up. You see, I truly feel like a good day off should begin with sleeping in, but half of me wanted to wake up early in order to have more day in which to do nothing. While I was busy being productive this morning, I was quite frustrated, but a part of me felt good about all I was accomplishing. This afternoon and evening I have enjoyed relaxing but have also felt lazy.

Please don't tell me that I'm becoming the type of person who has to be doing something all the time! I know people like this, they are good people that I really like. However, I have no desire to be one of them. I have a testimony of doing nothing. Not all the time, naturally, but I truly believe that I need some time, everysooften, to just rest and be completely and wholly unproductive. If for no other reason, I'm glad I took today off so I don't forget how to be unproductive.

Really, today ended up being a good day. I feel rested and refreshed and ready to go back to life, at least for a little while. To get longer benefits, I'll need a longer break. Thank heavens I'm taking a vacation in August!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A V-Day Post

Aahh, Valentines Day. Day of love and romance - at least, as long as you have someone with whom to share love and romance. If you're single, V-Day is, at best, just another day, and to many singles, V-Day illicits feelings of bitterness and depression. Fortunately, I fall into the first group and am pretty indifferent to the day.

That said, I decided to devote a post to a Valentine-esque subject, marriage. Specifically, I'm going to list the reasons I would like to be married. I was going to balance this list with a list of reasons why I'm happy being single, but decided not to. I already know those reasons inside-n-out. It's time I think about the "pros" of being married. So, here goes...

Why Being Married May Be Nice

1. Someone to tell my dreams to. I'm not just talking about my goals in life - I have odd dreams and would like to share them with someone upon waking.

2. Someone to cuddle with while watching T.V. and movies.

3. Sex.

4. Kissing.

5. Someone to say that he thinks I'm pretty.

6. Someone to talk to about what I'm reading.

7. Tax breaks. I'm not sure what they are, but I'd like them.

8. Someone who appreciates my cooking.

9. Someone to cook for me when I don't feel like cooking.

10. Someone with whom I can discuss the options in my life.

11. Holding hands.

12. Someone to play games with when it's 2am.

13. Someone to watch football with and who can hopefully answer any questions I might have.

14. Someone to love.

15. Someone to love me.

16. Someone to think I'm the cat's meow. (I love that phrase!)

17. Someone to fight with. I'm just being realistic - it can't all be bliss, can it?

18. Someone to make up with.

19. Someone to think about and worry about other than myself.

20. Honeymoon. I love a nice vacation.

21. Someone who accepts my quirks, both annoying and endearing.

22. Someone who teaches me things I didn't know before.

23. A friend for eternity.

I'm sure there are more reasons, but I think this is a good start. Who knows, someday I may actually get married. Who knows.

Well, for all you singles and nonsingles alike - Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 05, 2007

When We're Cruising Together

I was recently asked in a comment what I have decided to do for my vacation. Truthfully, until Friday night, the answer would have been "I have no idea!" Fortunately, a couple friends and I sat down late Friday night (after going to Panda Express, Staples, and Dairy Queen then talking about boys for awhile) and deliberated on our many vacation choices. In the end, we decided to go on a CRUISE! I'm so happy because when all is said and done, a cruise was my first choice.
You see, I had a few "musts" in regards to my vacation. First, I only wanted to spend 1/3 of what I received as my bonus. It could be a little more, but not too much more. Next, I only wanted to miss a week of work. Finally, I didn't want to come home from my vacation feeling more tired than before I left. Translation: no running from tourist site to tourist site, no driving endlessly to get from one city to the next, no waking up at dawn and not going to bed at 2am unless I could sleep on a deck chair the whole next day. In addition, Cardine wanted to go somewhere she hasn't been and Joie didn't want to have to plan all the details of a trip.

The cruise Cardine, Joie, and I chose satisfies these "musts" almost completely. Cardine hasn't been to any of the places we're going (more details to come), Joie doesn't have to worry about which hotels we'll be staying at/which restaurants to eat at/etc., and I'll get a restful vacation that was only marginally more expensive than I'd planned and that will only require me to miss one week of work (and possibly another day, depending on how I feel after getting home around 4am Monday).

Here are the details. We're going in August. We'll fly to Puerto Rico, where the cruise starts, then spend a week traveling to several Caribbean islands, including St. Lucia, Barbados, and Antigua. I can't wait. The last time I went on a cruise, I lost weight, rested a lot, had a lot of fun, and met interesting people. I hope this cruise will be even better. I've wanted to go to St. Lucia ever since I first heard about it from an investigator on my mission. She was from St. Lucia and couldn't believe I'd never heard of it. It piqued my curiosity and I've wanted to go there ever since. This time, I'm not so gung-ho about the cruiseline-sponsored shore excursions. A part of me would like to just walk around town, sit on a beach, and find a nice restaurant to relax in for awhile. I'm going to research each of the ports and just see what's there that I'd like to see.

It's a relief to have a vacation finally planned. I'm thrilled to be going with my two friends (and possibly, hopefully a third friend) and am grateful they want to go with me. I'm also excited about going to the Caribbean and seeing some place new. It's my grand adventure for 2007 and I can't wait!!