Sunday, January 28, 2007

Finally...Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Please don't throw this post in my face if I change my mind, but I'm pretty sure that I've finally made some decisions about my life!

The first decision is pretty insignificant, but I'm gonna mention it anyway. I've decided to learn to play the guitar. One of my New Year's Resolutions (a post I started but never finished, so finally deleted) is to learn to play an instrument. My mom protested that I already know how to play one (three actually; piano-barely, clarinet, and tenor sax) and that my clarinet currently resides in our garage. I countered that this time I don't want to play anything that goes anywhere near my mouth. I'd LOVE to learn to play the piano better, but I don't have a piano handy, so I had to think of some other options. I narrowed it down to three; the cello, the violin, and the guitar. I x'ed the cello because it was too pricey for something I'm not positive I'll stick with, I vetoed the guitar because so many people either play or are learning to play the guitar, and I hesitated to pick the violin because it sounds horrible when one is learning to play it. So, I finally settled on the guitar. It shouldn't matter if everyone else is playing it, I want to learn to play it because I want to be able to play it. So, this week I'm gonna go to the music store to buy one and sign up for lessons. Wish me luck!

Decision number two is a little more significant, but a little silly, too. I've finally settled on a ward to attend. Last year I started attending a family ward, the Ashdown Forest ward, and I really liked it, a lot! When I moved back home, I moved out of that ward's boundaries. My mom wanted me to go to church with her, but I really didn't want to (please don't ask me to explain why not). My other option was the single's ward. That didn't sound very nice, either, so for awhile (longer than it should have been) I didn't know which ward I wanted to attend. Well, recently I finally picked the single's ward. Today I went to all three meetings (for the first time) and it was okay. Maybe it won't be as bad as I feared. Wish me luck!

Finally, the decision of decisions... (drum roll, please)... I'm staying here. At least, that's the plan right now; it all might change if I get accepted into the U or UNLV. Anyhoo, I've looked into the MBA program here and the classes are all in the evenings, so I can still work full-time at my job. It's a good compromise between the two choices I had; I can stay at my job and still get a graduate degree. I'm not saying I'll stay here forever, but at least for a couple more years. Wish me luck!