Saturday, May 14, 2016

Matthew Is Getting Too Big!

The last few days have been semi-momentous in our household.

First, Matthew sat on the little toilet without a diaper and almost went potty on it. He repeatedly asked me to take off his diaper, would sit on the potty and "go" (not really but almost), flush it, and then want his diaper back on so he could actually pee. It's a good sign and combined with a couple others, makes me realize that he's getting closer and closer to potty training. I'm not sure I am. Sigh. I keep telling myself it will be worth it when it's done, but I know it's going to be crazy at first. And, there's a lot to be said about the convenience of diapers.

Here he is. I had to delete a lot of shots when he'd move and uncover his cute little tushy or private area. :)

Sitting on the potty

Today, we set up Matthew's new toddler bed! Since he's getting so close to potty training, I wanted to get him used to sleeping in a bed instead of a crib. That way he can go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or during quiet time. I really struggled with him leaving his crib...for two reasons. First, it means he's getting older and bigger and no longer my little guy. Second, and much more importantly, it means he will have freedom of movement during quiet time. He doesn't nap any more (unless he's sick or something), but I still put him in his crib for a couple hours along with a few cars, books, and other toys. He'll happily play in the crib until I get him out, so I get a couple hours to rest, read, clean, watch tv, or anything else I want to do. I worry that without the crib restricting him, I won't get that time any more. Today was our first quiet time with the bed and it went ok. So so. He stayed in his room for the most part but I had to threaten to put him in his crib if he left the room again, which did the trick but won't once we take out the crib. Also, he got into something he shouldn't have, which is my fault for not taking it out of the room. I figure it will go one of two way...maybe both depending on the day...he'll either get used to chilling in his room for an hour or so (I doubt I'll get 2 hours any more) and play peacefully in there until I get him or once the newness of his toddler bed wears off he won't stay in his room for 15 minutes without me constantly having to tell him to go back in there. Either way, my life has just changed. yay.

Matt's new bed with afghan from Grandma Susan and blanket from Nana

Here are a couple more recent pictures of him, just for kicks. Enjoy!

Splashing on the steps after Mom cleaned off the chalk drawings. He got wet and had a ton of fun.

Chilling with Dad. They are two cool, handsome dudes.