Friday, March 09, 2007

Did You Know...

1. I'm almost 30?

2. My favorite colors are yellow and blue?

3. I once saw a man die? I called 911. He died anyway.

5. I am completely, semi-irrationally afraid of sink disposals?

6. I've never shot a gun - not even a BB gun?

7. Chocolate truffles are the bestest things in the whole entire world?

8. I have a mild-ish crush on Peyton Manning?

9. I'm currently watching a contortionist on Who's Line Is It Anyway? Freaky!

10. My favorite time is 12:34 (a.m. and p.m.)?

11. Having flowers sent to me is my favorite romantic gesture-to-date?

12. I dream in color?

13. I was once married for less than 48 hours?

14. I'm planning on getting a graduate degree this coming school year?

15. I've never been fired from a job? I've quit more than I could list in 10 years.

16. I once gave my phone number to a complete stranger? He didn't ask for it and he never called.

17. I once gave my phone number to a complete stranger? He did ask for it and he did call and we went on a great date.

18. I can touch my toes without bending my knees?

19. My dream career: owning a bookstore?

20. My dream man: Mr. Darcy?

21. I'm a little bossy?

22. I once almost fell off a mountain?

23. Bryce Canyon is one of my favorite places?

24. Chocolate truffles are the bestest things in the whole entire world? I know I did this one already, but it bears repeating.

25. I once met a mobster?

0 - 24 We haven't spent enough time talking. Call me!

25 You are a great friend and you've patiently listened to me. Your reward in heaven is being prepared.

Yes, #13 is a lie. It lasted a little more than 48 hours.


Framed said...

I didn't know any of this. Unfortunately, I'm not willing to stay up until 4:oo to learn it all. Thank heavens for blogs.

tearese said...

Wait, you were really married? Really? When, where, what the heck?
When did someone die?
You're very brave to give your number out. I would NEVER do that.

Alyson said...

I have stayed up to 4, 5, 6 am talking to you...frequenty, and I still didn't know many of these things. I think my count was somewhere around 14, but who would know that you were watching a contortionist right then?? I'm wondering about the married thing as well. Tell me that was some pretend thing you did in high school or something.

Cardine said...

Yeah. I don't believe you. You weren't married! At least, not legally in the U.S.

I scored kinda low, but I did know a few of those.

booklogged said...

You forgot to mention quirky. Who has a favorite time of day to the minute? Why 12:34? And competely, semi-irrationally . . . You are so funny.

My favorite color is blue, I also love chocolate truffles,I've never shot a gun either and, ohhh, Mr. Darcy.

I need to know more about seeing a man die and, obviously, being married for 48 hours! What is this?

Framed said...

All right, it's been three days and no details have been forthcoming. It's time to tell the whole story. Or maybe you will do a post about your marriage, death watching, soliciting by giving out phone number, irrational fears, mountain falling etc. Oh, I get it, that was your intention all along. At least, I hope so.

julie said...

Okay, I confess, #13 was a COMPLETE lie!! I just wanted to make sure you weren't dozing while reading my blog! ( I was going to mention this earlier, but I didn't blog during the weekend.) All the others are 100% true, though. So, really, there are TWO of the 25 that I'm not going to count (nor should you) when scoring since one was a lie and the other would be nearly impossible to know (it can be extra credit) - yes, the one about the contortionist.

Hmm. I must talk about some things to some people and others to other people, because I am pretty sure I've mentioned everything on that list (excluding the above-mentioned, of course) to somebody at some point in time. Hmmm. Maybe not the sink disposal (it still counts on scoring, though).

All joking aside, the scoring was of course a joke. My intention with the scoring was to imply that I want to talk to all of you MORE, whether it's about sink disposals or how you want to own an elephant one day!

Framed, I like your idea of expounding on some of the items. I wasn't intending to, but it may prove fun. My next post, I promise.

Cardine, of everyone, I KNEW you would KNOW that I had never been married - good job!

Aly, yes, we stay up til the wee hours of the morning, but we tend to get into deeper stuff than my favorite time. I'm sure some of the other stuff would have come out eventually (like me giving out my number).

Speaking of, Tearese, the first time I gave out my number was a really positive experience and I would do it again (under the exact same circumstances). The second time I gave out my number to someone who didn't ask for it. It was a whim, totally spontaneously. It was also when I lived in New York (he lived in Atlantic City) and I felt safe. When he didn't call I felt a little stupid, but sometimes it's good to have stupid things to remember.

Book, I always knew we had a lot in common. I'll answer your questions in the next post.

Thanks, everyone, for your comments - I hope each one of you realizes that I love you tons and tons!!!

nessie said...

Who doesnt love mr darcy.

i loved this loled the entire time many thanks!

Cardine said...

I knew it. I just knew it.

Adam said...

Hmmm, I was pretty sure that you had never been married.

But I did know the thing about the flowers. Hooray for me!

Anyway, I hope things are going well for you!

And hmmm, maybe I should call you, just to chat.

julie said...

Adam, I would like that. Email me if you don't have my number, and I'll give it to you. Thanks again for the flowers!

tearese said...

about the marriage thing...I thought, hm, maybe during the University of Utah phase when I didn't know you as well. You could have gone down to vegas for a weekend, right? But then, I would have thought I'd have heard about it!

julie said...

Tearese, it was certainly a feasible thing for me to have done back then, but not really because I was never really that wild and crazy. My roommates were, though, at least a couple of them were. However, you would certainly have heard about it before now - I remember talking to you 'til the wee hours of the morning several times!

Anonymous said...

I've thought I should comment on this, but then I realized the full reason for your post - that you enjoy talking to us (your friends), so I decided to call instead. But, then I didn't call... so I've stopped putting it off writing and I'm now commenting.... because I care.

Adam said...

Ah, but did YOU know that you are an amazing person?

You are. Believe it!

Julie said...

Sarah, it was so wonderful talking to you this weekend!

Adam, thank you. A lot.

Cardine said...

I just checked the Clark County Assessor's site for marriages. I searched your name, and nothing came up. So, at least I've verified that you didn't elope to Las Vegas!

warnser said...

Hmm, i didn't score so well,
I mean I got some of them,
but I didn't get 24.