Monday, May 14, 2007

A New Decade

I’m turning 30 - tomorrow.

I remember turning 20 – it was the 20th anniversary (year, not day) of Star Wars. I thought I was so old, so mature, an adult. Twenty long years of experience; I knew who I was and what I wanted from life. So I thought. Just for fun I tried imagining turning 30 and couldn’t – it was so far off, I’d be so…old.

I don’t feel old, maybe because I’m practically in the same spot as I was a decade ago. I’m still single, no kids, renting, not dating, and just playing every chance that is given to me or that I can take. Of course, there have been changes, improvements. I’m a college graduate (thank the stars!), I have my own apartment (no roommates!), and I’m making more money than I did ten years ago (how did I live on $10 a week in groceries???). I’ve also served a mission, lived in New York as a nanny, travelled a bit, and have met some wonderful people. I'm an aunt and have three sisters I didn't have when I turned 20 (one half-sister and two sister-in-laws). I'm more comfortable with who I am, what I think, and what I believe.

I’ve also actually learned a thing or two; like…

… working hard and putting forth my best effort has always been worth it

... love is a choice

… life is a balancing act – I haven’t worked out all the balances, but I’m trying

… chocolate is a potent drug and I’m addicted

… I bond with people through talking

… I’m meant to be a brunette, not a blonde – I may have to relearn this lesson every couple of years, but that’s okay with me.

… broken hearts don’t kill, though at the time I wished they did

… it’s easier to forgive others than myself

… only boring people get bored (one of my favorite “mom” sayings)

… the gospel brings peace – why do I have to keep relearning this lesson???

… agency isn’t just a gospel slogan, neither are repentance and hope

… tormenting brothers who know where you’re ticklish = bad idea (good thing I’m no longer ticklish!)

… a reputation continues long after the bad habit

… I’d be lost and hopeless without the many, many good friends who have blessed my life

… differences are good and should be embraced

… sometimes dreams have to be tweaked a little to fit reality

I can’t help but try to imagine myself in ten years when I reach the big 4-0. I feel the same excitement and anticipation that comes with starting a new journal – the possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see how my life unfolds, what happens next.

Thank you, all of you, for the parts you have played in my life these 30 years. I hope the next decade brings us even closer and that we get to share lots of blogging and nonblogging moments together.


Alyson said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow! I'm really glad you shared your wisdom with us. I enjoyed reading each thing that you have learned over the past 10 years.

Cardine said...

"… a reputation continues long after the bad habit"

I despise that one, but it's true.

Happy birthday tomorrow! (I will have something for you after my trip.

tearese said...

Happy Birthday! I really was going to say that before I read your blog today..its on my calendar! Thats crazy that we're all around thirty now. OF course, I don't actually reach that age for another year. Haha.
I always picure you as a blonde still.

booklogged said...

Happy, happy Birthday to YOU! I've known all those things at some point in my life, but I keep forgetting most of them. Some people are just slow learners, I guess.

What fun things do you have planned to do on your big day?

Sure enjoyed my short visit with your mother this weekend.

Anonymous said...

HB, Julie!

It's already your birthday, here! (I'll think of you tomorrow, too!)

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so excited to see you this weekend. Well, you and the Pastry Pub. It's a close second. (:

julie said...

Thanks, everyone! I love getting told Happy Birthday - it's my second favorite thing about birthdays. My favorite part is being a year older. I've wondered how long that will last, but so far so good. I LOVE that I'm 30!

Aly, thanks for calling last night. It's always nice to chat with you.

Cardine, WHAT!?!? I thought we had an agreement. Hmm. It would be nice to get some little thing from Peru, so we won't call it a b-day present, right!?

Tearese, a lot of people still picture me as a blonde. My mom prefers me as a blonde, actually.

Book, she also enjoyed the visit. As for my plans today, I'm at work currently. Tonight, I'm going to dinner with Jason, his wife, my dad, his wife, and my little sister. This weekend we'll have a party at my mom's. So, nothing extravagant. I'm too old for extravagant b-day parties. Or, I'm not old enough.

Sarah, it's like b-days last longer than a day! What a great thing.

Cassie, I'm excited to see you and Aly this weekend, too! I'm glad that the Pastry Pub took 2nd, though I wouldn't mind too much if it was 1st - I LOVE their sandwiches!

c jane said...

Happy Birthday my dear, dear friend! I am so proud to part of the 30 years that you've graced this earth with your presence.

Live it up!

Framed said...

How did you get so smart in only thiry years??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Adam said...


Now YOU'RE 30. Geez, you're old!

Anyway, happy birthday!

Indy said...


That was a beautiful blog. I think you are a wonderful writer!! I think you should become a journalist (I would read your work!)