Monday, November 03, 2008


I enjoy politics as much as the next person, but I'm relieved that tomorrow is Election Day and this whole thing will be over for awhile.

Today, I caught up on reading some back issues of Fortune Small Business (my boss likes me to read it because it gives me good ideas on how to improve our business) and was amazed by the number of references to the presidential election and the sense of urgency about the race that I found in the October 2007 issue! We've been talking about these people for over a year! Good grief.

I'm certain that part of my frustration with this year's presidential race stems from my indecision. Up until today, I had absolutely no clue as to which candidate I would choose. I finally made up my mind, but it's not wholeheartedly done. My vote hangs on the thread of just a couple key issues.

No, I'm not going to tell you for whom I'm going to vote. I cherish my right to anonymous voting.

It'll be interesting to see if "my" candidate actually wins. I've never voted for the winner of a presidential election, and I've voted in all of the past four races (since turning 18). I wonder what that says about me. And about the people for whom I cast a ballot.

I believe in voting. Even if my vote for president has meant little or nothing in the past few years (I'm in a staunch red state and I don't always vote accordingly), there are other races, local races, that are just as important and in which my vote has a better chance of making a difference.

Also, I feel voting gives me the right (if only granted by myself) to complain when I don't like what's going on. That's also one of the benefits of voting for the eventual loser - I can say I'm not responsible for what the guy in office is doing! :)


Mellissa said...

I despise voting - I wish I didn't. I wish I had this overwhelming urge to find out all I can about the candidates in order to better inform myself. I guess that's what happens when you grow up in a house with a Republican for a father, and one of your brothers is a serious Democrat. It just makes a person not want to even think about politics.

For me, I have to find the few things that are truly important to me (usually moral issues) and vote from there. Did that make sense? Sorry about the rambling.

Framed said...

I had a co-worker tell me today she doesn't believe in voting. Huh? I have voted and feel good about my votes in local elections and nothing will comfort me about the national election. It feels like a lose-lose situation. And that's about as political as I get.

Lori Clark said...

I like to vote, especially in the local elections, where I feel I actually make a difference (unlike in the Presidential election, where Utah will be republican no matter what I do). As for the president, I'm still not absolutely sure who I'm going to vote for, which would make some of my family upset, but after doing a bit of research I don't think ether of them are bad guys, and I think both could do a good job. We are going to go vote when Ryan gets off work at 3:00, so I guess I'll decide before then.

Booklogged said...

It's over tonight as I write this comment. I am very excited that we have our first black President. It's a wonderful thing for our country and a great milestone. Putting color aside, though, I still think the man with greater character, morals, and love for America is McCain. With that said, I will pray for Obama and the other leaders of our country and of our individual states.

I am thrilled to vote because it means that I live in a free country. What so many people in this world are not allowed to do, I can freely and easily do.

warnser said...

Yay, it's done!

It's like a weight and a darkness being lifted off the land.

And I agree with what booklogged said.

So you were four for four huh?
That's kind of cool.

Well now I guess we get to wait and see. Congratulations to us, we survived the election.

julie said...

Missy, I'm glad you voted! I had to do the same thing - find a few issues that were really important to me - for me to finally choose a candidate.

Framed, I can't believe people who "don't believe in voting"! It's not like Santa Claus and you have to figure out if you think it exists! And, it's not like it's such a difficult thing to do. AND, it's so important! I loved that this election brought out a lot of never-voted-before people!

Lori, the local elections are my favorite for the same reason. It's easier to notice my vote counting. I hope you figured out who you'd vote for.

Book, well said. All of it.

Warnser, I actually misspoke when I said how many elections I'd voted in (it was really only three when I wrote the blog on Monday). I had accidentally counted this year into the mix. I'm not going to tell you if the trend extended into this year or not! :)