Monday, December 01, 2008

My New Arrival

Tomorrow, I'm expecting a new arrival - a new cell phone! This past weekend, while in Vernal, my cell phone died. I'm not sure why but it's practically irreversible - it could be "flashed" but I'd have to go to another city to do it and there's no guarantee that it would work and stay working. The actual phone is okay but the software disappeared somehow. It's gone. When I get my new phone, I won't be able to transfer the phone numbers to my new phone because there's absolutely nothing on my old phone. I was given the choice to pay $50 for a new phone just like my current phone to be sent to me, or I could pay a tad more for an early upgraded phone. Guess what I chose.

Say hello to my new phone, the BlackBerry Curve (mine is pink - I was lazy and didn't look for a picture of a pink one). As I got thinking about a new phone, I decided I want something that I could use as a planner, too. I needed something for appointments, documents, internet, and other stuff I use for work. So, it's a bit more than a regular phone and it has a required service package that is more than my normal phone charge, but I'm hoping that my boss will pay for the extra since I'm going to be using it for work (we've discussed it briefly a couple times). I also splurged a bit more and got a travel charger, protective case, and BlueTooth. I kept thinking about driving the truck and trailer and how much safer it would be if I could talk on my phone while keeping both hands on the wheels.

Yeah, I'll do anything to justify extra expenditures once I get on a roll! Heavens.

My biggest concern was not having a phone on my trip to Denver this week. I'll need it to keep in contact with the officer in charge so she and her staff know when to expect me so they can have a spot ready. I want it in case of emergencies. It'd be nice to have in case I'm having a hard time staying alert and choose to call someone to keep me awake (I'm experimenting with not munching while travelling). No problems, said the Verizon rep, it'll be delivered tomorrow. Tomorrow! Perfect. Then I'll have a little time to fiddle with it and figure it out (I'm not really tech-savvy).

It's been kind of weird not having a phone for three whole days. I have no idea what time it is 50% of the time. My mom had to walk over to my place yesterday to tell me something. My roommate Jeff texted me yesterday morning - never got it. I wanted to text my brother about Fantasy Football, couldn't. So annoying! It'll be nice to have a phone again. I guess I rely on it more than I thought.

That's annoying.


Mellissa said...

I remember before I got a cell phone how ridiculous it was that everyone had one. Well, now I honestly don't know how I would survive without one. Yours looks so cute. For Christmas I told Ben he could get me a phone with a keyboard and text messaging. If I tried to text now, I would be laughed at hysterically by the younger generation.

Framed said...

You're welcome to borrow mine. You just can't laugh at it. Its feelings get hurt.

Alyson said...

Nice!! You will have to tell me how you like it...or better yet, let me check it out when you are here in a couple of weeks. I've been contemplating getting a blackberry on my next upgrade, but I haven't ever actually tried one. I hope you love it!

Cardine said...

I also texted you this weekend to tell you that I finally finished "Breaking Dawn!" I have been contemplating a data plan and a blackberry. I haven't quite decided what to get... so please tell me what you think after you get it.

tearese said...

Hmm. We had a cell phone when we first got married, but having that and a land line was way too expensive. People always say its cheaper for them to just have cells, but for us, it is just not true!
So we don't have one.
That way, I can feel justified in being angry at people who use them in the car while they're, don't worry, I still like you.
I know if I ever got one again, we would be dependent on it too. younger generation to me.

julie said...

Missy, I totally agree! I really resisted getting a cell phone but then my mom wanted to get me one for my birthday, so I acquiesced. Now, it's my clock, my calendar, my task list, and my phone. And, I love texting for quick conversations (or longer conversations when dating a deaf guy - who, incidentally, got a new phone too, the exact same one as me, though silver instead of pink, teehee). Whew, that was a long parenthetical sentence!

Framed, thanks for the kind offer, I think your phone is fabulous! Fortunately, my new phone has come and I'll be using it. :)

Aly, so far I like my phone - it's a bit of an adjustment and there's a lot of things to fiddle with, but now that I think I've got things where I want them, I'm happy. I'll show you when I come up. Did you know that there's such a thing as an early upgrade after 12 months???

Cardine, I eventually got your text. It was cool because I ended up having 14 texts all at once. Did you like Breaking Dawn? Adam stopped by my work a bit ago and I had him tell me what happened. I'd love to hear what you thought about it.

Tearese, I have a cell phone and I still judge people who use them inappropriately - like the people at the movie theater last night who were old enough to know better (60's). The woman actually answered a call during the movie!!! I enjoy texting. Probably because I don't like talking on the phone. I think it's easier to text to ask someone if they want to meet at a certain time instead of calling them.

warnser said...

nice Phone! I'm not sure that I would be lost without my phone, oh wait I am lost, and I don't have a phone... hmm but I guess I'm not the only one with out one. but hey congrats on the new one.

Wendy said...

NICE PHONE!! I currently am coveting the google phone... drool drool.