Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm sick. I have been for a little over a week. Last Sunday was pretty bad but then I started to feel better, so I had a pretty nice week. Saturday, I started to feel sick again but I thought it was due to walking around in the heat at the Salt Lake farmers market. I love the farmers market, by the way. It is full of fresh veggies and fruit, wonderful breads and cheeses, crafts, honey, and pretty much anything you could ever want! It's fabulous and Steve and I tend to spend a couple hours there whenever we go. By the time we left, I was feeling pretty wilted, so he took me to get a fresh cookie and orange julius at Gateway mall. I felt much better so didn't think much of it. However, Saturday evening, I was in full-blown sick mode. Sigh.

Sunday, Steve insisted I relax, so we pretty much just hung out and watched television (mostly football) all day. At one point, I really wanted to make salsa using the wonderful ingredients we'd bought at the market, so I started to chop veggies while Steve ran to get tortilla chips. I had done most of the chopping, Steve was waiting patiently at the computer (near the kitchen), when I started to feel a little dizzy. I decided to just keep chopping since I was almost done. Bad idea. I felt myself start to pass out and almost chopped off my thumb. Fortunately, I just took a big nick out of my thumbnail. Also fortunately, Steve saw me sway and rushed to grab me as I fell backward. He lowered me to the kitchen floor and held a cold, wet towel to my forehead as I recovered. I felt like I was going to throw up, so we stayed in the kitchen until I didn't feel nauseous any more.

Finally, I felt a little better, so Steve carried me to the couch and held me tight. My hands started to shake and feel tingly. Steve explained that it was probably adrenaline caused by the experience. I was pretty shaken up, but slowly, I started to feel better. Steve asked how much water I'd drank during the day...none. So, he started pumping me full of water and I really settled down. He pretty much babied me the rest of the evening. I don't usually like to be babied/nursed when I'm sick, but it felt nice when he did it. It felt good to know he cared and wanted to make sure I was ok.

Have I mentioned lately how wonderful he is??? He's so wonderful and I love him so much!

Today, I'm just resting and applying for jobs online. I'm nervous about money, but I have to have faith that something will come along. Hopefully soon. I'll keep you posted.


Cassie said...

How did the interviews go last week?

Please take care of yourself. Geez, there must be some epidemic going on. Now I've had two friends almost pass out in only just a few days.

Cardine said...

Yikes! Take care of yourself, Julie! Also, I hope the salsa turned out really well.

Kate Weber said...

I guess if the salsa turns out especially fantastic, we'll know that blood is the new secret ingredient. ;) I hope you get feeling better! And how sweet of Steve to make sure you were okay. :)

tearese said...

whoa, how dramatic! I hope you'll be feeling better soon. Good luck with the job hunt, and take it easy!

julie said...

Cassie, the interviews went well but I didn't get either job. :( Steve keeps saying that the perfect job just hasn't come available yet. Thank heavens for his optimism. Yeah, I keep hearing about sick people, too. Yesterday, I was on Steve-ordered bed/couch rest, so today I'm actually feeling quite a bit better. Good thing cuz I'm getting stir crazy...I haven't been out of doors since Saturday afternoon!

Cardine, the salsa turned out very yummy. After making sure I was going to be okay, Steve took over the salsa-making, with me giving him instructions from the living room. I think it's one of my best batches. I'm sure mostly because of the wonderfully fresh veggies we got at the market. MMMMMM.

Kate, not blood, but maybe nail shaving? Remember, I didn't actually cut my thumb, just the nail. Uck! I can't even joke about it! I promise no body part, not even the tiniest bit, ended up in the salsa! :)

Tearese, thanks for the good luck wish! I'm not feeling as sick as I was on Sunday, but I'd feel a million times better if I actually got a job!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you've been sick! :( I'm glad you have someone around to take good care of you. :)

sar said...

sorry you have been sick. When you said you started feeling woozzy while chopping veggies I thought - oh no, I hope she didn't cut herself. I'm glad thigns turned out all right,