Thursday, July 28, 2011

Photo Shoot

My cousin, Cassie, gave Steve and I a wonderful wedding present - she offered to do a wedding photo shoot for us. Before I lost weight, I wouldn't have loved the idea...well, I would have been a ham during the shoot but would have dreaded seeing the actual pictures. Having lost 180 lbs, I'm definitely a lot more comfortable in my own skin, so was really excited about the photo shoot. It was also nice to have Cassie taking the pictures, I trust her and feel very comfortable with her. I knew she wouldn't be thinking all the time "she looks weird" or "yikes!".

Cassie had the great plan to shoot the pictures at the train depot in Ogden, and it really turned out great. She ended up taking about 400 pictures and narrowed it down to 90 final photos, including the same shot in different colors/photoshopping. We expected her to give us a disc with those 90 pictures but she surprised us with a beautifully framed photo and several prints of different shots PLUS the disc of all 90. I love the pictures and am soooo grateful to have them as a reminder of our special day - even though the pictures were taken over a month after we eloped, we're wearing our wedding clothes.

Below are some of my favorite shots:

This is one of my favorite shots - it totally
shows Steve and I in our element.
He is in charge and I'm goofy.

Align CenterThis is another of my most favorite shots and
is also the one Cassie framed.

Thanks again, Cassie! We'll treasure these pictures for the rest of our lives.


Alyson said...

Awesome pictures! I love them all! What a great wedding present!

Cassie said...

I had so much fun taking them. So much fun!! You were a total ham and Steve went right along. I remember laughing so much.

KieraAnne said...

Wow those are gorgeous! You look so pretty! I love your red shoes... Congratulations again! :)

tearese said...

those turned out really fun! What a great idea for a wedding present.

Mellissa said...

Great photos! You and Steve really look wonderful together. And I agree with Kiera - the red shoes are great!

Framed said...

I love the third one down. Great glow and softened edges.

Cardine said...

I love the photos, and I especially love the hair!

Anonymous said...

You guys look great! Thanks for sharing your favorites with us. :)

Jen said...

So pretty! And your hair looks GREAT!