Friday, August 19, 2011

Wild, Wild West and Josh Groban *sigh*

Last Friday, Steve and I went on a double-date with our good friends, Tim and Tiffany. We started out by going to the county fair where we got in for free with our military IDs. After purchasing $5 worth of 50-cent tickets, we wandered around looking at all the booths and trying to decide what games to play with our tickets. Eventually we tried our arms at the baseball throwing booth. I didn't do very well - only knocked 4 of the 6 bottles off the table - but still got a piece of candy! Yay!

As we wandered around, we came to a western photography trailer. For a pretty fair fee, we got to dress up as westerners and have a photo shoot. I've always wanted to do something like this but never did it because I was so overweight and figured they wouldn't have clothes my size. Since Tiffany and I wanted to do it, the guys reluctantly agreed. I thought they would just drape costumes over our regular clothes and take a few pictures. I was wrong. Well, that's pretty much what they did with the guys, but Tiffany and I stripped down to our unmentionables and got decked out! The dressing lady asked if we wanted to be modest or sexy. Tiffany answered sexy, so we got to be "saloon ladies". It was so much fun to play dress up as an adult! Here are the pictures:

See what I mean about decked out? The lady kept putting things on me...choker, garter, hat, gloves, boa, etc. I loved it! And, to top it off, the corset was actually too big for me. Yay! There was a smaller one in red but I liked the purple hat, so we went with the purple. And doesn't my husband look sexy as a cowboy? Woot woot!

Afterward, we got something to snack on - Steve got corn on the cob and I got a fried snickers - then we went to look at the rides. They were way too expensive, so we didn't ride any of them. Instead, we played a few more games at booths. Tiffany and I decided to use a couple tickets to get tattoos at the face painting booth. Here we are...aren't we wild women?

For 50 cents, my strawberry tat sure lasted a long time. I finally had to scrub it off Monday afternoon.

After the fair, we went to the movies. We saw Cowboys Vs Aliens, which I liked more than I thought I would. For such a weird sounding movie, it had a good plot and was decently acted. They handled the whole cowboys and aliens scenario a lot better than I expected. Oh, and it really scared me in parts. I love being able to cuddle up to Steve and hide my head in his chest when I get scared. I admit that I'm a total wimp sometimes.

It was a really fun evening with wonderful people!

The next day, Saturday, I went to Salt Lake and met up with my SIL Rachel for the Josh Groban concert. I've always liked his voice and it was just as great in person as recorded. I loved how funny and quirky he was on stage, it really surprised me, but it was awesome. We didn't have very close seats, but we were able to hear him perfectly, which is what mattered most. It was great to be there with Rachel, too. We had a great talk before the concert started and we both loved the music. He has a new album out that I wouldn't mind getting based off the songs from that album that he sang. And it was great to hear some of his older songs in person.

There was a little mini stage that was directly in front of us, so I hurried and took a couple pictures before he moved to the main stage.

It was a wonderful concert and I really appreciate Rachel inviting me to go with her!


Cassie said...

I love your pictures. The boots you are wearing are awesome!! I got a "tattoo" last weekend too!! A bear paw on my left shoulder, but it's fading fast.

I miss you. Seems like forever since I've seen you. Maybe because there was an amount of time I was seeing you pretty regularly and then it has stopped. Really it's only been a few weeks. Let's get together before your school starts, if we can.

Cardine said...

Hooray for you for having such fun times! I wouldn't mind going to a Josh Groban concert sometime. I enjoy his voice.

Anonymous said...

Cute boots in that western photo. I liked the sepia one a lot. You guys look good!

tearese said...

hey, we went to a carnival last weekend too! .50 tickets sounds like a good deal to me! You guys look great in the western wear, how fun for you.

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