Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Miscellaneous Thoughts (and some Rantings) While At Work

How am I ever going to lose weight (or not gain weight) if the women in my office keep bringing goodies? It's not their fault that I have weak will-power when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, and practically anything else that has sugar/chocolate in it. I type this while eating chocolate cake with vanilla frosting while a tangelo from home sits in the fridge, ignored.

I wonder what trouble Sadie is getting into. Our poor dog. She has separation anxiety. Who can blame her? Steve and I are wonderful - I'd hate being apart from us, too, if I were her. Yesterday, I arrived at home to find she had chewed the bottoms of the horizontal blinds in our kitchen. Was I mad? No. I know it's not her fault. Was I frustrated? Yes. I feel bad for her and don't want her to feel panicked and out-of-control. I don't know what to do, though, because now that Steve works days and I'm at school/work, she has to get used to being alone for a few hours every day. I hope she adjusts soon...before she eats our whole house. We looked online for ways to soothe separation anxiety in dogs and put them into practice this morning. Fingers crossed that they help!

I'm lucky to have such a good job. The people I work with are so nice, the hours can't be beat, it's close to home, I can do homework (if I so choose), and I get all the holidays off. I'm so glad I got this job and plan on keeping it until I finish my degree.

Why do people cheat? Cheat on papers and tests, cheat the system, cheat themselves, cheat on spouses. You would think that only the young would cheat, not knowing or understanding the consequences of doing so. Not true. I'm amazed at how many people who should know better cheat. It comes up almost daily at work. People who once were students want to get free medical care and so lie about being a current student. Some slip through, most don't. They all make me mad. We're 100% funded by student fees - fees which are really high - so these people are cheating the students who work hard to pay for tuition and fees and every person who pays taxes that fund scholarships, grants, and loans.

I drink more water the few times I have to go to the water jug. Today I brought a Detriot Lions 10oz glass to work to replace using the 2oz paper cups we have at work. On a typical day, I'd refill those cups once, totalling a grand 4 ounces of water for the 4 hours I worked. Already today I've drank a whole glass of water and have drunk half the refill. That totals 15 ounces in just 3 hours. Vast improvement!

I'll do anything to get out of reading my Intermediate Accounting textbook at work - even write a blog about what I'm thinking about at work. Never about 6 minutes I'll buckle down and read.

Not everyone should go to college. Did you know that there is a shortage of plumbers, HVAC personnel, and similar trade professionals? A college degree can be a great thing for many people, but it doesn't guarantee a great paying job. If someone went into trade, there's a good chance they'd be paid well because not very many people would want to do it (ie crawling under houses looking for dead animal carcasses - thank you Dirty Jobs for that wonderful episode). Also, it kind of frustrates me that people who can't spell "throat", "problem", "find", "cost", and other every-day-type words will someday have the same degree that I currently hold - a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university. I know because they come into my office daily and misspell the most common words in the universe. Do I feel like it cheapens the degree? Yeah, a little.

I hope the Lions make it to the playoffs again next year and make it a little further. Like the Super Bowl. Like winning the Super Bowl. That would be awesome.

Alright. Time to hit the books. Just an hour before I head home, so it shouldn't kill me to do a little homework. If it does, please don't wear black to my funeral. Red is my favorite color.


Anonymous said...

This was very entertaining! I'll have to remember about the red, unless I pop off first.

So, reading between the lines... it sounds like you might have too much chocolate in your life?

julie said...

Sarah, I guess it could be construed that way...but I seriously doubt there could EVER be too much chocolate in my life! It would be like saying there's too much life in my life. :)

Anonymous said...

My perspective exactly! :)