Thursday, June 15, 2006

If I Had a Dollar for Every List I Make!

Okay! I'll submit! These cursed lists. Sigh. For others of this kind, please see cjane and cardine. I'm going to omit the last list (who I would want to do a list like this) and add one of my own. Just know that I'd like to read a list like this by everyone I know. Enjoy!

Things I want to do before I die:
1. Go to France
2. Run a marathon
3. See the Great Wall of China
4. Write a novel
5. Drive across the United States
6. Motorcycle across Europe
7. Sit in mud at a spa

Things I cannot do:
1. Fly
2. Write legibly with my left hand
3. See without corrective lenses
4. Reject a guy without making a fool of myself
5. Consume nothing but fruit juice for more than 3 days
6. Jump on a trampoline
7. Give up chocolate

Things that will attract me to my future spouse:
1. Smiles a lot
2. Avid reader
3. Kind of shy
4. Chivalrous
5. Good listener, good conversations
6. Honest and trustworthy
7. Likes me

Things I say often:
1. Possible, but not probable
2. Holy cow!
3. Holy canolli!
4. Thank you for calling Intermountain ______ _____, this is Julie
5. Ok
6. Excellent (a la Mr. Burns)
7. Please

I should say more: I'm sorry

Books currently reading/on my reading queue:
1. Old Testament (I'm the gospel doctrine teacher)
2. Something by Agatha Christie
3. The Bourne Ultimatum
4. The Bourne Legacy
5. Whatever I find at the library
6. Whatever I find at the library
7. Whatever I find at the library

Movies I could watch over and over:
1. While You Were Sleeping
2. Princess Bride
3. Hero
4. Father Goose
5. Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea
6. The originial Star Wars movies (Episodes IV, V, VI)
7. A&E's Pride and Prejudice

Things I'm afraid of:
1. Spiders
2. Spiders in the shower
3. Spiders in my bed
4. Losing my hair, teeth, hearing, vision
5. Not achieving my dreams
6. The dark
7. Death; not my own, but others'

There you have it. Hope you learned something, I did. I didn't realize I couldn't fly until I tried it this morning after breakfast. Hmm. Doesn't seem quite fair.


Alyson said...

Fun lists! I love to learn more about people, and this list was a great way to learn more about you. I hope you don't mind if I copy your idea; then maybe you won't fall asleep on my blog. :)

Framed said...

I'm going to copy your lists on my blog also. But I need time to mull it over. I have a hard time making anything my favorite. I loved yours and can't wait to read Alyson's.

Cardine said...

Julie, you are so funny. I love that you tried to fly.

I think I feel the same way about death that you do, meaning I am more traumatized about the thought of others dying than I am about myself. Except I feel that sometimes I don't care enough about my life. For example, sometimes I think, "I could have died! Oh well." And I'm over it. It doesn't really seem quite right.

By the way, I am happy that alyson and framed are going to do lists. Especially alyson. I look at her blog everyday and think, yeah, Jenny's birthday was forever ago. New post, please. ;)

julie said...

Aly and framed, I'm glad you guys are going to do the list, too. It is fun to see other people's answers. Cardine, I"m not surprised that you think the same way about death as me. Although we are quite different in some things, I have found we are also very similar.

Cassie said...

I will not be succumbing to the list trend. Sorry. I have a whole list of posts so maybe when I run out of those I'll do the lists but by then you will have completely forgotten about it and it will be new.

I agree with the death thing too. Especially my mother's death. Sometimes it hits me that she could just die and then I burst into tears.

julie said...

I know. My mom recently had surgery and I had this horrible thought about getting to the hospital and being told that she didn't make it. It scared me terribly. Luckily she's doing great now. It's still a scary thought. I don't want anyone I know to ever die. Do you hear that everyone?! I expect you to abide by my wishes.

sarah said...

Great lists. After reading them, I feel closer to you somehow.

booklogged said...

I love lists - expecially reading them. Am looking forward to all of you doing lists. How are we going to convince Cassie to do one?

Framed said...

Awwww, Cassie, you are so sweet. And to think I was ready to end it all. Of course, I may reconsider if you do a list also. Book, do you think guilt will work?? Hasn't accomplished anything yet, but I can always hope. Cardine, I agree. Alyson needs to put the book down for five minutes and update. Julie, I'm glad your mom is doing well. I look forward to seeing her tonight. I'd like to have the big H myself if only for convenience sakes.

Cassie said...

I will not give in. I can't just give you the answers. You have to study the posts and fill in your own blanks. Otherwise how will you learn.

P.S. On the other hand the more lists I read the funner it seems. We'll see.

tearese said...

hey, I just did this on Cardines! Some of yours are similar to mine too. I guess I'll repost here for you. I used to not care about dying, until I got married and had a baby. Now I worry about them taking care of themselves without me. I don't think they could do it.
k' here's my list:

before I die:
1.visit Europe
2.Publish a book I either wrote or illustrated or both.
3. Take a class on watercolor painting (it never fits my schedule!)
4.learn to swim
5.get a haircut that makes me look fabulous.
6.visit Asia (Japan looks good)
7.have an entire wardrobe that actually fits me correctly.

cannot do:
1.swim around the highschool track all the way without having to slow to a walk. any sport competently
4.tell someone they're right when I REALLY think I am right. on a busy freeway during rush-hour.
6.dye my hair a different color
7.sing bass or soprano

attracted me to spouse:
1. his happiness and smile
2. was never sarcastic or cynical
3. had the courage to ask me out
4. liked to draw and write short stories.
5. sensitive to spiritual and emotional things.
6. had become who he was by rising above hardships.
7. he liked me a lot.

I say often:
1.You sucker-baby. (to Elora) dork.
3.thats true.
4.nuh uh.
5.oh yeah?
6.who's that pretty baby, who's that little lady? Ya-ya's her name, ya-ya's her game!
7.why do you always tell me stuff I already know?

books I am/will be reading:
1.The Kingdom and the Crown: Fishers of men.
2.What to expect the first year.
3.The Breastfeeding Book
4.Peekaboo: babyfaces
5.The scriptures
6.Are you my mother?
7.Preparation for the West-B test. (to help Joseph)

Movies I could watch over and over:
1. Starwars trilogy
3. Harry Potter series
4. You've got mail
5. Napoleon Dynamite
6. Spirited Away
7. Goonies

People to do a list:
1. Kiera
2. Sarah
3. Julie
4. Warnser
5. Dain (jimmy sparks)
6. Joseph
7. Sherry and Sarah T.

FrogTracks said...

Julie, I also agree about the death part. It sucks when someone close to you dies. It was worse than I ever imagined!