Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Day Off

Today I did something I haven't done in a long time...I took the day off. When I asked my boss on Tuesday if I could have today off, he asked what I was planning on doing. The answer was simple; nothing. And that's pretty much what I did (or didn't do).

I started my day off the way all days off should begin - I slept in. I remember that I was having an odd dream and that I kept hoping I wouldn't wake up until the end because something important was going to happen and I wanted to see it. Whatever it was happened and seconds later my alarm went off. I thought, That was excellent timing. Now, I don't know what happened, but I'm glad I got to see it.

My morning was a little busier than I wanted. Almost an hour was spent emptying out my storage shed looking for the container holding last year's tax information. I needed 2005's AGI in order to e-file this year's taxes. Curses! Shortly after I got home, my sister-in-law and niece came over. I love them, but I was frustrated that they were here 'til noon and I wasn't getting to do what I wanted to do (nothing, in case you've forgotten). She kept saying I didn't need to help her, but she needed my help. Sigh. After I helped her, I filed my own taxes, then exercised.

The afternoon lived up to my hopes and wishes. I ate lunch, watched a few episodes of "As Time Goes By", read, and "napped" while watching/listening to CMT's Top 20. Oh, and after I ate lunch, while watching "As Time Goes By", I braided my hair into little braids all over my head. I looked ridiculous! Don't ask why I did it (my mom asked and I didn't have an answer). It really looked silly, but it was fun to do, fun to have in, and fun to take out. I probably would have left my hair like that 'til tomorrow morning, but I went to Bajio for dinner and I have a fairly strict policy of minimizing my public embarrassment whenever possible. My hair looked interesting after taking out the braids, but not embarrassing.

This evening, besides my trip to Bajio, I have done absolutely nothing! Specifically, I read until 8pm then watched CSI (Grissom is hot!). My plans for the rest of the night: nothing! Aaahhh.

Actually, days off are kind of bittersweet and a little paradoxical and it starts from the moment I wake up. You see, I truly feel like a good day off should begin with sleeping in, but half of me wanted to wake up early in order to have more day in which to do nothing. While I was busy being productive this morning, I was quite frustrated, but a part of me felt good about all I was accomplishing. This afternoon and evening I have enjoyed relaxing but have also felt lazy.

Please don't tell me that I'm becoming the type of person who has to be doing something all the time! I know people like this, they are good people that I really like. However, I have no desire to be one of them. I have a testimony of doing nothing. Not all the time, naturally, but I truly believe that I need some time, everysooften, to just rest and be completely and wholly unproductive. If for no other reason, I'm glad I took today off so I don't forget how to be unproductive.

Really, today ended up being a good day. I feel rested and refreshed and ready to go back to life, at least for a little while. To get longer benefits, I'll need a longer break. Thank heavens I'm taking a vacation in August!


Alyson said...

I'm glad you were able to get some relaxing done. I agree that it's good for a person to not be busy all the time. I enjoy my relaxing time so much that I usually take some everyday; except that usually leads to days like today when I'm up at midnight studying for my Calc test. I was ready for a break and was happy to see a new blog to read.

We obviously don't have the same taste in men...Grissom? really? I do like that CSI better than the others though, and while Grissom isn't unattractive per se, I'm not attracted to him at all.

Anonymous said...

You did an excellent job in describing the paradox that consistently recurs in my life. Yes, I'll admit it, I am one of those people you know. I don't know how to relax. It sounds great, really. I make plans to relax... it's just that it never actually happens. I talk myself out of it. I want to be more like you and just take a break!

Cassie said...

Man I am excited for a day off this Monday. Of course it's not the same if you know others aren't working either. Every morning I wake up and debate whether or not I should call in sick to have a day off. Most often I talk myself out of it. I have too many responsibilities. Too many things to get done. I have become that person who cares about her job!!! AAAhhh!!

Cardine said...

I think that I'm TOO good at relaxing or doing nothing. It's what I do when I get stressed out. I don't do anything. ...which helps the stress a lot, as you can probably guess.

Framed said...

I am an expert at doing nothing. I find the best way is to take two days off. Then you can get everything done on the first day and really do nothing on the second day with no guilt involved. But with my expertise, I find I can do nothing both days.

tearese said...

I switch back and forth. Now that I only work two days a week, I get bored a lot and wish I had something to do. But on days when I have to bring work home or I have a lot to do, I wish I could just hang out.
But I usually feel like I should be doing something if I watch tv, I can't just sit there.
I could take a nap anytime though.

booklogged said...

Good for you! Sometimes life just gets too hectic and we need some time to unwind. I don't suppose you took a picture of you with all the little braids, did you? I've never heard of "As Time Goes By" - is/was it a tv show? We've signed up for netflix and have some recommended tv shows in our que. We finished watching the first season of the Five Mile Creek series. M wanted to watch the Trinity spaghetti westerns. They were . . uhmmmm-ahhh. . . interesting.

julie said...

Oh, Aly! Grissom is totally hot! Especially circa 2002-2004. The 2007 Grissom is still extremely attractive, but I really dig him in the reruns. I guess, though, that it's nice that we don't have the exact same attraction to men.

Sarah, yes, you are one of the people I know who seems to always be doing something. And, though I don't want to be like you, I certainly admire you... A LOT!

Cassie, caring about your job = good thing. Hey, maybe we're actually becoming adults! Nah!

Cardine, I don't think you do it just right. At least, in my humble opinion. Espcially since you kind of have a stressful job.

Framed, two days off is an EXCELLENT solution to finding the balance between wanting to be productive and wanting to do nothing. Hmmm. I'll have to take that in to consideration next time. Thanks!

Tearese, I see you have that same paradoxical relationship with time off. Unlike you, though, I could sit and watch TV all day and do nothing long as I was watching PBS, the Food Network, or CSI. Okay, I might get tired of CSI after a few episodes.

Book, "As Time Goes By" is a British comedy series starring Dame Judy Dench. I got hooked on it in my PBS frenzy a year or so ago. I ended up buying the whole series on DVD - the only series I own. Someday, I'll bring it to Vernal and we'll watch it; I think you'd enjoy it. It's about a man and a woman, both in their 50's, who had a love affair when they were younger, got disconnected when he went to war in Korea, and who meet up 38 years later. It's really enjoyable.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Indy said...

I had a day of nothing today. I am feeling sick so I stayed home from school. I have done enough to feel like my day wasn't wasted but nothing more.

I have plans on watching a movie. I am trying to go to the store and buy sickie food but I can't because I look really bad and I don't want to take a shower. SIGH