Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A V-Day Post

Aahh, Valentines Day. Day of love and romance - at least, as long as you have someone with whom to share love and romance. If you're single, V-Day is, at best, just another day, and to many singles, V-Day illicits feelings of bitterness and depression. Fortunately, I fall into the first group and am pretty indifferent to the day.

That said, I decided to devote a post to a Valentine-esque subject, marriage. Specifically, I'm going to list the reasons I would like to be married. I was going to balance this list with a list of reasons why I'm happy being single, but decided not to. I already know those reasons inside-n-out. It's time I think about the "pros" of being married. So, here goes...

Why Being Married May Be Nice

1. Someone to tell my dreams to. I'm not just talking about my goals in life - I have odd dreams and would like to share them with someone upon waking.

2. Someone to cuddle with while watching T.V. and movies.

3. Sex.

4. Kissing.

5. Someone to say that he thinks I'm pretty.

6. Someone to talk to about what I'm reading.

7. Tax breaks. I'm not sure what they are, but I'd like them.

8. Someone who appreciates my cooking.

9. Someone to cook for me when I don't feel like cooking.

10. Someone with whom I can discuss the options in my life.

11. Holding hands.

12. Someone to play games with when it's 2am.

13. Someone to watch football with and who can hopefully answer any questions I might have.

14. Someone to love.

15. Someone to love me.

16. Someone to think I'm the cat's meow. (I love that phrase!)

17. Someone to fight with. I'm just being realistic - it can't all be bliss, can it?

18. Someone to make up with.

19. Someone to think about and worry about other than myself.

20. Honeymoon. I love a nice vacation.

21. Someone who accepts my quirks, both annoying and endearing.

22. Someone who teaches me things I didn't know before.

23. A friend for eternity.

I'm sure there are more reasons, but I think this is a good start. Who knows, someday I may actually get married. Who knows.

Well, for all you singles and nonsingles alike - Happy Valentines Day!


tearese said...

thats a good list. I remember when we first got married, Joseph was sad and said I got mad at him too much. I told him he was supposed to fight back with me, not apologize! I didn't realize that arguing was actually a need I had until I got married.
He still apologizes and is nicer than me, but he lets me argue with him too:) He difinitely accepts my quirks!

Cassie said...

Whew! I almost wasn't able to leave a comment because the net nanny at work didn't like you using the word s-e-x. It took me a minute but I was able to work around it.

I love all those reasons. I could really use someone myself. Anything happening with Ant?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this year I teetered on the edge of the second group... but Valentine's day is officially over for me, so I'm backing away from the ledge - so to speak.

And... I got heart-shaped chocolates today! What am I complaining about? Well, they were from a 6-year-old. It's almost exactly like the humongous bouquet of roses one of the other teachers received from her boyfriend in the states - who must have ordered them online somehow. I'm not jealous.

Two things: sarcasm doesn't really come through very well in the written form and I'm closer to the ledge than I thought....

Adam said...

I was kind of surprised at how many times I thought, "Yes, I agree." to the items on your list. In fact, there was only one that just didn't apply to me at all.

I can't help it that I'm not a football fan.

Unless you count Futbol, which is completely different, anyway.

julie said...

Tearese, what an interesting thing to find out about yourself. I wonder what I'd find out about myself after getting married. You have a good man, you deserve one.

Cassie, sorry about the s-word. I guess I could have put it another way, but that's how I thought it, so that's how I wrote it. And, nope. Nothing's happening with Ant. He still comes in and talks to me, sometimes I have a hard time getting him to leave so I can head home. However, he never asks me out, so until he does, I'm done with him. No more crush.

Sarah, I understand; sometimes I'm on the edge, too. Rarely due to V-Day, but just because I get lonely. I'm glad your student gave you chocolate hearts, how sweet! I received TWO V-Day gifts!! My mom gave me a big Hershey's kiss and my dad brought a pink rose and card into my office. Sweet, eh? And, don't worry - I caught the sarcasm. :)

Adam, I'm not surprised. In ways, you and I are a lot alike. In ways. :) And, I never held it against you that you weren't a football fan. Not being a football fan isn't a deal-breaker in my book, just a nice extra. I appreciated the time you came over and watched it with me. That was nice. Thank you.

Framed said...

I wrote a witty and satirical comment earlier but couldn't post it. I knew I didn't want to switch to Google, but it forced me. Anyway, Happy Valentines Day.

Cardine said...

Yeah, Valentine's Day is just another day to me, too. Except when one of my male coworkers comes upstairs after I should have gone home, stops, looks at me, and asks, "Don't you have any Valentine's plans?" And then I reply and say that some poor guy is missing out on some good action that night. A few minutes later, another male coworker awkwardly walks into my office before he leaves and wishes me a Happy Valentine's Day. They felt badly for me! Ack! And I felt like I had to reassure them that I am happy, which is annoying, so it's hard to get the happiness across.

Diatribe done.

(I fully support all of the action-based reasons. Single guys who do nothing about their singlehood are missing out.) (So am I.) (A nice one needs to hurry and ask me out.)

Cassie said...

Oh Julie don't worry. I personally love the S-word just my net nanny doesn't. I actually thought it was great that it was #3 and above kissing. I don't know if that was on purpose or not but I agreed with its ranking.

My friends and I exchanged valentines this year too. It was really sweet.

tearese said...

I didn't care about vday before I got married. When we were kids, my mom would make heart cookies with us, and we would leave them on people's doorsteps. Thats what I thought valentines was about. Most people don't even know about that tradition now!
And sometimes vday isn't fun when you're married either. Elora had the flu this time. We were going to got to DQ and get a buy one get one free Blizzard, but Joseph lost his coupon. Then we were going to the See's candy store where you can pick all the candies in your box. When we got there, the line filled the whole store. We waited for about ten minutes, then noticed a sign listing all the varieties they were out of....including all the oneS I was going to get.
So we left with nothing, and Joseph was still late for work.
At least he found two chocolate covered strawberries from an office party for me to have. That was pretty good. And a pastry.

julie said...

I love chocolate covered strawberries!!! Yummy!