Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Me and Blogging


Have you noticed my recent quasi-absence from the world of blogging?

It's been kind of hard to blog lately - for two reasons:

1) I'm really trying to keep personal computer time down to a minimum while at work. I've gotten pretty good at not emailing or blogging at work, but I'm horrible at doing it after work. I rarely have the desire to stay after 5pm (or later) to email or blog.

2) I'm in the unusual-for-me position of having a lot of things to blog about that concerns someone else. I don't want to destroy his privacy just because I want to shout some things from the rooftop for all the world to hear. Does that make sense?

So, I'm a little behind in my blogging. I'd like to say that I'll try to stay a little more current, but I can't really make that promise.

However, I really want to say one thing (Madman, please forgive me):

I'm in love!!

Whew. That felt good.

And, that pretty much catches you up with the gist of my life right now.


Alyson said...

YEAH!!! Who wouldn't forgive you for such a wonderful proclamation?

You must still be at work and that's probably why you're not answering your phone. I've been trying to call you, but I guess I'll talk to you later.

Framed said...

Well, that's certainly an about-face from your previous blog. I'm glad to hear it and can't wait to get more details. Your mom is coming to visit Friday. Can she share info?

Framed said...

BTW, I'm tagging you for a meme. Sorry.

Madman said...

It's okay. I forgive you.

You brazen hussy, you.

Heh. Told you I'd do it.

tearese said...


julie said...

Aly, I was still at work. Glad we got to talk for a bit. I'll call you soon and we can talk more about HP.

Framed, I'm not sure how much info my mom has to share. We're hanging out tonight, so maybe she'll know more by this weekend. I'll try to get to the meme asap - thanks for the tag! :)

Madman, thanks. And, I tried to give you a semi-decent forum so you could say that. Hopefully everyone will think it's a joke. :)

Tearese, thanks.

c jane said...

I am dying to know more. Can you just use a pseudonym? Pleeeeease?

James & Melissa's Family said...

Julie, that is awesome!! I am so glad to hear it. It would nbe fun to get together and hear about what has been going on. When you have some time let me know, you know me and my busy schedule (haha), that maybe I can squeeze you in sometime! Have a wonderful day!!!!

julie said...

Cjane, sorry, but I don't think a pseudonym will work. Everyone will still know who I'm talking about. Never fear, I'll probably throw in a tidbit now and then, when I think I can get away with it. :)

Melissa, I'd love to get together! How about next Thursday? Would that work for you?

Cardine said...

Note to cjane: Check out Madman's Blog.

Was that comment allowed?

Madman said...

I don't mind, really. Say what you like here. It's not like you're talking behind my back.

Oh, and by the way, the "brazen hussy" isn't entirely a joke. Julie was the first to refer to herself that way. I just picked up on it.

So there.

julie said...

Mad, what kind of impression are you trying to give my friends and family???? No wait, don't answer that.

XYZinn said...

Who is it? I am dying to know? Have you known him for a while, or did you just meet him? How fun!