Monday, October 01, 2007

Guys, Grafton, and a Green Dragon

To update you a little on the guy front, I ended up not going on a blind date this weekend. My boss’s father-in-law didn’t get a hold of Aaron until Thursday night, and Aaron already had plans for Friday night. However, Aaron said he’s totally open to going on the blind date another day. My boss and his wife are going out of town this weekend and her dad is traveling a lot for business starting the 15th, so we’ll see if this ever happens. If it does, so be it, if not, that’s okay, too.

Anthony and I text-messaged a few times on Friday, but it didn’t go anywhere – meaning he didn’t ask me out and I didn’t ask him out. I ask myself, he text-messages me-out-of blue two weekends in a row, does that mean he likes me? Or, is he bored and just wants to “talk” to someone? Sometimes I think men interpreters would be handy.

Cardine and I spent an interesting Saturday in southern Utah. We had made plans to go to St. George for a little Thai and sushi, but then I was invited by Lincoln and his sister to attend their family reunion in Grafton, UT (near Zion National Park). I told both of them that I couldn’t because of my plans with Cardine, so Natalie, Lincoln’s sister, said Cardine could come, too. I asked Cardine and she was willing to go, so we went to their family reunion!

What was I thinking?? Sigh. Not that it wasn’t fun, because it was, but it was also a little weird. It was a good time to meet Lincoln, though, with Cardine and his family there. It reduced the initial awkwardness of meeting him for the first time, though there were still a couple awkward moments later, like when Cardine and I walked into the group of his family and he wasn’t there – I knew everyone was thinking who are these girls and why are they here? Lincoln introduced me to his grandma, some aunts and uncles, and finally his mom (I saw his dad, but we were never introduced, nor did we say a word to each other – he was busy cooking). His mom said I’ve heard so much about you! Hmmm, what has she heard? I also met Lincoln’s 12-year old son, and he is a really cute kid. Nice smile.

Although I enjoyed the 90 minutes we were in Grafton (really neat cemetery and old buildings), I kind of regret going. I’m afraid it could be misinterpreted to mean that I like Lincoln more than I do. I mean, really, what girl goes to a guy’s family reunion if she isn’t interested in him? And, I’m not interested in him. Cardine can back me up that he just isn’t my type. Nice, but not for me.

When it was time for us to leave, Lincoln, his son, Natalie, and Natalie’s roommate walked us to my car. Lincoln told me he’ll come up again soon and we can go out together, like on a date. Sigh. I didn’t know what to say – especially with an audience! So, I said that sounded nice. Double sigh.

Anyhoo, Cardine and I ate an enjoyable meal at Benja in St. George. It’s a Thai/sushi restaurant that we’ve been talking about going to for a long time – hooray for accomplishing something on our to-do list! On Natalie’s recommendation, we ordered a green dragon sushi roll and were so pleased! It has raw tuna and cucumber (or something a little crunchy) wrapped in rice, seaweed, and avocado, topped with flying fish eggs, and drizzled with eel sauce. Oh, it was divine! I loved how the fish eggs popped in my mouth when I bit down on them. Our Thai dishes were also very delicious, but my favorite part was the green dragon roll. Seriously, if you’re in St. George and hankering for good food – try Benja in Ancestor Square.


Cardine said...

I checked, just in case you wrote, and you did!!!

Anyway, thanks for the fun adventure on Saturday. Seriously, it was a fantastic adventure! And, it was infinitely cooler than you described it. Grafton is a ghost town. A GHOST TOWN!!! And, the cemetary had the most interesting stories in it! (Killed by Indians? Married to a one-year-old?!?) And, Lincoln's family was so interesting. And, your massaman curry was DIVINE.

julie said...

I know, I totally didn't describe Grafton well - but the post was getting long and I wanted to focus on WHY we were in Grafton.

Again, thanks for going with me!! You are awesome. Have I mentioned that lately? Well, you are!

Alyson said...

Sounds like you two had a fun weekend. One thing that I thought was say you spent an interesting Sat. in Southern Utah as if that is not the place you spend most weekends. :) I know you meant more South then where you are, but it was still funny.

Those green dragon rolls sound interesting. Do you think we could get Cassie to try one? hehehe

Cassie said...

Yeah, that's a no on that Alyson. Besides if it did have cucumbers, you know my stance on that.

I can't believe you went to his family reunion for a first time meeting. You are much bolder than I. That just sounds so awkward to me. But I'm glad you had fun. I want to check out Grafton.

julie said...

Maybe the next time you two are down in Cedar (which better be fairly soon since I'm moving), we can check out Grafton. It's pretty interesting.

tearese said...

the egg roll sounded good at first, until you mentioned the eggs and eel sauce. ewww.

Cardine said...

Eel sauce is actually quite good, in my opinion. And the eggs aren't very flavorful, so they are more like poppyseeds. Just there for the texture, you know?

And it wasn't an egg roll, it was a sushi roll, so it had the rice, the nori, the avocado, etc. Tasty. Tearese, I bet you'd actually like it.

tearese said...

I might...I do like alot of other Asian food.

James & Melissa's Family said...

Sounds like you had a fun and interesting weekend. Some of us just get to stay home or run errands on Sat. and thats no fun. Anyway the sushi stuff sounded gross, sorry that's just not my kind of food. Sorry.

julie said...

Melissa, no worries - sushi isn't everyone's cup of tea. However, don't rule it out until you get a chance to try it! You never know. I'd recommend starting out with a California roll, though. It's pretty mild and a good introduction to sushi rolls.