Thursday, December 06, 2007

Random Facts About ME!

My superhero name is Static. Can you guess what my superhero power is??? Several of you already knew that about me, but did you know about my “superhero” boyfriend? Obe Wan Kenobi. Yep, that’s right; my nephew (a Jedi who works with Obe Wan) set us up a couple years ago. And, before you ask, I’m talking about the Obe Wan from Episodes I – III, since that is the Obe Wan my nephew thinks of when he thinks of Obe Wan.

I’m getting laugh lines around my eyes. I can’t decide if it’s a good or bad thing. I really don’t mind getting older, nor do I really mind looking older, but I can certainly sense in me the social influences that say smooth = pretty, and lines = not so pretty. I do like that the laugh lines seem to indicate that I smile and laugh a lot. :)

I don’t like eating oranges. I like the flavor of oranges, but I hate the white stuff that surrounds the yummy orange stuff. I end up spending 4 hours (or more) trying to pick off as much white stuff as I can get off the orange stuff before eating it. So, I definitely prefer clementines to oranges. They have the same-ish flavor, but very little to no white stuff. It usually takes me only a few minutes to eat a Clementine! I’m writing this while eating clementines, by the way.

Miracle of all Christmas miracles - I have my Christmas shopping done! D-O-N-E. It was even done before November even ended! (*Pause* while you recover from your faint.) Yes, I usually espouse waiting ‘til December 20th to start my shopping, but I decided to buck tradition and tried shopping a little earlier. Mom and I braved the crowds the Saturday after Thanksgiving (I was going to tell you all about this in the post about Thanksgiving that I ended up not writing), and discovered that there weren’t really that many crowds to brave. I found some good deals and bought almost everything I needed to buy. Then, last Wednesday night, I bought the remaining presents I needed to purchase and can now put away my debit card ‘til January. Aaahhh, if only it worked that way.

Last Thursday night, I went to the Oakridge Boys concert with my dad, his wife, and my little sister. I’ve loved this group since I was a young girl exulting in the fact that I, too, was “American-made, born and bred in the USA”. They performed their classic hits and some new songs for about 45 minutes, and then took a 20-minute intermission before singing Christmas songs for over an hour. These songs included traditional carols mixed in with songs they had written. The group was entertaining, energetic, and engaging, and I really enjoyed myself!

In an attempt to ward off Alzheimer’s, I’m learning something new – the numbers at the top of the keyboard. For over a decade, I’ve used the keypad whenever I want to type numbers. Now I’m trying to use the numbers above the letters more often, especially when I’m printing insurance envelopes. Honestly, I’m an old dog learning a new trick, so it’s taking awhile, but lately I’ve noticed a pretty decent improvement in my precision and speed.

Okay, one last thing – my coworker, boss, and I were destined to work together. We all celebrate our birthdays in May; mine is the 15th, my boss’s is the 19th, and my coworker’s is the 29th. Our birthdays go in order of youngest in the office (me) to oldest (my coworker). My boss, the only guy and the middle in age and birthdays, shares the 1 in his date with me and the 9 with my coworker. Also, we live in a line. We live in the same neighborhood, a few streets from each other, and yes, we’re in a line. My coworker’s house number is 236 W, my house number is 236 W, and my boss’s house number is 235 W (he lives on the south side of the street). Pretty cool, huh. Or…pathetic that we’ve figured all this out? I vote cool.


Cardine said...

I vote cool, too. Seriously, that is AMAZING!!!

It's also weird that we're starting to notice aging things. I am totally starting to go gray. I haven't decided yet how I feel about it. I am excited for you to have laugh lines. I have worry lines. Laugh lines are better than worry lines.

Clementines are tasty.

I am jealous that you're done with your shopping. I am almost done but not quite.

tearese said...

DItto on the grey hairs, mine are all at the part in my hair near the front. They're bright white though, and I kind of like them.
I also agree with the oranges. I make a HUGE mess when I eat oranges, because I don't like the stuff around each slice. So I actually peel that off to expose the tiny pulp sacks, and I just eat those. Not a pretty sight.
Nice layout, by the way. Very festive.

Alyson said...

Very interesting that you guys have figured all that stuff out. I think maybe you have too much time at work...but you can't help but notice that your address all start the same. :)

Yeah, you shouldn't do long posts with lots of different facts...I forget what I was going to say about everything except the last post. Okay, maybe I should work on my memory. :)

Cassie said...

I love your random posts. They are so interesting. I'm so jealous that you have all your shopping done. So you probably don't need to come up to SLC. I guess I'll have to mail your present out to you.

julie said...

Cardine, so far I don't have any gray hairs. And, yes, I would be able to tell (even though I dye my hair) because the gray starts showing at the roots. I'm gonna have clementines at my house tonight! :)

Tearese, I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with oranges. Are you going to be in town at all this Christmas? Please let Cardine and I know if and when so we can play with you!

Aly, sorry about the long random post. Maybe next time I'll divide it into smaller posts. And, yes, maybe we do have too much time at work. :)

Cassie, no, I don't need to go up there for shopping, but maybe, MAYBE, I'll plan a trip just to hang out with you guys. Unless, of course, you want to come down here so you can see my way cute Christmas tree!

Our Family said...

Love the new layout of your blog. Where did you find it? I too am done with my shopping, well wait I have a few little stocking things to get still, but the major things are all purchased and put away. I have yet to wrap anything or put any gifts under the tree yet. Oh well there is still time.

Our Family said...

That last comment is from me, Melissa. Sorry I change somethings on my blog and it changed what name appears on comments. I will go and fix that, but I wanted to let you know who it was from.

julie said...

Melissa, thanks for the compliment. I formatted my layout all by myself (with previous info about doing so from friends). Glad you like it! I've never gone to a black background before, so it's taking me awhile to get used to it.

I wrapped all the presents I bought last night. It took a couple hours, but I'm glad to be done with it. And, the presents look good under my way cute Christmas tree. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you want me to stop in SLC and pick up presents for you, I'd be happy to do it! Just let me know.

Booklogged said...

So I'm kind of like Alyson and only remember the last thing I read. Hope you'll take a picture of your cute tree and post it.

Thank heaven for that 'show original post' link so I can go back and reread as I comment. The Oakridge concert would be awesome to see. That's cool that you got to go.

If you'd have figured out all that stuff about your boss and coworker earlier you wouldn't have had to go through that decision making ordeal of awhile back.

I'm not even going to talk about shopping.

tearese said...

We'll be driving down the 22nd, and maybe leaving the Friday after that.

The Farmer's Wife said...

Cool new colors! I like, I like. Festive!

Indy said...

First off, I love laugh lines. I think they are attractive. I can hardly wait to get them. Actually I am more excited to get married and have my husband get them because then I can see them when he laughs.

Second, that is pretty funny that you know all that about your coworkers. Probably fate did bring you all together.