Thursday, January 17, 2008

Resolutions Update

Don't think that I'm going to update you about my resolutions throughout the year - I may but I may not, depending on my mood. Anyhoo, here's how they're going so far:

Guitar: Hurts like a mug. Seriously, no one warned me (until afterwards) how painful playing the guitar is. My left-hand finger tips are sore, sore, sore. My teacher, Tyler, promised that as soon as I develop calluses that it won't be painful, and Cassie confirmed this during our cousins weekend, so I have hope. Pain aside, things are going okay. I'm certainly not a natural, though. My hands were made to play the clarinet and tenor sax; my fingers are short, stubby, and unflexible. Again, I'm hoping that with practice I'll be able to play decently; I'm not shooting for mega superstar, though if that happens I'll survive, I guess. It's been interesting to start over on an instrument - I haven't had to do that since 1993 with the saxophone, but it's not the same because the sax and clarinet were similar enough that I didn't feel like I was starting completely over again. Never mind my seemingly negative feelings. I'm actually really enjoying this experience, and I look forward to practicing every evening. Tonight is my second lesson, and I hope I've made a little progress.

Sign Language: Doesn't hurt like a mug. Thankfully! My first class was on Tuesday, and I really had a good time. The teacher seems fantastic; laid back, knowledgeable, humorous, nice. She knows Anthony, so she kind of teases me (I won't go into how she knows I know him, it's irrelevant). Fortunately, I don't mind being teased. In fact, I tend to think that people who tease me do so because they like me. I'm sure that isn't always the case, but it's easier to believe. Sometimes I wonder if I'm like an ostrich with her head buried in the sand. Sorry, tangent. My teacher, Debbie, said my hand movements were very graceful (which surprised me) and asked if I had taken sign before. I had learned the alphabet years ago and Anthony had shown me a few signs, but that's it. My family has always said I'd be a natural at signing because I tend to use my hands for emphasis while speaking. I'm excited to learn sign, and I met a few people that I look forward to knowing better. All in all, it should be a good experience. I'm already planning on taking the second class when this one finishes.

Shakespear: Honestly, it's going slowly. Fortunately, my friends and I finally finished "As You Like It" last night, so that's one down, many to go. I haven't read much on my own because I've been so busy and am reading other things. I'll definitely need to prioritize my time if I'm going to get this goal accomplished - why do I watch TV when I have better things to do? Seriously. It's not like I haven't seen every episode of Friends a million times!

Weight: I've lost 2 pounds! I had lost more until cousins weekend last weekend. (Thanks, Cassie, for saying you'll write about it - I'll write about the next one!) I'm not exercising as regularly as I'd like, due to being so busy lately, but at least I'm exercising. Thank heavens for PIUE and for my "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD! I would rather walk outside, but not in this cold. I went two weeks without eating out, until the aforementioned cousins weekend, and don't plan on eating out again 'til next weekend (plans with a high school friend I haven't seen for awhile) unless I go out with Anthony this weekend (a possibility - his sister wanted us to go on a double date last weekend but I was getting together with my cousins - how many times can I mention that? - so we postphoned it for this weekend but then their uncle died and they went to the funeral in Wyoming and will be gone 'til Friday and may not feel up to it Saturday after her baby shower to which I was invited and am planning on attending). How was that for a paranthetical comment!

Sabbath Day: Cousins weekend would have blown this except for the exception I gave myself for traveling. The Sunday before went well, though. I even kind of fasted.

Wow - that turned out longer than I had planned. You should know by now, though, that I tend to be wordy, so I'm sure you weren't surprised. :)


Alyson said...

Sounds like you are doing pretty good with everything so far. I don't think I mentioned this over the weekend, but I would love to learn sign language. Maybe I'll take a class and we can communicate seretly right in front of most people. :)

Madman said...

Congrats on the successful following of goals!

Sounds exciting!

KieraAnne said...

Are you using steel strings or nylon on the guitar? Steel strings hurt WAY more....I prefer nylon and I've been playing for more then nine years, so I already have the callouses. Well...actually three of my strings broke and I only had steel replacements, so half my strings are steel and half nylon, but I would still suggest nylon anyday. However, they do make a very different sound, so if you like the steel sound better then never mind. :) I've been tempted by that 'Walk away the pounds' dvd, you'll have to let us know if it's any good. Windsor Pilates i've found is good to get rid of inches, but not pounds.

Cassie said...

You'll get better on the guitar, it took me a while and I'm still not that good. If you both learn sign language then either I have to or it will be banned for you to sign to each other in front of me.

James & Melissa's Family said...

That is so good that you are working on your goals. Keep up the good work!

julie said...

Aly, I think you SHOULD learn sign language - it would be so cool to have someone to talk to using sign!

Cassie, I think you should learn it too; that would be a much better idea than not letting us sign. Of course, we wouldn't sign in front of you because that would be rude. We'd sign when you weren't looking. :)

Kiera, I'm pretty sure the strings are steel. I didn't realize there were string options, but maybe I'll look in to nylon strings eventually. Thanks for the suggestion! I like Walk Away Pounds when I can't exercise outside, but it tends to bore me after awhile, so I use it sparingly. However, if you like workout videos, I think you'd like it. My mom loves it!

Thanks, Mad!

Thanks, Melissa!

Cardine said...

I just noticed that I like it when people post about completing goals. It's really uplifting and inspiring. Maybe I'll do one of those one of these days.

Way to be on the not eating out thing. I need to do that!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Way to go on the new goals!!

You're better than I am on ALL that stuff! :-)

tearese said...

we eat out way too much since I got married, which is really dumb because I can't afford it! I keep planning on nixing that, because I don't want my kids to look like all the other rolly-poly kids we see at fast-food restaurants. But I haven't been successful yet.
At least Elora hates soda, so thats good.

tearese said...

weird... I found a link to your brother Jason's blog through a friend in Washington's link to their friend "erica". how weird is that?

Booklogged said...

I remember those ouchy, ouchy finger pads you get from playing the guitar. The only other time I've had the same pain is when I quilt a lot.

Candleman has an interesting article on his Carpe Crustulum blog about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.

Sounds like it was a fun weekend with the cousins.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cardine... very inspiring!

Indy said...

Good Progress!! It is wonderful to actually be reaching goals.

I try to play the guitar on my spar time, it is very hard. It hurts a lot, until you play a lot.