Monday, March 10, 2008

What...Did I Even Make Goals??

I was tempted to not post an update about my goals at this time. It's not like I have to or anything, but it serves as a good benchmark, so I'm doing it. Just please don't think me too big a slacker. Okay, you can...just don't tell me you think I'm a slacker.

Sign Language. This is the goal that has progressed the furthest. It helps that my boyfriend is fluent and teaches me a lot. It also helps that he's kind of a task master and gives me the "look of shame" whenever I can't remember a sign that he taught me. Once. Two years ago. Seriously. No, not really seriously. He likes to give me a hard time and I like to give him a hard time back. We joke all the time and laugh so much when we're together! On Saturday, he told me I'm beautiful when I laugh. This last weekend he told me so many times that he thinks I'm pretty. It was great! Wait...has this turned into another Anthony post? Sorry! Anyhoo, my sign language class ends next Tuesday, but I may have to miss the last two classes because of work. The advanced class starts in the Fall, and I'm planning on taking it. 'Til then, the task master will surely drill me daily and keep my sign language skills in shape. :)

Guitar. I had to give up on this goal, unfortunately. My life is too full right now. I'm one million times busier than I've ever been in my whole entire life - including the last year of college when I thought I was going to explode. Something had to give - I couldn't quit my job (the big contributor to my busy schedule), I didn't want to go without seeing family and friends for an indefinite time period, and I have a boyfriend that wants to enjoy my company on a regular basis (and I want to enjoy his, just to keep the record straight). So, guitar was the easiest thing to drop. I still have it and someday I plan on continuing my lessons. I just don't know when.

Shakespear. Don't ask me how many plays I've read this year because I can't count them. Seriously, I can't count them because there haven't been any! When do I have time to read?? Actually, I did read a couple books a few weeks ago, but that was when I went to Portland and had hours-long layovers and reading was the best way to pass the time. So, I'm resetting this goal; instead of reading the complete works of Shakespear, I'm going to try to read 10. I almost said 5, but I'm holding that number as an option for a later date if 10 doesn't seem like it'll be met. I can do that. It's my goal.

Lose 20 lbs. A few weeks ago, I officially was back at my starting weight from last February, before I lost 26 lbs. The last couple weeks, I've lost 4 pounds, but don't ask me how I did it. This past week I lost a pound and that was after eating out 3 times on my own and 2 times with Anthony. I haven't exercised in a century or so. Also, Anthony loves ice cream and is always bringing me my favorite blizzard - banana oreo - although I think I've finally convinced him that too much of a good thing (ice cream) makes this good thing (me) become too much. That, and it causes digestion issues. 'Nuff said. However, good things are on the horizon. I've been looking forward to Daylight Savings, despite the loss of an hour of precious sleep, because it means there will be daylight a little longer, and the chances of going for a walk after dinner are now a whole heap load better. I can't wait to go for a walk today! Although, I might not because I might have strep throat. I'm going to the InstaCare after work; if they say I'm fine, I'm going walking!

Sabbath Day. I was doing really well with this one until yesterday. Anthony spent the morning at the hospital waiting for his sister to give birth to a baby girl (I got to see her and she's darling!), and around 1pm he showed up at me door (unexpectedly) and took me out to lunch. That's not all; I hadn't been able to find the books I wanted to buy for my brother's birthday, and since we were in the neighborhood of the used bookstore, which I hadn't checked yet, Anthony and I walked to it to see if they had the books. The store was closed, but I had had the intent to buy had they been open. Sigh. I still feel like I'm making improvement in this area, despite this setback, and have hope to get back on track immediately.

I've got to say that my life is filled to the brim with such amazingly great things right now. Work couldn't be going better; I'm getting new industrial contracts without even trying, am working hard to get ready for the contracts I already have, and last week I passed the written CDL test! Also, I was asked to be the Treasurer of Women In Business and will sit on the Board of Directors for the organization. This is the first Board that WIB has had and the president said she hand-picked all of us. She said she picked me because I have such a warm, friendly personality and, as Treasurer, one of my duties is to take money at the luncheons and to greet people. I feel very honored and am excited to be more involved in WIB and the community. My social life is fabulous. I have wonderful friends that I don't get to see nearly enough so I really value the time we spend together. Lately, I've been able to spend a lot of time with my family. In fact, my dad and Paula were recently sealed in the temple, so I spent much of last weekend with him. It was kind of trippy to watch them be sealed, but I'm really very happy for them. My family has also spent the past few weekends playing games at my mom's house for various reasons, and it has been good to spend so much time with them. And, of course, there's Anthony, but I've talked enough about him already. :)

In short (hahahaha), life is good. Not perfect, but then what fun would that be?? I'm happy and am very thankful for this wonderful time in the sun.


eenx said...

What? too many goals for me :D

Cardine said...

Wooo Hooooo! I met Anthony! Yay!

By the way, I think you're doing well. You get a lot done; you just aim high.

James & Melissa's Family said...

Wow girl you are busy! Congrats on your position in the WIB, that will be fun. It has been such nice weather that the kids and I go for walk almost every day, it has been great. I am getting a bike trailer to pull around on my new bike, with Paige and Logan in it of course, and we will then be going on bike rides. We can't wait! We should get together sometime, when you have time and catch up on things. By the way, I did know that it was you who drove by on Sat. I figured that you were out practicing driving that HUGE truck and trailer. What Fun!

Cassie said...

I'm glad things are going so well. And that you seem to be watching ANTM even though you swore you weren't going to watch this season.

Booklogged said...

You sound so bubbly. Your post perked me up with all its energy. It was so good seeing you and your family a week or so ago. I hope you find time to breathe once in awhile. I just had a great job idea for me - People could pay me to breathe for them.

Hope you don't have strep. Congratulations on passing your CDL. I still tremble to think of you driving that super-duper truck with the huge trailer around big cities. Very scary.

Framed said...

Well, I'm exhausted. If I go to bed now, I'm sure I will be able to get some rest on your behalf. All I do is think of others :)

tearese said...

So, you have to drive a giant truck, huh? Scary! I avoid driving our regular sized car on the freeway! Glad we got to see you this week!

julie said...

Hi everybody! Turns out I DO have strep. :( I took yesterday off of work and all I did was sleep, eat popsicles, and watch 24. Anthony loaned the first season to me ages ago and I finally had time to watch it. I just have 8 episodes left! Today I'm feeling much better, but still recovering.

Cardine, I'm so glad you were able to meet him! You were probably beginning to think all my bf's were imaginary! teehee

Melissa, yes, we do need to go out sometime. Missy and Lori want to come along, too. When is good for you? I was so jealous that you guys were out playing - it was such a nice day until it started to rain/snow!

Cassie, yes, I'm watching ANTM! It wouldn't be such a problem if I had CW at home, but it's a pain sometimes to have to go to my mom's house every Wednesday. NOT that I mind going to her house - it's just not always as convenient. :) So...who do you like this cycle? I like the plus size model (of course!) and a couple other, but I can't remember their names.

Book, I FEEL bubbly! Not particularly today, because I'm still sick, but generally, I'm happy. I enjoyed seeing you and Candleman when you were down this way, too! It's always a pleasure. So, I got to drive w/the trailer and it wasn't too scary. However, it was in an empty parking lot, so it wasn't really indicitive of how it's going to be.

Framed, hmmmm...I think you've got a good idea. Maybe I'd get more sleep if I were doing it on behalf of others! :)

Tearese, yes, the truck is huge! Plus, I'll be towing a 40 ft trailer with all sorts of audiology equipment. It's a bit scary, but mostly because I haven't had enough practice. I'm sure I'll be fine, eventually. :)

Alyson said...

Wow! Sounds like life is crazy for you...crazy is okay as long as it is good crazy. It sounds like you are having a lot of good times!

Madman said...

Congrats on the learning of a new language!

That's very exciting!

julie said...

Aly, I agree, crazy is good as long as it's crazy good. Hey, I will be in your neck of the woods in a couple weeks. I'm doing testing and may have time to hang out. I'll give you and Cassie more details as I get them.

Madman, thanks! It's a lot of fun learning sign but amazing how much french tries to sneak in. Makes me wonder how you managed to keep spanish and french separate!

Indy said...

I am so happy that life is good in your area!!!

Anonymous said...

Me, too! (ditto-ing Indy)

And I was REALLY glad to spend some time with you last week! Thanks for your support.

Cardine said...

I just wanted to say that I hold you to a higher posting standard than I hold myself, and I miss reading something from you.

That is all.

julie said...

Cardine, you make me chuckle. Hold your horses!! I'm working on a new color scheme and THEN a new post. :)

Cardine said...

Sweet! Thanks!