Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life Lately

Has it really been almost a month since I last posted?? How did that happen. I still remember sitting in that hot tub...it was so relaxing! I've been back to that hotel numerous times since that night, but my thrifty nature hasn't allowed me to get the suite again. Sigh. I hate my thrifty nature sometimes.

I've been gone a lot lately. Remember back in April when I wrote about how busy May was going to be? June was busier. I was gone 16 of the 30 days in June, and the longest consecutive period I was at home was 5 days. The shortest was 1.

I'm really enjoying being on the road, though. I'm getting used to driving 12+ hours; anything less seems like a blink in time. Books on CD are life-savers. As are sunflower seeds. Oh, and lots of water. Needing to use the facilities has a way of keeping me awake like nothing else.

I like the work I do. I've been testing the Wyoming National Guard a lot and work with the same officers each "event", as they're called. We've learned how to work together well and each time things are more efficient than the last. I *heart* efficiency. I like meeting new people, too. Even when I've been in the same location, working with the same officers, the people I'm testing have been different. I get a thrill when I explain to a young man why he needs to protect his hearing or he'll be deaf before he's 30 and he gets it. That look of enlightenment on his face is like a drug. He'd never considered the danger to his hearing before, but now he has knowledge and with that knowledge he can do better, be better. And, I'm the one who gave him that knowledge. Sigh. Yeah, I like it.

I love exploring new places, eating at local diners, chatting to the locals. I love flopping down on my hotel bed (especially if it's comfy) after a long day's work, knowing that I don't have anything I need to do - no laundry, no cleaning the bathroom, etc. - and allowing myself to just relax for a little bit.

I love Mint Crispy M&M's (a limited Indiana Jones flavor) and can only find them in one truck stop along the drive to Wyoming. I stock up, but not as much as I'd like. I'd like to wipe out the store and have one bag every week 'til the wretched day that they're all gone, but I don't. I buy 2. One for immediate consumption and one for the next day. Or later that day, if I'm weak. I'm usually weak.

It tickles me that the guys and gals who work at the truck stops are getting to know me. I stop at the same ones along the route, because I'm a creature of habit AND because I know I won't run out of gas before the next stop (very important to my sanity). This is a true story: coming home from Wyoming this past Sunday, I stopped at my normal Rawlins Flying J and the girl (who I mentally call Amy because she looks like my brother's ex) smiles and says, "Hi, Julie! Welcome back!" I wonder what my face looked like. I know it must have showed my surprise, I'm an open book. Then I smiled back and made some witty remark I don't quite recall well enough for it to still sound witty in the retelling. We chatted a bit while she authorized the pump, I walked back to pump my gas (imagine having to go into the store, back to the pump, back into the store, back to your truck every time you stop for gas and you stop 5 times going just one way - it's the only exercise I've gotten in months!), and when I returned to pick up my receipt, another guy was there who I've seen a lot of times and he also knew my name without asking! I think it's funny.

I enjoy being busy. I like feeling that I'm contributing to my boss's business in a way I never did before. I'm actually bringing in money instead of just managing it. I like making more money and being able to afford the condo and new furnishings. I still have to be wise with how I spend money, but it's worth it to have a home of my own. Side note: owning a home sometimes interfers with my daydreams of the guy I'm crushing on who lives somewhere else. In my daydreams, he always has to move here, I can never even consider moving where he lives. Oh well. :)

Being gone so much, I haven't been able to hang out with the people I love as much, but the next couple weeks will change that. I think I have plans with practically everyone I care about! I'm even seeing friends and family who live out of town! If you don't have plans with me yet, and you know I love you, please email me/call me and let's figure out something!!!

It'll be nice to be home for a long stretch of time. Like I said, I may go to Wyoming the first weekend of August, but it's not definite yet. The commanding officer wants me to do the event, but there's a bit of a hiccup that would bore you, so I won't expound on it. Anyway, if that job falls through, it looks like I won't have another one 'til the second week of September, the week after I get home from my cruise. Wow! What am I going to do with myself if that's the case? Well, I'd like to go to Bryce Canyon at least once (Cardine???), clean my bathroom (not done once since I moved into my condo; I'd be ashamed to admit it except I use it so rarely it's like brand new), organize my unorganized 3rd bedroom, and maybe start reading Shakespeare (refer to my New Year's goals).

That's pretty much it. I've left out some pretty interesting stuff, but to get that, you'll have to call or email me. Teehee. Aren't I clever? Hahahahaha.

P.S. Will someone please change my background colors for me? They are stuck in Spring and I have absolutely NO motivation to change them. Hmmm. Maybe that's one of the things I'll do if I don't get another 'job' before September. Don't hold your breath, though, I'm really not motivated.


Framed said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the road trips. I know what you mean about the non-drowsiness of a full bladder. Totally keeps me going from SL to Vernal. It's the Vernal to Naples part that can get pretty harrowing. You really, really, really don't want to get pulled over for speeding but you really, really, really need to speed.

Anonymous said...

Expect an e-mail.

That's fun that you're well-known on your route. And also fun that you enjoy meeting new people. I've always admired your talent for meeting and conversing with strangers - you treat them like friends.

tearese said...

Yay a new post! Enjoy this time in your life, it sounds like an adventure.

Lori Clark said...

I'm glad to get an update on what is going on with you. Sounds like you are busy, that is always good. Sometime you need to post a picture of your truck and trailer, so I can see what it is you drive all over.

julie said...

Framed, I've thought that same thing a few time - not wanting to get pulled over so desperately trying not to speed but... Fortunately, I have a really strong bladder.

Sarah, thanks for the email. I'll call you. It's not mega juicy, just little drops. Thanks for the compliment.

Tearese, I am enjoying it. Someday it may lose it's appeal, but for now, I'm having fun.

Lori, I actually have a post in the works with pictures I've taken recently. A picture of Bertha and the Beast will be included. I didn't realize how much effort goes into posting with lots of pictures. Or, maybe I'm not doing it right. Anyway, I'll finish it one of these days.

Cassie said...

It's nice to know that one I am one of the people you have made plans with coming soon. Even though I did just see you last week, but who can get enough of me?

I think it would be fun to go on a drive with you sometime but that couldn't really happen until next year maybe.

James and Melissa's Family said...

It is nice to hear what has been going on in your busy life. Staying busy always makes the time fly by, doesn't it? I am glad that you are home for a little bit and that we are going to hang out. Can't wait! See you soon.

Mellissa said...

The first time I tried sunflower seeds to stay awake was on the way home from U of U Honor Band. I was driving Ben's mom's car, and I was getting very sleepy on the dark road. I pulled over at a gas station for some seeds and they really did help. Too bad Ben was sleeping at the time I pulled over and he yelled at me for waking him up. Good thing he's not still like that! :)

Thanks again for the popsicle. It was nice to chat with you.

julie said...

Cassie, I'm glad we're making plans to see each other again, too. AND we'll be taking a fun vacation together soon!! I think it'd be fabulous if you came along on one of my drives someday. You're welcome any time.

Melissa, yes, being busy makes the days, weeks, and months fly by. I can't believe it's mid July! I'm also looking forward to getting together with you soon! I'm trying to decide which dessert to make. There's my usual, easy chocolate pie, but I'm kind of wanting to try something new. We'll see.

Missy, I have a hard time picturing Ben yelling. Hooray for the power of sunflower seeds! I especially like Spitz sunflower seeds (despite the name) because they aren't as salty as other brands. Too salty = sore tongue/mouth after awhile. Thank YOU for the cookies! I enjoyed chatting with you, too.

Cardine said...

So, the colors are sort of summery, too.

Hmmm... Bryce Canyon. I would love to go, but I just can't think of when. Maybe the 26th? What about Zion?

julie said...

Cardine, if I had to choose between Bryce and Zions, I'd choose Bryce. However, I'd like to do both if we can figure out dates. Although, maybe it would be good to wait 'til the end of the summer - it will certainly be cooler then.