Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Green Shirt, Purple Eye Shadow, Orange Necklace

I would never have worn a combination like that when I was in high school. I was a very matchy-matchy girl.

I couldn't wear a brown belt with black shoes or a gold bracelet with a silver necklace. Oh wait, I still can't do either of those! Ahem. Moving on.

Back then, if I wore a green shirt, I'd be wearing green earrings (I didn't wear necklaces back then), and green eye shadow (how embarrassing!). Or at the very least, a neutral eye shadow and diamond earrings. Must...not...mix...colors.

I thank my sister-in-law for showing me that you can wear jewelry that doesn't "match" what you're wearing. She would wear a green necklace with a pink shirt or a orange necklace with a blue dress, and it would look wonderful. So, I started to play around.

Playing around is fun!

She also convinced me to try purple eye shadow, saying it would bring out the blue in my eyes. From the comments I get on my eyes, I don't think the blue needs any help, but I eventually gave in, deciding that playing around with my makeup might be as fun as playing around with my jewelry...and it is!

Someday, I may look back on pictures of myself and cringe at the green shirt, orange necklace, and purple eye shadow combination, but until that day, I'm going to continue to mix it up. And, quite honestly, I'm hoping I'll be cringing at my current weight because I'll be so much skinnier then and won't even notice my color combinations!

What a silly topic.

I'm in such an incredibly good mood today and part of that is because I feel pretty. I love this green shirt - it's taken the place of my favorite, but almost-too-big, blue shirt. And the purple really does make my eyes look more blue (blue-er???). And, what can I say? I totally ♥ this orange necklace - it's one of my rewards for losing 50 lbs.

Sigh. It's a good day.

I hope you're having a good day, too!


Cardine said...

Well, I definitely don't feel pretty today, but I'm glad you do because you are! I would love to see the color combination. Can you snap a photo and post it? I want to see the necklace.

Booklogged said...

Oh, darn. I was hoping for a picture. Glad to hear you're playing with color. Sound fun to me.

Melissa said...

It is hard not to have a better day, after reading about yours! Glad you are having a good day! I too would love to see a picture of this color combination. I think that is sounds lovely!

Mellissa said...

Yes, please post a picture of your colorful self! I also struggle with the "matchy-matchy" issue. It's nice being at college, because so many students take the mixing of things to the extreme, that a little color combining by me is very mellow.

julie said...

Huh. I honestly didn't think about taking a picture to post, but that would have been a good idea. Oh well. I am no longer wearing the shirt or the necklace, though I do have purple eye shadow again today. Nothing too bold, though, the rest of my outfit is black and white. :)

Cardine, it amazes me that you sometimes don't feel pretty because you always are!

Book, it is fun! If you aren't already, you should try it - it helps to dispel the winter blahs.

Melissa, I'm glad I brightened your day but hope that it didn't need to be brightened too much. Basically, I hope you're doing well and are happy!

Missy, yeah, the fad nowadays tends to be pretty colorful - a lot more extreme than I would feel comfortable with! It's fun to see them be so creative though!

tearese said...

oo, I'm glad you got a fun necklace for your reward.I say, wear what makes you happy, and don't worry about fashion trends or what people might think. Now if only I would follow my own advice more often...

Framed said...

Yeah, where's the picture? Next time you wear that outfit, you must do a pose. I mix some colors but I'm not very bold. And I loved lilac eye shadow until I developed an allergy. Dang, I miss eye shadow. I may have to give up mascara and eye liner next. Yikes!! My face will just fade away.