Monday, April 13, 2009

Me, Lately

A Possibility
Last week, our accountant's wife, Holly, asked me if I would be interested in taking on a part-time job. One of their neighbors needs someone to do some simple bookkeeping and asked if she could recommend anyone. Holly thought of me. I was flattered. She said all they need is someone to send out bills once a month and do payroll for 8 employees twice a month. Easy! They'd provide me with a computer and everything I'd need so I could do it out of my house. If this works out, there's no way I'm getting another roommate once Liz moves out! What I'll make from this job would be quite a bit more than what I get in rent. I'd be able to save for my France trip in no time and then start working on some of my other financial goals. Holly said she'll let these people know that I'm be willing to do it. That's where it stands currently, so I don't know yet if it's going to happen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though!

A Change
I highlighted my hair Friday afternoon. It was my reward for losing 75 lbs. Woohoo! When I chose this as a reward, I started thinking about how long it's been since I've gone lighter and realized it's been awhile! Funny, because I used to change my hair color every few months - to fit the season. Anyway, here's me before I had my hair done:

My smile is weird. Oh well.

I had planned on taking a picture with all the tin foil in my hair, but I forgot. Here's the after:

Why is it that I always look high when I take pictures of myself? It's the eyes. They look stoned or something. I wasn't, by the way, it just looks like I was. Anyway, it's fun to have a change, though I'm still getting used to it. I mean, I totally love my new look, but I still think of myself as having darker hair. I forget that my hair is different, so when I see myself in the mirror, I get a little surprise. I like surprises!

A Resurrection
In the above photo (the after shot), please note the dress I'm wearing (what little you can see). My mom bought me that dress as a birthday present in May 2000 - right after I came home from Montreal. Right now, I'm about 20 lbs heavier than when she bought it for me but about 25 lbs lighter than when I last wore it - on my cruise in August 2003. It was tight then; I couldn't even wear the matching jacket, I wore a white sweater instead. When I got home from the cruise, I banished the dress to the farthest part of my closet and vowed not to wear it until I had lost some weight. A couple years later, I removed it from my closet and almost donated it to the thrift store because I still couldn't wear it. It was in almost perfect condition, though, so I stuffed it in a box and have held on to it for that reason ever since. I recently found it while doing some Spring cleaning, and yesterday I decided to try it on since I didn't have anything I wanted to wear for Easter. It fit perfectly! I almost cried.

A Compliment
Will I ever get tired of guys being amazed that I drive Bertha and the Beast? This morning, I picked the trailer up from the repair shop (the leaky ceiling has been fixed!), and the guys that work at the shop gathered around to show me all they'd done. When it was time for me to head out, they all said how impressed they are that I can handle such a big truck and trailer. One guy even did the "We're not worthy" bow a few times. It was pretty funny. A little while later, while at a truck stop to gas up, a trucker man asked, "Baby, you drive that big 'ol monsta?" When I said yes, he patted me on the shoulder and said it's a beautiful thing to see a woman driving a big truck.

I know that I should be a little insulted on behalf of my sex because men are SO astonished that a woman can do this, but really, I'm tickled. Probably because I'm still pretty surprised that I can do it and that I love doing it. It's a little strange to think that last April I practiced driving (usually backing up) every morning, Monday through Saturday, all month long. It took me forever to understand how to drive that truck and trailer - it certainly didn't come naturally! So, I'll happily accept the compliments that guys give me for being able to do it.


tearese said...

You look awesome! Your face really is more slender than the last time I saw you! Its funny, because I still always think of you as blonde, as thats the color you were most often when I lived there.
I'd be proud about driving the truck too...heck, I can't even drive my van on the freeway without freaking out.
And that is great about the dress, its like getting new clothes all over again! (I know I can't completely relate, but it usually takes me a year or more to fit back into all my clothes after a pregnancy.)

Melissa said...

That would be great to have a little second job, that you can do from home. I will keep my fingers crossed! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new look. You look wonderful! Hope you had a great Easter!

Cardine said...

That is so cool about the dress. I was just thinking about how I really need to track the goals that I have so that I can measure to see how far I've come on them. What a great way to track it!

Hmm... cool possibility about the job.

Also cool: the truck. I am constantly impressed when I think of you as a trucker. It really is impressive.

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic. I'm excited I'll get to see you (and your blonde hair) in real life.

What a great dress story. It's so inspiring....

Cassie said...

Wow! That is awesome! Everything hair, dress, possible job. The job thing is so cool.

julie said...

Tearese, thanks! I love being able to wear my old clothes again, but I'm getting a little concerned about having to buy new clothes. I hate spending money on clothes. However, I'm thrilled that it's because I'm losing weight - not gaining it!

Melissa, thank you - for keeping your fingers crossed and for the compliment! I had a great Easter, I hope you did, too!

Cardine, I love the sense of accomplishment when I can see how far I've come, so I'm a total believer in tracking goals. However, I'm finding that I can become a little obsessive about it, so I'm trying to find a happy medium. :)

Sarah, I'm excited to see you in real life, too! And thank you.

Cassie, I'm glad we chatted for a bit last night! My roommates were surprised we didn't talk longer (they think I can only talk to people for 2+ hours!).

KieraAnne said...

Ooh I like your hair! I did the same thing when I went blond...doing double takes everytime I walked by a mirror for at least the first month. I think it's cool you can drive that big truck too. ;)

Framed said...

Wow, that is a dramatic change in your hair color! But the blonde is so pretty. I have a friend who does bookkeeping on the side. I think she is up to ten clients. It works out very well for her.

Wendy said...

I love the blond hair. It really brings out the blue in your eyes.

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