Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Upcoming Change and Something to Decide

Last night, my roommates told me they're moving out at the end of the month.

It wasn't a huge surprise - a few weeks ago, I asked Liz what her plans were following graduation. She informed me that she and Jeff had discussed her moving back in with her parents in order for them to save money for their wedding next April. They hadn't decided when she'd move out and I didn't press for an answer.

Once I got passed the initial shock of having other people in my living space (especially since I had only wanted ONE roommate but got TWO), I really enjoyed having Liz and Jeff as roommates. It was good to have someone to come home to, to discuss my day with, to laugh with, etc. They knew more about what was going on in my life than almost anyone else (besides Adam). And, I'll forever love Jeff for always taking out the trash for us. I'll love any man who will do that! :)

I'm ready to live alone again, though. I like leaving and coming back to the same house I left. I'm pretty persnickety about my kitchen; I like things just so. And, I have a list of kitchen items that I refuse to allow into the dishwasher, and they keep ending up in there despite my repeated pleas. I can't handle a messy kitchen; in all the other rooms I can handle a bit of clutter, but not the kitchen. It needs to be clean. The sink should be clean and food-free, the counters shouldn't be sticky, and the floor should be swept regularly (ideally each evening after everyone has finished cooking).

I'm getting off-topic, I apologize. Like I said, I have a thing about my kitchen.

Which leads to the decision I need to make: whether or not to get a roommate after Liz and Jeff move out.

There are two schools of thought regarding this decision. The first says, why not? It's free money! I do nothing but share my space, and in return, I get money. Good deal, no? The second says, you're too big a fussbudget, Julie, and should live alone until some insane man falls in love with you and wants to marry you.

I agree with both.

I'm going to France next year, so having an additional source of income would come in handy. I've saved all the rent money from Liz and Jeff, and it has really added up to a goodly amount! I ask myself, why not get a roommate just for the the next school year - nine measly little months? That would be a few thousand dollars that can go towards my France trip. I could be a little more particular about what roommate I get and make darn sure that they know what doesn't go into the dishwasher EVER and that they will be charged extra if they have someone over all the time (I don't think I'd mind having an additional roommate if I was getting paid for it).

On the other hand, with a little thought and diligence, I can save enough money for France without having rent money coming in. And I LOVE having my place to myself. I could turn Liz's room into a small den; putting all my bookshelves in there with a big comfy chair. That would be awesome! And, I could be as kitchen-obsessed as I want without bugging anyone else.

Here's what I bet ends up happening: I'll advertise for a roommate then be really particular about whom I choose. If no one meets my standards, then I won't feel bad about not having one. If an awesome one comes along, I won't feel too bad about sharing my beloved condo.

I'm so very, very thankful that I have a choice in this matter and don't have to have a roommate in order to pay my mortgage. That would be stressful.

I'll keep you updated, of course!


Mellissa said...

As I was reading your post I kept thinking that you were in a tough predicament, but then you solved it beautifully. Good luck finding, or not finding, a roommate for the next school year.

Cardine said...

I am in the same predicament, only I'm trying to decide whether to buy or rent in addition to the roommate thing. Why is it so hard to decide?

tearese said...

Thats hard to make a change, with your roommates moving and all. I always have a hard time with big changes, and am ornery and complain a lot..at first. I think in the end having a roommate is good; I know I always think I prefer to be alone, but in the end having roommates was always a good thing, if only to give more interaction with people and to teach patience!
Honestly, if you get that mad about the dishwasher, your going to be mad at a husband all the time!! Different men have different bad habits, but they -and all women- have them. If you can handle a female room mate doing those things, you'll be a lot less likely to freak out at a husband doing them later on.
I had one roommate who was really sloppy (in Seattle) and a few others who were super persnickety about being clean. I felt I was right in the middle, and found both a little ridiculous in how mad they got at each other.

Also, no matter how much someone stays over, I don't think its fair to charge them for their visits, unless of course they're actually SLEEPING at the place. Thats the standard most landlords have to set.
Just my two cents.

Melissa said...

That is too funny, we talked about all this last night and I come to check today and you have posted it. I think that you should relax during the summer and then if you want a roommate, get one and save it for you trip next fall.

It was fun to see you too last night. We really should get together more often, just us.

julie said...

Missy, thanks for the good wishes. Currently I'm totally leaning towards not having a roommate - mostly because I keep thinking of ways to use that bedroom!

Cardine, good luck with your decisions! I guess it's hard because there are pros and cons either way and they are pretty balanced. It would be so easy if they were a little more unbalanced!

Tearese, the great thing about owning my own place is that I get to establish my rules - it's not an apartment that we all share equally. That said, I never get mad at my roommates. It's not their fault that I'm so picky about how my kitchen is. I realize that if I want it to be a certain way, I need to be the one who does it. And though I get frustrated when they put certain things in the dishwasher, I'd never get mad at them because I know that they don't share my pickiness. About charging extra, if I make it clear from the start and someone still chooses to live with me, I have no problem doing it. Again, it's my house, I get to set the rules. Also, I think you're looking at it from your own experience - it's a different story for the roommates that have to have an extra roommate they didn't bargain on. If you've never been in that position, you may not realize how annoying it is. :)

Melissa, like I said earlier, I'm currently leaning towards not getting a roommate. That may change after a few weeks of basking in alone-ness, but we'll see. The money would be nice, but thankfully, it isn't needed. I agree with your last statement!

julie said...

Whether or not to get a roommate after Liz moves out may end up being a moot point. I may be able to earn some extra money and still be able to live alone. It isn't definite yet, so I'll let you know if it works out. *fingers crossed*

tearese said...

actually, I've had that experience several times...not owning the place, of course, but having the annoying guy hanging around. Joseph actually didn't hang out at my apartment ever, my roommates I felt were kind of rude to him, so I didn't want him to be there..we always went other places. However, one roommate there did have a serious boyfriend who was always there- they dated for two or three years before they eventually got married. And in Cedar H. was dating C, and even if I got home from school at like 1:00 am, he was always there (and I got home that late often.) I do know that its annoying. But I still don't think I would charge them. Just respectfully disagreeing.

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