Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I love life's ebbs and flows. A few months ago, I felt like my life was a bit stale and that nothing really ever happened. Before I knew it, the tide turned and I'm being blessed with an abundance of activities, friends, and interesting experiences.

Take this past weekend for an example. I didn't have a moment's rest and I loved every minute of it.

...Got home from work without any plans for the evening
...Read outside on my porch for 10 minutes before neighbor came home
...Received text from neighbor asking if I wanted to hang out, I said yes
...Went to his condo and ended up helping him rearrange his living room furniture - I love rearranging furniture!
...Went with him to Big Lots and Walmart in search of a new TV stand for him
...Was invited to his friends' house, we accepted, and spent a couple hours chatting with them
...After answering questions about hearing, agreed to test their hearing - at midnight!
...Went back to neighbor's house, just the two of us, and talked til 3am

...Woke up at 9am
...Rode my exercise bike for 25 minutes
...Showered, prepared for my "date" with my 6-yr old niece Brooke
...Picked up Brooke and went to Garden House for lunch
...Was at Garden House at the same time as a Shakespearean Festival party of sorts
...Introduced Brooke to both the founder of the Festival and my most favorite actor *swoon*
...After lunch, both of us had manicures - she received something special for being so well-behaved, the manicurist put flower stickers and cute designs all over her nails
...Brooke was in 7th heaven - finally being pampered like the princess she is!
...Bought peanut butter cookie ingredients
...On the drive home from the store, was rear-ended on Main St.
...No one hurt, other driver's fault, she's very cool and seems on the ball about getting her insurance to pay for the damage - let's hope it works out as well as it sounds
...At home, made peanut butter cookies, delivered some to neighbor couple who loaned us vanilla to make the cookies, the only item I didn't buy because I thought I had it at home but really didn't - however, I now have THREE boxes of baking powder and TWO of baking soda!
...Played PIUE for a bit before taking Brooke home
...Hurried home to prepare for party at my house - vacuumed, cleaned up cookie-making mess, made bed, ate dinner
...First party guests arrive shortly after 7, soon afterward everyone invited is there
...Play Hit or Miss - Cardine and I tied for 1st, woohoo!
...Each person used their scratch paper from the game to make an airplane
...Had an airplane flying contest from my porch - Warnser won - I'm pretty sure he cheated but I can't prove it
...Saw neighbor while outside, invited him and his friend to the party
...We played CLR, a very very easy dice game that is surprising really fun
...Went to neighbor's condo, took personality color quiz - I'm equal parts red, yellow, and blue
...Used answer sheets to make airplanes and had another airplane flying contest - Warnser won again, his plane flew into the yard three houses down
...Chatted a little
...Everyone left, neighbor and I talked until 3:45am

...Woke up at 8:30am
...Prepared Primary lesson (first time I'd had the chance to even look at the lesson all week!)
...Ate brunch
...Went to church
...Slept and read for a couple hours
...Renewed my temple recommend (finally!)
...Visited Dad for a couple hours
...Visited Mom for a couple hours
...Arrived home just before 9pm
...At 9pm, received invite from neighbor to star gaze with him in his back yard, I accepted
...Stargazed for an hour or so, while eating home-cooked (but not homemade) bread with homemade strawberry jam
...Neighbor's roommate returned home and the three of us talked until 1am

Other than the part about being rear-ended on Saturday, the weekend was absolutely, amazingly fun. True, I didn't get a lot of sleep. True, I didn't win a single airplane flying contest. True, I ate too much junk Saturday night. True, I wouldn't change a thing...except maybe take a different route home from the grocery store. *smile*


Cardine said...

Sounds awesome. Okay, WAS awesome. And I, too, ate too much junk food on Saturday night. But it really was fun. Thanks for hosting the party!

And cool that your niece got to meet the USF people.

Booklogged said...

Your days are way longer than mine! What a fun-packed weekend. Sure hope all is taken care of with your car's back end.

Anonymous said...

Would've loved to share some of that time with you. I think I'll give you a call.

warnser said...


Oh and if I cheated... you'll never know. Ü

KieraAnne said...

Sounds like fun...who is this neighbor? Is he cute? How old is he? Single? ;) Which Shakespeare actor did you guys meet? It sounded like a fun date to me...I wish I had an aunt here to take me out on dates like that.

Emily said...

I agree. It was fun at least I had fun in the part I was involved in. :) Thanks!!!

Mellissa said...

It's so great that you take your niece out like that. Now that I have kids, I know what it's like to see them get all excited when they get to do something special with an aunt or a grandma. Your weekend does sound like it was a ton of fun. I should show you how I make paper airplanes. They fly pretty well, if I do say so myself. :)

tearese said...

woo, whats up with the neigbhor?! Sounds like a great weekend!

julie said...

Cardine, it really was awesome, wasn't it? Definitely due to the awesome people who came, definitely! Thanks again for coming.

Book, yeah, my days have definitely lengthened in the past little while. I remember when I would go to bed before 11pm. Sigh. Those were the days. :)

Sarah, I'm glad you called! I'll call tonight so we can finish our conversation. :)

Warnser, you can tell me...I won't tell anyone else. :)

Kiera, the neighbor is cute, single, old enough. I'm interested, I'm not sure he is. Either way, I enjoy hanging out with him and his roommate a lot.

Emily, I'm so glad you came and that you had fun! It was so good to see you again - it had been too long.

Missy, I love being able to do things like this with my niece and nephews. I'm going to take you up on showing me how you make paper airplanes. I need to do something if I'm going to beat Warnser!

Tearese, see my response to Kiera's comment. I would love there to be something with my neighbor but it doesn't seem like there is more than friendship at this time. I'm okay about it, though. Better friends than nothing.