Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Change Is In The Air

Whether it hits me or passes me by remains to be seen, but the potential for changes in my life is certainly present.

I'm not happy at work any more. Fortunately, I'm not mad at my boss like I was; we're actually getting along fairly well. He's changed, though, and that has changed how things are at work. I don't dread going to the office, but I don't look forward to it either. I work hard, but I don't put my heart and soul into the business like I used to. I want to be challenged and to feel like I'm doing something important. I want to love what I do.

So, I have a couple plans that I'm going to look into in the coming weeks.

Plan A is to go back to school and get a Masters of Economics degree at Utah State University in Logan. It would take me a year to finish, then the plan would be to get my PhD and eventually end up as a professor of Economics at a college or university. This is the safe route. I'm pretty sure I'd love being a professor and I already know I love Economics. I also have friends in Logan, which is a nice thing. This plan is also the most time- and money-intensive. I have a meeting with someone from the Graduate Program this coming Monday, the 28th, that will hopefully give me a better idea of what the program entails and whether or not it is what I want.

Plan B is to go to culinary school at the Cordon Bleu Institute in Las Vegas. It would take me a year to finish the program. This path is a little more uncertain. I know I enjoy cooking, but am I chef material? I'm not very creative. However, maybe learning how to cook will bring out a creative side to me that currently lies dormant. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't enjoy working in a mega busy kitchen, but I like the idea of a cute diner/restaurant that is busy enough but not hairy-stressful. A big plus to this plan: my cousin Aly lives in Vegas. I'll be going down to visit the school (and Aly) in October (date yet to be determined). I can totally see myself becoming excited about this idea after touring the kitchens and hearing about all the things I'll get to learn.

I'm not sure which, if either, of these plans I'll go with. I'm really quite happy where I live right now and would totally stay put if I found a new job here in town or if my current one miraculously changed back to being wonderful. However, I can't shake the feeling that something is going to change, something needs to change. I'll keep you posted.


Cardine said...

I typically have an annual time of "What am I really doing with my life?" This year I didn't really have that. I think it's because I was figuratively booted from my house and just had to deal with finding a place to live. Anyway, I agree with you. Something does need to change if you aren't happy. Good luck in your decisions!

Candleman said...

Before you decide on culinary school, might I make a suggestion. Take a little drive over to Kanab and stop in at the Rewind Diner on main street.

You'll enjoy a great, and I mean great meal! But that is not my purpose. While you're there step into the kitchen and introduce yourself to my friends Shon and Elizabeth Foster, chefs and proprietors extraordinaire!

You're sure to catch their enthusiasm and I promise you'll get some very surprising advice.

I met them just once during a visit to Kanab, they probably won't remember me, but don't be shy, they're very friendly folk.

Anonymous said...

I might be biased... but I like plan A the best! :D

Madman said...

To be honest, I hate that feeling. Knowing that change is coming, but not knowing what the change is is very unsettling.

Anyway, I wish the best for you and can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Framed said...

Well I hate to cook so I can't understand that desire. Think of the hours. But I love to teach so I can understand that wish. I also think you would be great at anything you decide to do.

Miranda said...

How about combining these two plans and becoming, like, a restaurant business person. That's a title right? I mean, there are lots of jobs in the industry that wouldn't require you to learn EVERYthing about cooking, would use your other talents, and you would still get to be around delicious delicious food, and have a more stable income. Maybe.
That's kind of the rout I found in Theater, and now I have a job I adore.

tearese said...

change is good. It helps you grow. The end.