Thursday, September 10, 2009


This morning, hurrying to get ready for work because I got out of bed later than usual, I heard the radio hosts announce they were going to give away tickets to this weekend's rodeo. They were going to "act" out a scene from a movie, and to win you just had to call and say from what movie the scene came. They said the phone number, but I wasn't close enough to my phone and couldn't remember the number by the time I got to my phone. Oh well, I thought, I probably won't know the movie anyway.

Then they started the scene; it was the scene where Princess Leia is being held captive by the Empire and the skinny, oldish bad guy (Gov Tuck???) is trying to get her to tell him the location of the rebel base, she refuses, and they blow up her home planet, Alderan.

I couldn't believe how easy this was and kind of wished I would have been able to call in. They answered a line and no one was there. They gave the phone number again and I hurried to punch in the numbers on my phone.


I hit redial.


I hit redial again.

"Hello, what's your answer?" It was the male radio host! I was on the radio!

"Star Wars" was my reply.

"Correct!" shouted the female radio host, "You're the winner!"

"Wait a second" said the male, "Which Star Wars movie?"

"Oh honestly" sighed the female, "The Star Wars, that's what they call it!"

"The first one" says I, "Well, not the first one, the fourth one actually, but the one that came out first, so yeah, the first one, I can't remember the other name for it, but the one that came out in 1977."

Stop, Julie! You're totally rambling!

Mercifully, I stopped talking. The female expressed her admiration that I knew the year it came out. I was going to say that it's the year I was born, but was afraid to start down another rambling path, so instead just said thanks.

They asked who I was going to take to the rodeo and my mind blanked, so I said something stupid about not knowing, it depends on who wants it most, or something like that. Stupid!

They told me to hold on and they'd get my info, then a commercial started and the female host asked me my last name (they had asked my first name on air), my address, and my phone number then told me where and when I could pick up the tickets. I picked them up before work.

I've never won anything from the radio before. Honestly, it's something I've never even considered trying - I'm usually too lazy. Today, the stars aligned in my favor and the easiest contest known to mankind (honestly, Star Wars, who doesn't know every line from that movie? *smile*) dropped in my lap and I actually took advantage of the situation. And, luckily enough, I won something that I really enjoy. Rodeos = fun.

So, yeah, now I need to choose someone to go with. I'd really like to go with a certain neighbor of mine, but recent events make me a little timid to ask him. No, I'm not going to go into details. Fortunately, it's been resolved and I'm moving forward, slowly and timidly. Besides, I have tons of awesome people in my life, so there's an abundance of people from whom to choose.

Today is a blessed day. Much better than yesterday.

Woohoo for winning!


Melissa said...

I am impressed!! I would have never guessed the movie, even though my boys LOVE Star Wars and watch it tons.

I have won a few things off of blog contests and love it! The most recent winnings was last week, a darling homemade mini mouse tote for Paige. I am saving it for Christmas!

Have fun at the rodeo!

Cassie said...

That's awesome! I love winning things from the radio. I've won a movie and a gift certificate to a pizza place or something. I try to win the cash prizes all the time, but to no avail. In fact, I've sort of been trying to win one this week, but it's a little more difficult because I have to listen to the radio at specific times throughout the day and I forget to a lot. So now I'm rambling.

Cardine said...

When is it? Maybe we can get a group of people together and go!

Framed said...

How fun. I won a gift certificate from the radio once, years and years and yrs and yrs ago. And a couple of books from blogging. Sounds like I need to enter more blog give-aways.

Anonymous said...

Righto! You won a rodeo from the radio!

Tee, hee...

Candleman said...

Pick me! Pick me! Just kidding. I always knew you were a winner!

Susan said...

1. This is your mother! Who hasn't been to a rodeo in years! And who loves rodeos! (Hint, hint!) 2. I can't believe you have this many comments after only posting 5 hours ago! 3. Only thing I've ever won was a Mary Kay facial, which was the beginning of a very expensive habit. 4. You can't just hint at things that happened and let it go! You'd better come over!

Mellissa said...

I've never won anything from the radio....then again, I've never tried. Have fun at the rodeo with all those Wranglers and ropes. :)

Booklogged said...

Hooray for you! It's always fun to win something. Hope you have lots and lots of fun at the rodeo.

KieraAnne said...

Yay! I knew the right answer to a fill in the lyrics thing the radio did once and thought about calling after 15 minutes and they still didn't have a correct response, but I didn't. Oh well. Have fun at the rodeo!

julie said...

I'm often surprised by what posts garner comments and which don't as much. Huh. This one kind of surprised me. Anyhoo...

Melissa, the only blog contest I know of is Pioneer Woman. I always enter her contests but so many others do to that it would be a miracle for me to win. What other blogs offer contests? Congrats on winning the tote!

Cassie, ooohhh, a cash prize would be nice! My radio station doesn't ever offer a cash prize! Huh. Good luck with your winning efforts - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. And, you're always welcome to ramble on my fact, please do, it makes me feel better about my own ramblings. *smile*

Cardine, it's this weekend. I'm still not sure which day I'm going to go, but I'll let you know. One of the days is today, and I remembered you saying that you may be unavailable tonight. I'll keep you informed.

Framed, again, what blog give-aways? I think books would be a great prize to win!

Sarah, I'm so glad you found that funny, too! Every time I tell people about winning a rodeo from the radio I giggle and they think I'm weird. Good to know you and I have similar senses of humor. Woohoo!

julie said...

Candleman, you would SO be in the running if you lived here! Thanks, that's really nice of you to say. *blush*

Mom, I've considered taking you, I really have. And, I'll totally tell you what happened but I'll warn you that you'll think the whole thing very juvenile. I think it's very juvenile too. I blame Jeff O. Grrrhhh.

Missy, the only other time I ever tried to win something from the radio was when U2 was playing in SLC when I lived there (ages and ages ago). Tickets were practically impossible to get so my roommates and I tried repeatedly to win them on the radio stations that were giving them away. No success. Until now!!! Oh, and you'd better believe I'll appreciate the Wranglers. teehee

Book, I ofttimes forget just how much fun it is to win things because it happens so rarely for me. Thanks, I'm sure I'll have a blast!

Kiera, you sound just like me. It really is atypical for me to call in with an answer, even if it's one I know. I usually figure someone will get it before I do, so why bother. Fifteen minutes is a long time for there not to be a winner. I may have tried in that instance. Maybe. I'm pretty lazy.

Julie, wow, you're wordy.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

tearese said...

swseet! I totally would have got that. I once won a lunch at a restaurant, and I took Sarah. I didn't get to hear on the radio when I won, I think it was emailing jokes in and if they read yours you win.
I don't know if I've ever been to a rodeo.