Thursday, May 20, 2010

Living with a Boy

I haven't posted in ages! Wow! I now realize how much I blogged at my last job.

Anyhoo, for those of you who don't know, I live with a boy. His name is Brian. We met at a friend's house, hit it off, ended up kissing at the end of the second night knowing each other, then he moved back to Illinois, then he moved back to Utah, then he was thrown out of the place he was staying with a friend, and, since he knew no one else in town, I offered to let him stay with me on a temporary basis.

That was the shortened version.

It's been almost 3 weeks since he moved in. During that time, my official roommate also moved in - she answered my craigslist ad and we'd arranged to be roommates weeks before this happened. She's really laid back and was okay with it when I told her about Brian moving in the week before she did. So far, we're a pretty happy family.

It's an interesting phenomenon living with a guy who isn't family. Oh, and before I go on, I should make it perfectly clear that whatever spark existed between us when we first met is no longer in play. We're just friends...nothing more! We haven't kissed since that night, not even held hands! So, don't worry!

It's kind of fun living with a guy. First, you can shock ultra conservative people. Second, he tells me I'm pretty a lot. And not in the "I'm trying to date you so I'm flattering you" way...just a matter of fact "you are a pretty person" way. It's very nice to hear, especially from a guy, even if you're not dating said guy. Third, guys think differently than girls. We end up having interesting discussions that are totally different than a conversation I'd have with a girl. And, he gives me insights into the male psyche, especially in regards to dating. Fourth, he keeps a sink full of dirty dishes...oh wait, that isn't a fun part. However, it's something I can live with. Heavens, I've mellowed out a lot!

I'm not saying I'd love living with any ol' guy, but I'm enjoying living with Brian. I hope his situation gets better so he doesn't have to stay with me, but only for his sake, not for mine. And, I hope that the next guy I live with is my husband and I have a ring on my finger. And, I hope it's relatively soon.

I'm just saying. :)


Framed said...

I think some guys make great friends. Glad you found one of them.

Adam said...

How would he feel about being called a "boy?" :)

Glad things are going fairly well, and that you've lightened up a little about your kitchen. Maybe I won't have to break in and move your cupboards around.

Kate Weber said...

Hehehe. This is fun. It makes me smile. And babe, you ARE pretty. Super pretty. Just sayin. ;)

Love you loads and it's about time you posted again. I was missing your blog lots and lots.

Cassie said...

I think it would totally be fun living with a boy who is a friend. I lived with a boy for a short period that was a little bit of a friend, but not really. It was kind of nice sometimes. Glad you're having fun. You've got quite the houseful now.

tearese said...

thanks for making that one part clear, I was a little concerned ;)
Maybe its practice so that you won't be considering divorce if they guy you marry leaves dishes around too...which they probably will. Just based on my experience.

Cardine said...

Hee hee to Tearese's comment.

It is fun living with friends. That's for sure. I think I forgot that until you mentioned it on here. Maybe I should think about getting a roommate someday.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha...

I think I may be one of the ultra conservative people that you shocked! :)