Friday, April 09, 2010

Did You Know...

...the longest I've gone without coloring my hair (since I started in 1993) was 18 months?

...that I once went 5 months without wearing makeup (January to June 1999)?

...I can wiggle my nose like a rabbit?

...I went one month without eating meat? Just to see if I could do it. It was easier than I expected.

...that May 15th is my birthday?

...I only have one niece? She's my favorite niece and I'm hers.'s been 5 years since I've gambled in a casino?

...that the last time I gambled in a casino, I lost $500 (my own money, not previous winnings)?

...I'm planning on going skydiving this May/June?

...that "While You Were Sleeping" is one of my favorite movies?

...that I'm exactly 5 feet 6 and 3/4 inches tall? (measured a couple weeks ago) current toenail polish color is pink?

...I used to bite my nails but stopped in 6th grade?

...I bought my first computer in February? It's a red laptop.

...I have freckles? If not, do you not know me at all???

...that one of my goals is to run a 5k this year?

..."only the boring get bored" is one of my favorite sayings?

...I have an 11-yr old sister?

...that I once won a print worth $650 and still haven't framed it and hung it on my wall?

...being stranded on a deserted island without contacts/glasses is one of my biggest fears?

...I've never karaoke'd?

...I love to turn nouns into verbs and force them to be past-tense? (see above)

...Spain is now #1 on my list of places I want to go? Cordova, Spain to be exact. Wanna come with me?

...that I wear a watch again after 5 years or more of not? I love knowing the time!!

There. Now you know everything there is to know about me! *wink*


Adam said...

I'd love to go to Spain with you! However, barring an unexpected windfall, I don't know how likely it is that I'd be able to go.

I knew most of the others. Not all, but most.

Cassie said...

Actually I did know most of the stuff. It's good to be in the know. I want to go...I WANT TO GO TO SPAIN!!!

Mellissa said...

Spain, huh. I have no doubts that you'll get there...and no doubts you'll accomplish everything else on your list.

Cardine said...

I kept looking for a lie, but I never saw one.

Spain sounds good; that's a definite maybe from me, especially if I can somehow sneak into Portugal in the process.

julie said...

Adam, don't give up hope for that windfall. Stranger things could happen. I'm gonna want someone who can speak Spanish.

Cassie, you're definitely more in the know that most. we come!

Missy, thanks for the vote of confidence!

Cardine, actually, there is ONE lie. It wouldn't be a Did You Know list without one. I'd love to hit Portugal while we were there!

Alyson said...

I'm pretty sure the one about losing $500 is a lie. That goes against everything we've ever discussed on the subject and even why you told me you stopped gambling...although losing $500 would be an excellent reason to stop. I hope that's the lie, because that would be awful!

Anyway, that's the only one I found somewhat shocking so that's my guess, but it could also be the pink toe nail polish. I wouldn't put it past you to throw in a small lie like that. :)

Most of the rest I knew, but it's fun to read them anyway.

julie said...

Aly, yes, that is the lie. I would never allow myself to lose that much money...unless I was making 500 times what I make right now. :) And, yes, it is possible that I'd throw in a little lie, but I like throwing in the bigger ones more.

tearese said...

Is one of these a lie again? I was wondering that the whole time I was reading. I like wearing watches, but the last three or four I've had have broken within a month (the band) so now I just keep them in my pocket.
I would be afraid of being stuck with out glasses/contacts too!
I've done karaoke twice I think. I'm not very good at it. Wait...didn't you do the song with us on the cruise ship in 2003?

tearese said...

okay now I read all the other comments...the $500 was my guess too.