Friday, February 17, 2012

Bedside Table Game

Do you remember that classic bridal/baby shower game where the hostess brings out a tray holding a multitude of items that relate in some way to the theme of the shower, covered by a towel or something similar? When everyone is good and ready, the hostess removes the towel and the contestants have 2 minutes (time varies by shower) to try to memorize every single item on the tray. When the 2 minutes are up, the tray is re-covered and the contestants have an allotted amount of time to list as many items from the tray that they can remember. Whoever lists the most is the winner.

The other night, as I lay in bed reading, I looked over at my bedside table and realized it would make the perfect "tray" for this game. So, I took a picture.

I propose we play this quintessential shower game via Blogger (humor me, please, I didn't have a bridal shower before I got married. *cue tears*). You don't have to play, but if you do, it's gonna have to be based on the honor system.

Look at the below pictures (two, to help you see everything a bit better) for 30 seconds (or one-half minute, you choose), then turn away from the screen and make a list of all the items you can remember in 1 minute. No peeking back at the screen unless you want to condemn your pinky finger to for 5 years.

Compare your list to the list way below the pictures and see how many you got right. Whoever gets the most items right in 1 minutes, wins! No, you don't win a prize, just the satisfaction of knowing you won. And a big Congratulations from me! Yippee!*

Ready to play? Okay, set your timer for 1/2 minute (or 30 seconds) and here's the "tray" (imagine me removing a brightly colored striped kitchen towel).

The List:

* multi-colored "4" booklet (it is front and center in the first photo)

* white ring box

* Carmex

* yellow Brooke coaster (her face is covered)

* 2 Smarties wrappers

* 2 ear pugs

* Detroit Lions cup

* clock radio

* lotion

* lamp

* box of Kleenex

* foot cream

* two used tissues (I don't have a nearby garbage)

* blue nail polish

* Kindle

* journal

* pen

* match box

* stationary box

* stationary card

* candle

* french Book of Mormon (bottom of the stack of books, extra points if correctly identified)

* Home Remedies book from the 1990s (above the BoM, extra points for correct identification)

* Norwex catalog (can't wait to get my order!!)

* Pink Norwex receipt (sticking out of the catalog)

* WSU Veterans Affairs business card

I'd like to say that my dresser has been cleaned off since taking the picture, but I'd be lying. In fact, it now has the addition of my glasses on top of my Kindle. I was wearing them at the time of the picture and wish I would have thought to take them off, since that is their home most of the time (their case is housed separately on my dresser in the closet). However, I DID throw away the Smarties wrappers and used tissues. I'm not totally disgusting.

Hope you had fun!

*I contemplated giving something away but decided I'd probably forget to send the prize to the winner. This way is easier and less stressful. :)


Cardine said...

Well, if you don't count specifics (I didn't say FRENCH BOM or the names of the books), I got 16 with two halves. I only put one tissue and one ear plug (and I called it a cap). I just went off the first picture because I didn't read the instructions to know there was a second photo.

Fun game! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't do too well... I got:

* Carmex
* coaster - I called this a photo
* 1 ear plug
* cup
* clock radio - I called it an alarm clock
* lotion
* lamp
* foot cream - I just thought it was another lotion
* Kindle
* journal - I called it a book, actually I remembered and counted only 2 books
* match box

Thanks that was fun! Also, I got a new smart phone the other day and I downloaded a timer app before I participated. So, it was fun in more ways than one. :)

Framed said...

I got thirteen as well as the post-it notie I saw sticking out of a book. So nice to have a day off so I can play parlor games. I guess it was really a bedroom game but that sounds seedy coming from your aunt. Does Cardine always win these things?

Jen said...

Well, I'm not nearly as good as the other players. I only got 8. But do you really wear ear plugs to sleep? That's what I want. So that I can't hear the begging for cartoons at 2am. But I have to say, it made me happy to see someone else's bedroom clutter because mine's a bear. We're normal, right?