Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On My Own Again

My husband left me this morning.

He grew tired of the cold in Utah...I can't blame him. I'm tired of it, too. He's now on his way to Florida where the average temperature is supposed to be 80 degrees. I'm so jealous I can barely stand it. Will I ever be warm again??

Unfortunately for him, he's not going to Florida for pleasure. He gets to spend his time there working 8- to 12-hour days helping a base there get ready for a big inspection that Hill AFB had last year (and that Steve participated in a lot). If he gets a few hours of downtime, and can snag the car, he's going to try to go to the race track at which Sadie used to race. I think that would be cool to see, so hopefully he takes pictures if he goes.

Anyhoo, for the next 7 days I'm on my own again, not counting the dog. I miss him terribly already (it's been 6 hours since I dropped him off at the airport), so I'm making a list of all the things that will make this week enjoyable, things that may or may not happen if he were here.

Plans for My Week Alone:

1. Homework. I'd love to leave it off this list, but I have too much to do and will spend a majority of my time on it.

2. Reorganizing the house. Starting with the kitchen, I want to redo the living arrangements of the pots/pans/towels/tupperware. After a year of living in our home, I'm able to better see where I'd like to have things. If I still feel like reorganizing after the kitchen is finished, I'll tackle my closet and the closets in the upstairs rooms.

3. Go to see a chic flick. My next door neighbor invited me to go to a movie with her Saturday night. I'm pretty sure we'll go see The Vow but we've left it open to anything else that strikes our fancy. The only stipulation (set by her and heartily agreed upon by me) is that it be a movie Steve wouldn't want to see.

4. Go to church.

5. Make and eat cream tuna. Steve hates it and I love it. It's the only meal I could think of that I don't make because he's around.

6. Sleep. The man wakes up Monday through Friday at 4:15 AM. No matter how hard he tries to be quiet, I wake up and really struggle to get back to sleep after his alarm goes off. Even tomorrow and Tuesday, when I wake up at 5:15, will feel like sleeping in and waking up at 6:30 the rest of the time will be heavenly!

7. Walk the dog. I already walk her a lot, but now I'll be doing it every time. It will be good for me to get the extra exercise in every day.

8. Read. I usually read 15-20 minutes every night before going to sleep and that's about it. So, I'm hoping to read a lot on Sunday (it's my day off from homework) before and after church. I'm already looking forward to cuddling up with a blanket, a cookie, a mug of hot chocolate, and my book and not stopping reading until it's time for Sadie's next walk. Aaaahhhh.

9. Watch my tv shows. I DVR "Once Upon A Time" and haven't watched it in 3 weeks because I never have time to watch it without him (he doesn't like it). He says he'll watch it with me, but I hate watching shows with people who don't like it - they usually can't keep their comments to themselves and I get mad, ruining the viewing for me.

Steve flies back to Utah next Tuesday afternoon. I'm going to miss him terribly this week (already do!) but I'm glad for the many years of being single that taught me to be comfortable with being on my own. It will make this next week a lot more enjoyable than it would be otherwise.


Cassie said...

Cream tuna! I just bought me some ritz crackers for that very purpose. Yummy! Seriously we should hang out. Give me a call.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great plans!

I haven't watched Once Upon A Time in about 3 weeks either... but it was because it was making me angry! :P

tearese said...

yay Once Upon a Time! I had big plans for watching movies Joseph doesn't like hwen he was gone for a week this summer, but I usually just wasted time on the internet..
So, when I read the title of your post, I was a little worried at first! Glad he's just gone for a week.
And what's cream tuna? Is it just tuna with mayo or miracle whip? That's how I make it...Joseph always has to mix in relish and cheese as well.