Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Dress

Today I wore my wedding dress to school/work.

I love how I feel when I wear this dress. I feel very feminine in it, beautiful even. It gives me a smaller waist, accents my assets, hides my chubby knees (which I've become mildly focused on lately with short and skirt season), and shows off my slender calves and ankles. I've always had a thing for white eyelet fabric, so I burst through the ceiling when I saw the simple summer dress in white eyelet on the rack at JCPs last year. My cousin Cassie, who was helping me with my Spring shopping needs, teared up when I put it on. She knew what I knew as soon as I had seen it. This was going to be the dress in which I married my Steve.

And that is the real reason I love this dress. When I wear it, I feel the tangible reality of the love I have for my husband and the love he has for me. It's another reminder of the promises we made to each other a year ago this month. It brings a flood of memories of that wonderful morning; getting dressed before heading to the ceremony, stopping at the floral store to grab a single gerber daisy to act as my bouquet, looking into Steve's eyes as we said our vows, feeling like my heart was going to explode from happiness.

A year later and my life has lived up to the promises of that somewhat chilly April morning. Our love is evolving, growing. I'm often amazed by how comfortable I am with sharing my whole self with him. With that comfortableness there has come a wonderful sense of security and peace. I know that he loves me despite, or sometimes because of, the things that I perceive as weaknesses or flaws. And yet, I know there is still so much to discover about him and about us. It excites me to know I have a lifetime to spend with him and I know that anything that happens in this life will be better because he is by my side.

My wedding may not have been what I thought it would be (though it was what I had always wanted it to be), but my marriage has been better than I could have ever imagined. I may not have the typical wedding dress, but I love that I can wear it again and again. I don't wear it so much that it has lost it's special-ness, but I am so happy that I can wear it on an ordinary day and feel the extraordinary feelings from that wonderful day almost one whole year ago.


Mellissa said...

What a special thing to be able to wear your wedding dress every once in a while! It's so good to hear how happy you are sharing who you are with Steve. You've always had so much to offer people. You are beautiful! Have a wonderful wedding dress day!

I honestly wish I had more dresses to wear. I love wearing them, as long as they're not too fancy. I love them particularly when they twirl! However, in this windy city of mine, with twirly skirts I'd be having Marilyn Monroe moments every time I stepped out the door!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... wedding dresses... sometimes I think about what I want for a wedding dress when I get married. I've debated whether I want a traditional white gown, or a simple temple dress, or a dress of a different color to wear during a reception, or combinations of all of those. Hmmm... so many options... As much as I dislike shopping, I think it would be a good thing for me to do when it comes to making the wedding dress decision.

Cassie said...

Helping you find your wedding dress is one of my favorite memories and I did absolutely know that that was it when you stepped out of the dressing room. You looked gorgeous!! I was really surprised when I teared up because we weren't looking at anything traditional, but I could totally see you getting married in that dress. I love that you can still wear it once in a while.

tearese said...

how great to be able to relive that memory in such a tangible way. I love that kind of material too!

Jim said...

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