Thursday, May 01, 2008

A couple tidbits

Just a quick update about a few things that have been going on since Monday:

I took the CDL driving test today...and PASSED!! Hooray! Despite what you all might have thought, passing wasn't a foregone conclusion in my book. I realized there was a very distinct possibility that I'd totally mess up and fail the darn thing. This pessimistic attitude led me to practice and practice and practice until I had dreams (nightmares???) about backing up with the truck and trailer. It paid off, though, because I passed with no major hiccups. I did get a little nervous for my offset backing test - it's a lot harder than you might think, at least what I thought until I tried it. It's been the arrow in my Achilles heel, so I was kind of nervous and therefore made a couple mistakes. However, they were minor mistakes and only caused a few deductions from my score. Everything else went without a hitch. Figuratively speaking, of course, since without the hitch, it would have been pretty difficult to pull the trailer.

Admit it, you smiled a little while you rolled your eyes, didn't ya!?

Next Big Adventure
I'm going on another cruise this summer! My cousin Cassie, her mom, and I are going on a Canada-New England cruise at the end of August. The ship leaves port in Boston and we dock in a couple Canadian cities and Bar Harbor, Maine. Cassie and I (and at one time Alyson) have talked about taking a trip together since last early Spring. Then, when Adam and I were kind of getting more serious, AND I was thinking of moving somewhere, we kind of thought the trip wouldn't happen. Well...both of those concerns didn't pan out, so we revived the trip idea. I know Casssie has worried a bit that I'd cancel because of wedding plans with Anthony, but I'm really not anywhere close to getting engaged - honest. I did warn her that I might have to beg off due to buying a condo, but I resolved those worries, so we recently booked the cruise and flights! My other two cruises were on Carnival ships, this one is Norwegian, so I'm interested to see what the differences will be. I'm really excited to go!! Cruises agree with me; I like meeting new people, I like having my lodging and dining decisions made for me, I like going to bed at night and waking up in a new place without me having to do anything. Okay, I admit it, I'm a lazy traveller.

Home Sweet Home?
Things are progressing with my condo purchase. I met with the lender and filled out the loan application. He said I have great financials (credit score, etc.) and can't see why the loan shouldn't go through. Of course, it still may not, and I have enough of a healthy pessimistic streak (to offset my rampant optimism) to not let myself get too excited until it definitely goes through. Other aspects of the deal are falling quickly into place; the appraisal was completed yesterday, the seller gave me the documents he was required to give (CC&R, disclosures, etc.), and the inspection takes place tomorrow. There should be no problem (knock on wood) closing on the condo by the end of the month, if not a bit sooner. Last night, as I looked at my incredibly small sink containing a few dishes, I sighed and thought of the day when those 2 bowls, 3 plates, and smattering of utensils will be tucked nicely away from sight in the dishwasher. Aaaahhhh.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to visit your new place. I am very excited for you!

I made a fun holiday calendar for my family last Christmas - today's holiday is New Homeowner's Day (or something like that). So... Happy [Soon-to-Be New Homeowner]'s Day to you!

Mellissa Hunt said...

Congratulations on passing your test- we all knew you would!

I have never been on a cruise and don't intend to. I don't feel comfortable surrounded by that much water. Have fun!

I am glad things are going so smoothly with the process of buying your condo. It will be fun to be close by each other. And I totally get the "Ahhhhh" you mentioned about a dishwasher. We were without a dishwasher for two years- and that was with three kids. It's amazing the dishes a family of five goes through in one day!

Framed said...

Congratulations. Dang, I never thought about being surrounded by water. What happens if I don't get my passport in time?? I'm already starting to worry. Too bad I don't drink.

Cassie said...

Just Hooray for it all! I'm becoming a lazy commenter.

tearese said...

haha..without a hitch.
I wish my 'financials' were good. Sigh. I don't know when I'll ever go on a cruise again, I think Joseph would be so bored, and I would be so annoyed that he was bored. Maybe when we're really old.

Alyson said...

Woo Hoo!! So many exciting things going for you. I'm excited about you getting a condo, and I hope Cassie and I are invited to come stay with you once you're all settled. I wish I could join you guys on your cruise; it sounds like so much fun.

Cardine said...

If I am in town when you are moving, I would be happy to come help you move your stuff. I would even borrow my dad's truck if we needed it.

I am excited that you're going on the cruise. Yay! You're going to love that Norwegian has dinner whenever you want to go. I loved that there was no set time.

Wahoooooo for passing the CDL!!! That's so great.

James and Melissa's Family said...

CONGRATS! I never really had any doubt that you wouldn't pass.

I wish I could go on a cruise! Maybe someday!

I can't wait to see your new home! Speaking of home, do you want to meet at your house next week and then head over to Missy's?

Madman said...

I'm really excited for you for your new condo!

julie said...

Wow! I can't believe I haven't commented yet! Oh yeah, I've been internet-less since Friday, so haven't been able to. So here goes:

Sarah, I'm excited for you to visit, too! Who knew that such a day existed! Remind me again of how you discover all these obscure holidays? Also, I'm excited to someday visit YOUR new place!

Missy, thanks! You know, until my first cruise, I never thought I'd want to go on one, either. However, they are really ideal for going on a vacation with people who have differing traveling styles. BTW, I can't wait to see you tmw and find out how you're liking your new home (and to SEE your new home)!

Framed, thanks! You'll get your passport in plenty of time if you start working on it soon. Supposedly, it should only take 6 weeks, plus or minus, so that gives you plenty of time. Unless you procrastinate; a problem I have a lot.

Cassie, I think your comment was very succinct and effecient. I felt your happiness for me in just one word. Thanks!

Tearese, thanks for laughing at my lame joke! Maybe if he went with a big group of us he wouldn't be bored! I could teach him how to play blackjack!!...wait...never mind. Hmmm.

Aly, of course you'll be invited to stay with me when you come down! Why do you think I'm buying a place with 3 bedrooms??? JK, that's not why, but it's a nice perk. Though, it'll be awhile 'til I have beds in all 3 rooms, so you may want to bring your air mattress, just in case.

Cardine, thanks for the offer to help move! I'll totally take you up on it. Not that I have a lot to move, but the more hands the merrier, right? I'm really excited to go on a different cruise line and to note the differences. I'm skeptical about the free dinner times, but I'll keep an open mind. :)

Melissa, I hope someday you get to go on a cruise, too! I've enjoyed the two I've been on! Also, yes, let's meet at my apt before heading over to Missy's tomorrow. I'll be ready, so come over whenever.

Madman, thanks. I'm excited too! I heard from my agent today and she recently talked to the lender. According to him, everything is going remarkably smoothly, so it could happen really soon. I'm keeping a skeptical attitude, so I won't be disappointed if it takes longer than what they think. You know, optimists are never pleasantly surprised. It's a lesson I've learned the hard way.

julie said...

Wow. Could I write a longer comment?

(Said in a Chandler Bing voice.)