Monday, February 22, 2016

Sick Again

My poor little guy is sick again. I could tell he was getting sick on Friday when he wouldn't eat anything...not even noodles from the Chinese buffet we go to when he won't eat anything else because he always eats their noodles.

Saturday, he had a slight fever and was a little grumpier than usual. He still wouldn't eat anything nor would he drink very much. However, he was still fairly active. He threw up his milk that morning, so I figured he had a tummy ache and told Steve we shouldn't give him any milk/yogurt until Matt felt better. Sunday, while I was at church, Steve gave him milk...and he threw it up promptly. Poor guy. Yesterday, he didn't have a fever but was more lethargic and still wouldn't eat or drink. We're pretty sure he had a sore throat all day because he wouldn't even eat a popsicle or drink soda - two things we rarely let him have and that he LOVES. When I got home from church around 1pm, I cuddled with Matt and asked Steve to make us some popcorn. Matt loves popcorn. At first he refused to eat any, but eventually he started to and ended up eating a decent amount. We had to remind him to drink his water and a couple times even used a syringe to make him drink when he absolutely refused to drink from his cup. We were able to stave off dehydration throughout the day, my main concern. In the evening, he perked up quite a bit. Still wouldn't eat but started drinking more and had his third pee diaper of the day. We hoped it was a sign he was on the mend.


Last night, Matt woke up around 3am crying and miserable. I went in with him, he fell back asleep, so I went back to bed for 10 minutes, and then went back in when he started crying again. I ended up taking my pillow and a blanket in there and slept for a little bit; waking up whenever he got sad and reminded him that I was there. His fever came back this morning and he was really listless. I called my dad and he came over and gave him a blessing. Matt's temperature had reached 101.8 and he was sobbing, "Help me!" over and over again. Dad suggested taking him to the doctor, which is what I was feeling, too, so we headed to the doctor.

By the time we arrived and were shown into the exam room, the ibuprofen I'd given Matt when his fever spiked (it had hovered around 99-100 previously) had kicked in and his temperature dropped. The doctor checked him out and said it was a virus and to make sure he kept getting plenty of fluids. It was a comfort to know that he didn't have strep throat or anything else that needed to be treated by an antibiotic.

Steve had left work and met us at the doctor's during his lunch break. After the doctor, Matt and I headed home and Steve ran to the store to get some things for Matt.

It's hard work taking care of a sick kid, especially when he only wants one parent (me) most of the time. I'm fortunate to have such a wonderful partner who takes care of me while I'm taking care of Matt. He does everything he can to make sure we're both as comfortable as we can be and have everything we need. I don't know what I did to deserve fact, I'm pretty sure I don't deserve him at all, but I am sure grateful for him.

Matt still isn't doing great. Right now he's resting in his bed. His temperature is still in the normal range, thankfully, and he's drinking more water. He had a sucker earlier...another thing he loves but refused to eat yesterday...and we took that as a good sign. He also ate half a banana. I have faith in his body's ability to heal itself (since it's nothing beyond its ability without help) and I have faith in the blessing my dad gave to Matt that offered comfort and promised a return to good health.

I hope you and your family are staying healthy. I know so many kids who are sick right now!

Julie :)

Matt before he was sick. He was so pleased that the popsicle turned his tongue blue.


Cassie said...

Poor guy! Hope he feels better soon!

Aaron said...

You are a great mom! (this is Sarah, not Aaron)

tearese said...

poor kid! Hope he's doing better now. Our kids all threw up a week or so ago, even River. Last time they hall had a stomach bug, River didn't get it, and it's been years since I had a baby throw up that wasn't big enough to run to the bathroom. Yuck! Of course, I had a bigger kid that just slept in it too...double yuck. Luckily his brother came and told me he'd heard him throw up so I could come take care of it. Hope we're done for the year for sure!