Monday, February 01, 2016

Snow Day

Last night it snowed over a foot!

Our house faces north, which means our front yard still had several inches of snow leftover from previous storms. Our backyard snow had melted enough to see all the dog poop we hadn't picked up because of the snow. I was going to pick it up this weekend but didn't get around to it. Now it is once again covered and who knows when the snow will melt again.

School in the county, including the university, are closed for the day. That almost never happens in Utah, despite all the snow we get. I don't remember ever missing school because of snow when I was a kid. My freshman year at the U, there was a snow day, the first in over 20 years. I had gone to an early morning meeting at my church, trudging through the thick snow from my dorms, and didn't hear about classes being canceled until I was back in my room.

Steve's work texted him this morning and said he could choose whether or not to go to work today. He waffled awhile before choosing to go to work. I guess I didn't hide my disappointment well, because he came back inside a moment later announcing he was staying home! Yay! I want to do something special to commemorate the day. I don't know what yet. :)

Happy snow day!

Julie :)


Sarah P said...

What did you end up doing?

tearese said...

My mom told me about that day! She said she thinks school got cancelled at her level because they finally got a female superintendent who had some common sense. Ha. Our schools here strangly get cancelled a few times every winter, even though it's SD and they have the equipment for snow. I think its because a lot of people drive in from ranches where the roads aren't plowed; also with few trees the wind can cause dangerous blowing snow when theres a storm. Hope you had a fun day!