Thursday, April 03, 2008

Gone Yet Again

Tomorrow, I'm off on another business trip.

This time I'm administering hearing tests in Montrose and Grand Junction, CO. It's been kind of hectic getting ready to go since it was a last-minute decision to take the job AND because it's a job unlike any of the others I've done. It's for the military and the poor guy couldn't find anyone else to do it. My boss really deliberated about accepting the job because I'll be working on Sunday. I said I wouldn't mind doing it, this once, but he's pretty strict about the Sabbath (which is a good thing). In the end, he figured it was kind of an "ox in the mire" situation for the military because they couldn't find anyone else and the tests needed to be done, so he consented to take the job. I've been jumping through hoops all week since the military is really particular and wants certain paperwork done beforehand, throughout, and at the end. Plus I needed to do a background check for them, give them every ounce of data I have about myself, and sign away the rights to my fourth child (little do they know that I'm not planning on having four kids! teehee).

Once I get on the road tomorrow, I think everything will be okay. I just get stressed about making sure everything is ready. My boss makes fun of me because I have to have everything perfect and have to plan for every contingency. I retort that it's those qualities (and others) that were the reason he wanted me to be in charge of the industrial testing, so leave me alone. I'm looking forward to getting in the truck and driving off into the sunset, leaving all my cares at home. Well...we're leaving at 10am, so I guess there won't be a sunset, but you know what I mean.

It's a 6-hour drive to Montrose, according to mapquest, so I'm planning on 7 hours, with stops and towing an enourmously heavy trailer. I only have my CDL permit, so I can only drive legally if there's someone with a class A CDL in the truck with me. My dad kindly agreed to come along this weekend, since my boss didn't get his CDL in time and we couldn't get anyone else to do it. It will give me a lot of practice driving the truck/trailer, which I need since I've only driven the beast twice and am supposedly getting my CDL sometime soon. I'm looking forward to talking to Dad on the drive and to reconnect with him some more. He's bringing his golf clubs so he can get in some golfing while I'm testing, then we'll get to hang out in the evenings, with our expenses covered by the business. Nice. Really, as long as everything goes okay with the testing, this should be a really nice weekend.

I just looked at the clock. What am I doing??? I don't have time to blog - there's too much left to do still!! So, bye y'all. Have a great weekend!


Cardine said...

You're a workaholic. :)

julie said...

Oh, like you can talk! :)

Alyson said...

You know, it's kind of weird that the military doesn't have anyone to do the hearing tests. You would think they could get the active duty people to come do it. Well, I hope you have fun in Colorado. I'm glad your dad is going with you, so you won't be alone in that huge truck!

Madman said...

Not to mention that you would be driving in the wrong direction to drive off into the sunset.

Sunrise, maybe, if you left earlier.

James & Melissa's Family said...

Well I hope that you got off okay and that you made it without any problems. Have a great time "reconnecting" with your dad and making some new memories. Have a GREAT trip.

julie said...

Aly, we thought it was weird, too, but oh well. It IS nice having Dad in the truck. Especially since I made him drive a lot of the trip. :) Don't tell my boss that, I was suppose to be practicing. And I did. A little. I was just so tired and a little stressed. Okay, a lot stressed. That's another story, though.

Madman, you're so pedantic! I laughed. Thanks. :)

Melissa, yes we got off without a problem, though a little late. All good now. Just heading out to get dinner. :)

Booklogged said...

Sounds like quite an adventure driving that big truck and trailer. Hope it's a fabulous weekend.