Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Did You Know - Part II

I did a post like this last year and enjoyed sharing with you some stuff you may or may not know about me. I'm in a sharing mood again, so here we go:

Did You Know...

… that every time, every time, I throw a sack of trash into the dumpster I panic that I’m throwing away some vital piece of paper or cherished item?

…my favorite dead actor is Cary Grant?

…my favorite live actress is Judy Dench?

…I sleep with a giant teddy bear named Norman?

…I knock on wood to ward off bad luck?

…I used to bite my nails? It was a hard habit to break.

…that white calla lilies are my favorite flowers?

lilacs are my second favorite? Their scent is heavenly!!

…I have a tattoo? It’s really small and only three people have ever seen it. Are you one of them?

…I once hit another car while driving and kept driving instead of pulling over?

…I hate doing yard work?

…Elizabeth I is my hero? She wasn’t perfect, but no hero is, really.

…I would rather write in my journal for eight hours than scrapbook for two?

…my bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in three weeks? Yes, I’m ashamed.

…I was once in love with a boy named Crusher?

…I just found out that a good friend has leukemia? I need to call him.

…I’d rather be deaf than blind? (Knock on wood that I never become either!)

…I have a recurring nightmare based on Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None?

…my favorite song currently on my iPod is Regina Spektor’s Fidelity?

…that if I had to make a choice between mints or chocolate, I’d choose mints every day and twice on Sunday? I love chocolate, but I need mints.

…I’m related to King John (of Robin Hood fame) on my dad's side?

…I prefer sitting on the aisle instead of by the window?

…I once was offered, and considered briefly, a job as a stripper?

…I’m craving chicken pasta salad (with grapes), chocolate chip cookies, and ginger ale?

…my biggest fear is regret?

Bon Jovi’s (You Want To) Make a Memory makes my heart ache?

Now you know everything about me - I have no secrets left! I might as well close up shop for awhile so I can build up more things about me you may not know. Or, I'll have to start inventing things.

Oh, speaking of...I lied...I think it's actually been four weeks since I cleaned my bathroom! I'll go and hang my head in shame now.


Mellissa Hunt said...

Wow. As for the tatto, that was a new one. I'm pretty sure I know who Crusher is. And luckily Ben just made a fresh batch of chocolate chocolate chip cookies-I will have a special delivery for you and your craving.

Mellissa Hunt said...

p.s. I meant tattoo. Ignore my spelling-it's been a long day.

Ben said...

Wesley Crusher?

Cassie said...

Not all of this stuff can be true and if it is, how did I not know this? Wow, you are a mystery woman.

Alyson said...

I think I knew about the tattoo, but I could just be imagining that. I'm not sure I believe the one about you hitting a car and not pulling over. I can't see you doing that, but if you did, I won't judge. ;)

julie said...

Missy, yes, I bet you do know who Crusher is. It's funny - I haven't thought of him in YEARS!! Huh. Thanks for the cookies; they are delicious! My coworker agrees. We ate too many after lunch. teehee

Ben, no.

Cassie, me a mystery woman? Heavens no! I'm totally an open book. Maybe some of my passages are a little obscure, but they're there to be read. :)

Aly, it's true, unfortunately. To be honest, though, I didn't know I had hit the car until afterward. I was with a friend and we were racing our fellow jazz bandmates back to the school. Neither of us saw the car or felt when we hit it. The others saw it and told me once we reached our destination (I won). I felt horrible. I never told my mom (it was her car). :(

warnser said...

I haven't seen it.
Crusher? that's just cool. I think I'll name my firstborn crusher... or Climate change.
If your friend is the one I know, we should visit him, or something.

aisles for me too,
except in 1st class (yeah right like that's gonna happen)

anyway ttfn

Framed said...

Wow, the things you learn in blog world. I like this post and may have to do a similar one if you don't mind me copying. PS. I'm an aisle person myself. Don't hang your head in shame; just hang it over that toilet as you clean it. And then could you come clean mine, it is starting to smell funny?

Indy said...

I did learn some new things. I didn't know about the tatoo, and a few others things. Thanks for sharing. I am related to King John too (the arch nemisis of Robin Hood). Maybe we are related. he he he.

julie said...

Warnser, it probably is the same person...yes, we should go visit. I'm going to call him now that I'm home from my business trip. Crusher was actually a nickname. His real name is the same as my last name, spelled with an "i". I used to think it was fate. Ha!

Framed, I moved to get away from my dirty bathroom! Although, my mom ended up cleaning it before I moved. I told her I was too embarrassed to let her and that I would, but she insisted I wash the walls while she cleaned my filthy bathroom. What a great mom!

Indy, maybe we ARE related! Even if we aren't, let's say we are! It's better that way. :)

tearese said...

soo.. you really have a tattoo? Really? Please tell me about it! When I was younger I always thought it'd be cool to have a tattoo on the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger. I don't know why.
I love learning more facts about you!

Ben said...

tearese: I used to want to pierce the webbing between thumb & forefinger. Probably a horrible idea as it would undoubtedly get ripped out at some point.

tearese said...


julie said...

Tearese, I think a tattoo in that spot would be horrifically painful!

Ben, so would a piercing! Yikes!

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