Friday, October 17, 2008

Picture Post

I finally downloaded the pictures off my camera! So, here are a few pictures from my New England/Canada cruise as well as some random pictures that I found on my camera and didn't know what to do with. Enjoy!

This is a market in St. John, New Brunswick. The ceiling is a ship's hull! I thought it was cool. Inside the market, I found all sorts of delicious treats that I remembered from when I lived in Montreal and haven't eaten since. Mmmmmm. It was heavenly.

This is supposedly the only place where you can take a picture of two bridges (the other one is in the distance on the right) in one shot. They are in St. Martins, NB, a small fishing village an hour or so away from St. Johns.

Yikes! How did this get in there? Some random girl that we saw on the double-decker bus tour we took in Halifax, Nova Scotia. What lovely, straight teeth she has! I bet she'd ask you to ignore the rain-soaked bangs, though. Poor gal. Did you know she was sick that day?

It was in front of this cemetary that I was hit on by the eager-for-a-green-card St. Lucian, Wilfred. I found a lot of really old tombstone inside - the oldest being from 1708, if I remember correctly (which is why I should write this stuff down sooner!!!).

Shaneen, Cassie, and I met these two terriers while they were out walking their owner in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Their owner was very friendly and the dogs were quite well-behaved. I'm considering getting one someday. I wonder how my red couches will look with white hair all over them? Hmmm.

When we arrived in Bar Harbor, Maine, it was quite foggy and rainy. Very beautiful! I like this picture for two reasons, 1) it kind of looks like the cruise ship is chasing the smaller ship and 2) the trail of mist you can see behind the smaller ship. It was really neat to stand on shore and watch as the mist rolled off the water.

At the top of Cadillac Mountain, where this picture was taken, one is supposed to have quite the view of the harbor, the island, and the ocean. As you can see, we didn't get that view; however, I completely enjoyed the view we got. I love mist. It's so romantic. And serene. Romantically serene.

After a very misty morning, the afternoon in Bar Harbor turned quite sunny - I even got sunburned! This picture was taken in between the mist and the sun. I like how verdant the grass and leaves are. I like the word verdant, too.

I awoke one Saturday in September and this is what I saw out my bedroom window. Actually, my camera makes everything look far away and small, so actually the balloons looked a lot bigger and closer. Kind of like this balloon...

...which decided to land in my parking lot later on that day. It was really fun to see the balloons without having to go anywhere except my front porch.

This is the kitchen table I want. It's kind of pricey, though, so it's gonna be awhile before I get it. Dang it.

I took these pictures last April at the Denver Botanical Gardens when I was there for the Audiology convention. Not a lot of flowers were blooming, but the trees were amazing! There was one pathway that was lined with blossoming trees. I wanted to take up permanent residence. It was kind of romantic. And serene. You know.

This is my Christmas tree. It's the first Chrismas tree I've ever owned, though I've been buying ornaments for it for several years. It's hard to see, but my ornaments are red, white, and clear, with some silver for sparkle. My favorites are the tiny red and white bells (you can't see them in the picture - they are too small). Stop by this Christmas so you can see it in person!

On December 27, 2006, it snowed just a little. We accumulated about 14" in one evening. This shot was taken from my mom's porch. I like the light from the street lamp. Snow is also romantically serene.

I need a boyfriend.

Well, that's all folks. Hope you enjoyed the show!


Anonymous said...

Those are great shots. Thanks for sharing!

I'm proud of you for sharing pictures that were taken almost two years ago. Good for you. It's never too late to post them.

Mellissa said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. And the random ones were just as good as the ones from your cruise.

Madman said...

I got stuck in Cedar City on that night in December! Was on my way back to St. George from Christmas in Springville.

It was fun to stay at the Econolodge as a guest, though.

Ben said...

Great shots. I also like the word verdant, but I've never known what it means. So, prompted by your using it, I looked it up. There's a company who underwrites NPR's morning edition who uses it in their announcement, but now that I know what it means, I'm confused. They use it something like this: "Company name, doing something to bring about a more just and verdant future." A just and green future? A just and unripe future?

Melissa said...

LOVE the pictures! I am so glad that you posted the ones from your cruise, they were breathtaking!

*FYI-you don't need a sewing machine to make the tutu. If you want, I will email you what I did and what you will need. Let me know.

Madman said...


julie said...

Sarah, I'm glad you agree that it's never too late to do something with pictures. I actually kept the snow picture on my camera because it has come in handy. Last year, on our cruise, I showed it to Henry (in St. Lucia) who had neve seen snow before.

Missy, I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Madman, that's funny! Isn't it odd what different experiences people can have at the same time? You were stranded, and I was tucked away, serenely, at home.

Ben, thanks! I'm really not a photo-taker, I rarely have a camera with me and even when I do, I often forget to use it. Just and verdant??? That's so odd! I've only heard "verdant" when describing plants, as in "the grass is so verdant". Hmmm. Maybe they mean "green" as in "eco-sound"?

Melissa, I would love you to email me what you did to make the tutu! I really do want to make one. Thanks!

Madman, yes, a tutu. What? You don't think I'd look good in a tutu???? :)

Madman said...

Nothing like that. It just came out of nowhere. Kind of a surprise, you know?

Picture discussion, picture discussion, tutu, picture discussion.

Cardine said...

Oh my gosh, I loved this post. And it killed me when you ended the post with "I need a boyfriend." Hee hee!

I love that photo of the snow.

There is something so cool about hot air balloons in the sky, I think.

I love your Christmas tree.

Your cruise looked great!

Mmmmm... sushi.

julie said...

Madman, I guess that makes sense. However, if you had read Melissa's blog, it wouldn't have been such a surprise! And, let's be honest here - I would look horrible in a tutu...but thanks for not saying so. :)

Cardine, yeah, all that "romantic and serene" stuff really got me sighing and wishing. It's just not the same when you don't have someone special with whom to share it.


tearese said...

I love that your pictures are from random seasons throughout the year. You don't take nearly as many as I do, if those were all still on your camera! I like the misty pictures too, reminds me of the North West.

tearese said...

Ben- Verdant can also be used to mean lush, and ripe, and summery, healthy, well as eco-friendly, like Julie said.

julie said...

Tearese, yeah, I really don't take a lot of pictures. Some of the random ones I've kept in my camera because I didn't know what to do with them - I've deleted others around them and just held on the them 'til I could do something with them. I'm getting better at taking pictures, though. I might even have another picture post in the future. MIGHT.

Ben, I'm glad my understanding of the word isn't wrong. I didn't think it was, but it's always nice to be told for sure. Thanks!

Booklogged said...

Wonderful pictures, Julie. Verdant and Vernal come from the same root word. Both lovely words evoking scenes of green trees and meadows. I like the serene. Just saying it makes me feel calmer.


its amazing..thanks for pictures...u r the best sweet heart


its amazing..thanks for pictures...u r the best sweet heart