Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Study in Randomness

I want chocolate cake. I've wanted to eat a piece of chocolate cake ever since my mom offered me a piece a couple weeks ago. I said no because I wasn't craving chocolate cake at that moment and because I was in a hurry to be on my way up north for my last job. The chocolate gods must be punishing me for turning down a piece of my mom's absolutely divinely moist and delicious chocolate cake. Curses! The truly sad part of this tale is the feeble attempt I made last night to satisfy this craving. I made blueberry muffins. Yes, blueberry muffins. My roommate laughed. Blueberry muffins are nothing like chocolate cake! she giggled. She's right, they aren't. They did nothing to satisfy my craving for chocolate cake. Big surprise.

Sometimes, I have weird dreams. Okay, most of the time I have weird dreams. However, since dating Anthony, the weirdness of my dreams has gone to a new level. Sometimes, I speak French while signing (in ASL, of course, since I don't know French sign language, silly!). Even in my dreams I realize this is a weird occurrence. It has even progressed into my daydreams! Just today, while creating our company's new drug & alcohol testing policy, I leaned back against my chair for just a moment to indulge in my latest daydream - running into a guy from my mission who had a massive crush on me and who struggled to understand why I couldn't dance with him at the ward party. Sigh, he was really attractive! Anyway, as I was daydreaming, I realized that I was speaking French with him and signing at the same time! To be fair, Anthony had just left the office a few minutes before, so I'd been signing for about an hour. The truly funny thing is that I'm not hugely proficient in either language!

Irrational...Or Am I???
One of my biggest and most scariest fears involves me flying over the ocean (probably on my way to France or some equally cool destination) and the airplane has mega problems and I end up on an island in the middle of nowhere (a la Castaway). Yes, this is a not good situation; however, the truly frightening part is what am I going to do when my disposable contacts just have to be disposed of (they should only last a month)? What are the chances that my glasses case is going to get washed ashore along with me??? Slim to none, my friends, slim to none. Now, tell me that this isn't the stuff to keep you up at night. It sure does me! Someday, I'm going to get Lasik eye surgery, then I'll be okay if ever stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. Well... at least I'll be able to see.

Fantasy Football
This year bites! I finally have the quarterback I always wanted (guess who!), but he's not playing well this year (except for the one week I finally decided to put him on the bench and play someone else, then he scored 25 points!). Plus, I have the worst running backs (RBs) in the league! Everyone else has RBs who are ranked 20 or higher, though usually in the single digits. Mine are ranked 43 and 46! Stupid automatic draft. The truly cruel thing, though, is my best RB (ranked 43, remember) is hurt and probably won't be able to play the rest of the season. So, I go to the Free Agents and there are no RBs who are projected to score a single point this week! Not a single point! Good grief. Any surprise that I'm in last place for our league?...?...?

I'm finally warming up to Liz and Jeff. I still love more than anything when I have the place to myself, but I'm starting to really enjoy when we hang out together. Liz and I finally had a really nice, long chat one night after Jeff had gone home. I swear that I don't bond with someone until I've stayed up too late talking to them! We don't have a whole lot in common but enough to get along. No BFF, but she's proving to be a pretty darn good roommate. Very respectful of my home and my stuff. And Jeff, he's not too terribly bad. In fact, he's a pretty nice guy - a little irritating, but nice. He probably empties the dishwasher and takes out the trash more than Liz and I combined! He is very helpful and considerate and generous. He's constantly offering to fill up my water glass, get me a popsicle, share their dinner with me, etc. And, the truly wonderful thing about them is that they go out of town practically every weekend! Hooray! Last night, as we sat around watching tv and chatting, I thought that it's probably a really good thing for me to have people that are in my house regularly. I'm becoming too anti-social, too much of a hermit. It's kind of nice to have someone there at night to laugh with and yell at the tv with (we can't believe Marjorie didn't get sent home on ANTM last night!).

Okay, so it wasn't totally random...each section has one thing in particular in common. Can you see it?


Cardine said...

You? You are the connection to all of them? Is this like Tri-bond?

Good post. I feel happier having read it. And I feel like eating chocolate cake now, too.

And also, I like your roommate and boyfriend. They are entertaining. :)

Mellissa said...

Mmmmm....chocolate cake does sound good right about now.

Sorry about your lousy football team.

Good you're getting along better with your roommate. Mine keeps leaving on the light in the closet.

Framed said...

Craving - Great now I am craving your mom's chocolate cake. Thanks Julie.
Dreaming - I had a dream that I had the gift of tongues and could speak every language. So cool.
Irrational - What is there to see on this deserted island?
Football - Buck up Bucko. Tomorrow is another day. It's not over until . . . well, I'm not going to sing so that's the end of the platitudes.
Roommates - What's wrong with being anti-social?
In common - It's all about you????

julie said...

No, I am not the common link. I mean, I am, but there's another slightly less obvious one. Okay, it might be hard to spot, but if you're a wordie, it'll stick out to you. Keep trying!

Cardine, I don't know what Tri-bond is, so I don't know. I'm glad I helped you feel happy. I like them, too. Jeff is really entertaining. He had me in stitches tonight I was laughing so hard!

Missy, it does, doesn't it?! I'm trying to convince my brother to come to town this weekend since today is his birthday and a bday party would be a good time to indulge in my craving. Your roommate keeps leaving the light in the closet on?? How rude! :)

Framed, sorry. I'm just sharing the love. Maybe if enough people crave it, too, someone will actually bake a chocolate cake and share with me. Maybe? Anyone??

Alyson said...

I can't see the connection within the randomness. I have to say that there is an easy way to cure your irrational fear of being stuck on a desert island without your glasses...take your glasses on the plane with you (not in your checked baggage). If you have your glasses on your person, or on your face, you will have them and no need to worry. :)

I'm glad you are getting along with your roommate better. I wish my roommate would start dating someone who did the dishes and took out the trash. Neither of us like to do that, and we've both been a little lazy lately.

Since I've been leaving tidbits of espanol in most of my comments lately, I wouldn't want to leave you out.

Mi companera de cuarto y yo somos peresozo este semana.

c jane said...

Jewels, your blog is so refreshing. After all these years I still love you like we were back in St. Leonard. I especially love the posts where you just write about you. What blogs are for, right?

julie said...

Aly, I've thought about that solution before. In fact, when I fly I always carry my glasses in my carry on. However, what are the chances that my carry on washes ashore with me? Even if I wore them on my face there's a pretty good chance I end up without them by the time I get to the island. Not a happy thought. I'm lazy, too, which is why I appreciate Jeff's help so much! I'll hope the same for you or your roommate! :)

Cjane, thanks! I still love you just as much, too! I love reading your blog and I hope you know that you, your sister, her husband and kids, and all your family are in my prayers! Your posts often bring tears to my eyes - they are so sweet and full of faith and hope. Thank you!

tearese said...

Since blogger was broken yesterday, I suppose I will try to rewrite some of my comment...
I am ALWAYs worried about being somewhere with contacts and no glasses. But I worry more about, like, if the Dr. from Dr. Who wanted me to come time traveling,and we got stuck in the past somewhere. what about my eyes! Or other similarly almost impossible scenarios...but I still worry.

Booklogged said...

I don't see the wordie connection either. I hope you'll share it with us eventually.

I'm not feeling the least bit witty and even if I was, I wouldn't be. I also love it when Framed has posted a comment before me because her comments make me smile.

Your post brought a big smile, too. You write such interesting posts.