Monday, June 08, 2009

Did You Know - Part III

... My first boyfriend's name was Jose?
* we "dated" in 1st grade.

...I'm currently reading 4 books?
* Lisey's Story by Stephen King
* The Appeal by John Grisham
* Flashback by Nevada Barr
* Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey

...I think beards can be sexy?
* not the bushy ones, though.

...I'm addicted to the soundtrack of Notre Dame de Paris?
* thanks, Adam

...My current celebrity crush is Charles Kelley?
* singer for Lady Antebellum
* he has a wicked sexy beard
* ok, both guys in the band have beards, but I like him more

...Before him, my celebrity crush was Simon Baker?
* the Mentalist, CBS
* however, doesn't look good with a beard

...Little sleep + no food + heat/broken air conditioner = grumpy Julie?
* this sums up my latest work trip to Lake Powell

...My phone is pink?
* nothing more to add

...I like to go to movies by myself?
* Angels and Demons, June 6th

...Green is my current "it" color?
* it was red

...I talk too much sometimes?
* many of you know this first-hand

...I avoid touching public bathroom door handles like the plague?
* they give me the heebie geebies

...Last night I forgot to eat dinner?
* no wonder I had such strong snack cravings last night!

...I once lost my balance and fell on my bum while watching someone toss a coin?
* cjane, Montreal, 1999

...I pretend heights don't bother me?
* really, I have the urge to jump
* that bothers me

...I walk 4 miles a day?
* sometimes more, if I get in two walks

...I overuse the thumbs up sign?
* woohoo! *thumbs up*

...I once burned my tongue on a fork?
* my brother said I had a forked tongue
* thumbs up*

..."Want" is my least favorite word to sign?
* feels awkward

..."Like" is my favorite?
* it's fun, you should try it

...I'm thinking about getting back together with one of my exes?
* can you guess which one?

...This is the first "Did You Know" that contains no lies?
* thumbs up*

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Framed said...

I bet you look fabulous in green. Heights makes me want to throw up. Weird, huh? I do "thunbs up" occasionally. I also like to wink at a person sometimes.

Mellissa said...

I'm sure the broken a/c made a great trip for you. So sorry. I'd love to see that pink phone - mine is black and boring. I've never thought or noticed you overusing the thumbs up sign, but now I'm going to look for it. Good luck with your ex - just remember, ALL boys have cooties. And never, ever use the first stall in a public restroom. Did you know the women's public restrooms have more germs than men's? FYI.

Cardine said...

This was really enlightening. I really enjoyed it. And yeah, I'm wanting to switch to green from red, too. It must be something in the water. In fact, I have been thinking about a green couch lately.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate that my broccoli is green and that my meat is red... I don't think I'd like it the other way around.

No way! Jose?

julie said...

Framed, thanks! It depends on the shade of green. I'd probably wink more if I could wink better.

Missy, yeah, the broken a/c was just fabulous. Almost as fabulous as taking the trailer in to have the a/c fixed and finding out the trailer breaks are dead - two days before my next job! Sigh. I love my pink phone, but at the time I wanted one in red. Of course. I've just started overusing the thumbs up sign. I'm going to start using the men's bathroom instead. Ugh!

Cardine, I'm glad you felt wasn't intentional really, but I'm pleased nonetheless. Oooo, a green couch could be lovely!

Sarah, you're funny! And you're right, the other way around would not be good. Mmmm. Made me hungry for a nice steak - medium rare to medium. Mmmm. "No way! Jose?" That's just funny - I don't care who you are!

I lied. Of course. Twice this time. Not getting back with an ex. None of them have offered...though that isn't the only reason. :) and of course, since I lied about that, I also lied about no lies. Sigh. I'm getting worse. Teehee.

tearese said...

I love the extra thumbs ups. haha. I went through a period where I did that too much too, and I wanted to slap myslef eveytime I realized I was doing it again. I picked it up from someone I was hanging around, I think. Maybe it was you?
I always want to be a reader again ( that used to be my defining personality trait) but it never happens. I joined that goodreads things to try and motivate myself.
I think beards can be sexy too.
I have no idea who those celebrities are.
I love going to movies alone too, but that also never happens, because Joseph would think he needs to do something too, and he'd probably do something more expensive and then I'd be annoyed.

KieraAnne said...

I've burned my tongue on a fork before too...and the knife you stick in the cake to see if it's done yet...multiple times. I see it and think "mmm...batter!" it is only after it's in my mouth that I remember, "hot batter! hot batter!" I like green, but I have for years, so that's not really a change for me...I don't look very good in most shades of red. My husband usually has a beard...more 'cuz he's too lazy to shave more than once every 2-3 months than a fashion thing, but I still like it...although some men should not have beards...the ones you mentioned did look nice though (I had to click on the link to see what they looked like).

Booklogged said...

I went to see Charles Kelley and listened to some of the music. (on the internet) He is cute and I even like some of the songs. Now I'm going to have to listen to Notre Dame de Paris. (Did I tell you I'm trying to learn French off the internet? Comment allez-vous?

Reading 4 books at the same time! I'm juggling 3 and that seems a little crazy. I kind of have a crush on Shemar Moore in his role as Derek on Criminal Minds.

I like your "Did You Know" posts. Hope you keep doing them.

Stacey said...

My current celebrate crush is still Simone Baker! I love the mentalist!