Monday, December 21, 2009

Bestest Weekend Ever???

If not the bestest ever, this weekend definitely makes the list of really great ones. Here's a quick run-down of why I had such a great weekend.

* Thursday night: Sam told me I'm beautiful. He had seen a picture of me so thought he was prepared for what I looked like, but when I opened the door Wednesday night (our 1st date), he said he couldn't believe how beautiful I am. *blush* Woohoo!

*Friday: it's Friday (which is almost always a good thing) and only one week before I fly to Paris!

* Friday morning: received an email from a guy telling me I'm beautiful. Can't ever get enough of that!

* Friday morning: received a phone call setting up an interview for a new job! I know it doesn't mean I'll get it, but I'm just glad to have a chance to meet the interviewers face-to-face.

* Friday afternoon: a female patient that tends to irritate me asked if I had changed my hair color and style. I said yes, she asked if I'd lost a lot of weight. I said that I had and she said she hadn't been sure if I was the same person, I look so different. She said that she always thought I was a pretty gal but now..."You're absolutely beautiful!" Again, who could tire of that??

* Friday evening: cousin Alyson comes for a visit! We eat at Ninja then play games at my Mom's.

* Friday night: Mom offers to teach the Primary lesson...even though it's my turn!

* Saturday morning: sleep in, ride exercise bike, check email and have one from the guy who called me beautiful the day before and two from new guys - one of them saying my picture is "very cute".

* Saturday afternoon: head south with Alyson, eat at Cracker Barrel, shop, and talk/laugh a lot.

* Saturday evening: 2nd date with Sam. He treats me so well - very respectful, considerate, and attentive. The way my dad taught me to expect to be treated. Oh, and he kissed me. Kissed me very well. *big smile*

* Sunday morning: slept in a bit but still made it to church on time!

* Sunday afternoon: the neighbor guys finally took me out shooting after church! And you know what? I wasn't too bad. Hit my target (Pepsi bottles) the first 4 shots I took with the 22 rifle. And, I took second place (there were 5 of us) in the shooting competition! (Jon won.) I also shot a 45 pistol - talk about power! It was an adrenalin rush and a lot of fun! Here are some pictures.

Me shooting the 22 rifle.

Me shooting the 45 pistol. That's Jon behind me.

* Sunday afternoon: annual candy making with my sister-in-law. This year we kept it to a couple batches each of divinity and peanut brittle, and one batch each of peanut butter cups and fudge. Easiest and quickest session we've ever had!

It was busy - filled to overflowing, in fact - but it was a great weekend! Now, if I can make it through the next few days (which are continuing the filled-to-overflowing-with-good-things theme), it'll be Christmas, then I'll be in Paris before you can say "Enfin!" Woohoo!


Kate Weber said...

Seriously sounds like a GREAT weekend! (And you got some lip action! SO JEALOUS! I've been craving a little of that.) But I'm so happy for you, and I can't believe how SKINNY you are! It's so awesome and I'm so happy for you!

In case I don't get a chance to say it before you leave, have a WONDERFUL trip in France, and be safe!

Also, a very merry Christmas!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

That's just awesome. See you in a couple days!

tearese said...

AAAAgggg! I can't believe i've forgotten to read your blog for a while and I've missed so much!!!! I mean, I caught a little of it on Facebook (So glad you're on there now) but still missed a ton! Must read next post.
That doesn't even look like you in those photos, seriously.

Mellissa said...

I agree with Tearese about those photos - you look so different and thin. I'm so happy you're so happy with your weight loss.

Yay for good kisses from a good looking guy. There's nothing worse than anticipating that kiss only to be let down!

Enjoy Paris! Remind me, what does "enfin" mean? I've got to brush up, you know.

julie said...

Kate - thanks! I know, it had seriously been awhile since I'd had a good kiss. Did you write a letter to Santa asking for a kiss? Let me tell ya, I'm a believer in letters to Santa! A few on my wish are possibly coming true. *smile* I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, too! Love ya!

Sarah - I'm so excited to see you!

Tearese - I love that there are things in my life that are going on that are interesting enough for you to miss! Ofttimes my life is pretty dull! Thanks...I know...I was a little surprised when I saw the pictures, too!

Missy - thank you! I still don't think of myself as thin...just "on the plus side of regular". "Enfin" means "finally" and that's how I feel...about a lot of things!

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend was had and hopefully by now you have had another wonderful date.

Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful time in PARIS!!!

Framed said...

What a great weekend. Your mom is sooo supportive. I don't think I would ever volunteer to teach Primary for my daughter. Do you think Cassie will ever teach Primary? Love the pictures. You look fantastic.