Thursday, March 08, 2012

Did You Know...

I love writing these posts. This time, I'm throwing in some stuff about my hubby because a) it's harder coming up with stuff about myself and 2) there's many of you who don't know him very well and this will help you get to know him better. So, did you know...

...I hate when nail polish starts to peel off? It seriously drives me crazy. Like right now.

...I have chubby knees?

...Steve has a chipped front tooth? He's had it since he was a kid.

...I think Steve's chipped tooth is sexy? I do.

...Spring Break starts on Saturday and I'm soooo ready for a long break?

...Steve is a Master Sergeant in the Air Force?

...I wear a Weber State t-shirt every Friday?

...Steve's favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys?

...I have always disliked the Dallas Cowboys?

...I'm taking the GMAT in 2 weeks? No, I'm not ready.

...I'm 5 ft 6 3/4 in tall?

...Steve is 6 ft 4 in tall?

...Steve doesn't have a favorite cake, cookie, color, or candy bar? Weirdo.

...Steve worked at a hardware store before joining the Air Force?

...I was voted Most Eligible Bachelorette at my 5-yr high school reunion? There were maybe 10 of us who qualified. More like 5. I got a king-sized candy bar.

...tardiness (in others and myself) is my biggest pet peeve?

...I crave BBQ ribs about once a month? Goodwood in Riverdale has excellent beef ribs. Mmmm.

...Steve loves to fish?

...I'm working on writing a series of children's books?

...Steve doesn't like to eat mushrooms or peas?

Well, that's it for this time. I hope you learned something interesting about us. Or, at the very least, that you weren't bored to tears.

Have a great day! I hope it's sunny and warm wherever you are and that you're able to spend some time outside enjoying it!


Melissa said...

I loved it!! It is nice to get to know Steve a little bit. I don't think any man I know has a favorite cake, cookie or candy bar. And Tanner loves the Dallas Cowboys! Even though we aren't really into football or any sport for that matter.

Sarah said...

...No, but I don't like it either.
...No, I haven't seen them in a while.
...Yes, I think so.
...No, but I do now (know that you think that).
...Yes, or at least I would have guessed that, because it's also USU's.
...No, that's cool.
...No, is it purple?
...No. I remember liking Danny White.
...No, but you may have mentioned it before.
...No. Good luck!
...Not specifically, but I think I knew it was somewhere around there.
...No. Picking favorites is hard!
...Yes, I think you told me that after it happened.
...No. That's cool. Do you?
...No! Wow! I'd love to know more about this.
...Nope. I don't like canned peas.

tearese said...

thanks for sharing! Joseph hates broccoli, and since he cooks most of our big dinners, I really miss it! I know nothing about football- neither does Joseph. We were MFEO.
It is hard to pick favorites.