Thursday, March 01, 2012

February Updates

I'm always thrilled when February is over. According to my very own personal calendar, it's the last winter month. It doesn't matter if it snows until June, to me, Spring has sprung on March 1st. At least I know sunshine and warmer weather (and flowers and butterflies) are just around the corner and that makes me very happy and hopeful.

That said, it wasn't too shabby of a month. My husband left me on my own for a week, but he is now back at home, right where he belongs. And though we had an extra February day this year, February seemed to go by faster than past Februaries,which dragged on for an eternity or longer.

Here's the "quick" run-down of my month:

School: Remember how worried I was last month about my Auditing class? Well, I'm doing very well in it! I have the high score out of both classes! And, I can tell I'm becoming well-liked by that professor. It's always good to get on a professor's good side. My other two classes are going well, too. I have high hopes for straight A's this semester. What's even better is that I'm making a lot of friends in my classes. There's a big group of us that have multiple classes together, and we talk before, in-between, and after classes. I missed the social element last semester, but it was my first one here and it built the foundation for becoming friends with people this semester. There are a couple guys that are really annoying, but otherwise everyone is really cool.

Summer Trip: Last Monday, the night before Steve left for Florida, we bought airplane tickets to Seattle and booked our Alaskan cruise! We're going in June. I'm really excited because I've heard great things about Alaskan cruises. Steve is a little hesitant, what with the two stories in the news about cruise "mishaps", but I'm not worried at all. I've been on 3 and haven't had a problem. I love that you get to see an area of the world without worrying about where you're going to stay when you get there and having to transport your luggage everywhere. And, I love eating dinner on-board because I feel more adventerous about trying new foods since I can always get something else (no charge!) if I don't like it. Yeah, I definitely enjoy cruises.

Journaling: Took a little bit of a nose-dive the last week of February. You'd think it would have been easier to write without Steve there to distract me, but I kept forgetting to do it. It's all about Routine, and if that's not there, somethings just don't get done. Before that, though, I was doing great at writing every night. I really love keeping a (mostly) daily journal. And, that one-page restriction is amazing! Really keeps me on track and helps me focus on what I really want to record.

Exercise: I made it to my goal of 100 miles of exercise! To do so, I upped the number of times I ride my indoor exercise bike, helping me get more miles in lesser time AND burning more calories, too. It's so cold when I walk Sadie in the morning (and soooo early!) that I tend to take shorter walks. If the weather is cruddy in the afternoon, I cut that walk shorter, too, so the bike has been really beneficial with helping me get good quality exercise every day. I keep dreaming about warmer weather when I can ride my real bike all over town AND take Sadie for longer walks, maybe even start jogging a very little bit. Until then, I'm planning to increase my bike frequency a little bit more and take longer walks whenever the weather is nice enough.

February exercise total: 1364 minutes (almost 23 hours), 109.8 - combo of biking and walking. YAY!

Good bye, February!

Hello, March!!!


Mellissa said...

I couldn't agree more about the mentality of February being the last winter month. And although I love Spring, I can't wait for summer. I really love summer. But I'm so glad it's March...even though it snowed here today. But at least it's not sticking!

Good job doing well with your goals. I really like the idea of journaling for one page. I think I'd be more consistent if I tried that out, instead of writing five pages every month or so. Besides, my arm and hand cramp up when I do that!

Really, let me know when you're coming down! We need to get together when you do.

Anonymous said...

I seriously had those exact thoughts you had in your first two paragraphs--minus the husband part, of course! :) It was a great month, but still... it's nice to see it go!

Cardine said...

I am interested in a full report of your cruise. An Alaskan cruise is on my tentative itinerary for 2013, so I will want to know what you liked or didn't like, especially as far as activities are concerned. What cruise line are you taking?

Thanks for posting about your successes. It motivates me to want to do better, especially in the exercise category!

tearese said...

I agree : March = spring. I used to hang out on this public rooftop place by where the Alaskan cruise ships left Seattle... those ships are so huge! I hope you have fun.