Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Two Firsts...sort of

Good morning!

This morning we experienced a semi - momentous event; Matt went pee on the potty! Kind of. When we came home from the gym, I changed his diaper and told him that someday he'll go pee in the potty not a diaper. He then told me he wanted to go pee on the potty right then. So, I didn't put a diaper on him and put him on the little potty we got him a couple months ago. It looked like he was going to pee right away, but he didn't. He tooted quite a bit so I thought maybe he'd poop in the potty. Nope. He sat on the potty for an hour.

I know it seems a bit anti-climatic but it really is a big step. It was the first time he ever sat in the potty without pants and with the purpose of actually going pee. Usually he's obviously pretending. I think his bladder just got a little shy. Hopefully, he continues to make these little steps and we can start potty training in awhile.

The other first actually happened; we had Family Home Evening for the first time last night. I had asked Steve last week if we could start doing it weekly and he said ok. He's so supportive. After the gym yesterday morning, I went to Deseret Book and bought some things for lessons and activities with a toddler. After dinner and cleanup, we gathered in the living room. I said a prayer, told a story from the Book of Mormon with pictures, and then we played a new game while sipping on our treat - strawberry/banana/chocolate smoothies. The game was Noah's Ark Dominoes. Matt really liked it and we all had fun. We ended with a prayer then went downstairs to watch the movie Cars for the millionth time until Matt's bedtime.

As Matt gets older, there will be so many things pulling at us, so many time commitments that will interfere with family time. I really want to make FHE such an ingrained part of our lives that we'll do it even when our lives get crazier than they are right now. I believe it's important to have that family time that also focuses on the gospel. I really really appreciate Steve's willingness to go along with it.

I am always looking for potty training tips and FHE with a toddler ideas if you have any. :)

Julie :)


Cardine said...

That's awesome. My sister's family takes turn 'conducting.' So each of the kids get to be in charge and lead the meeting, asking people to pick the songs or pray or whatnot. I like it because it helps them to become comfortable being in charge. Also, I like it because I get to pick the song a lot! Then different people can pick the activity, as well, and different people do the lesson. It's also easy to integrate visitors like me into the FHE.

Sarah P said...

Yay for the potty! I have a feeling by the time Daniel is ready, Benj will be, too, so it might go pretty smoothly - two for the price of one! :)

tearese said...

Good for you on the FHE! We did it really inconsistently in my family growing up, and we started late in our family so everyone had kind of a bad attitude. We try to have it now, and we usually do pretty good. Our kids' favorite part is singing songs; every kid gets to pick one and it's really the bulk of our FHE. We have the activity on a separate day so we can fit everything in; I feel bad when we forget to do that part (which is pretty regularly.) Hope you can keep it up! Our go-to lesson is to read something really short from the Friend magazine.
Potty training is crazy!Hope it goes well for you. One of ours was done just after their second birthday; most of them were finished around 2 and a half. Kiera trains her kids when they ask to train, so they're usually three or so. One of ours still has accidents (and its NOT the four year old!) So I guess every kid is different, and you just have to be patient.Good luck!