Friday, April 06, 2007

Cousins Weekend 6

As Cassie pointed out, we're not exactly sure about how many of these weekends we've enjoyed, but I think we're close to being right, if not dead-on. I chose to write about this cousins weekend because it's my fault we had one.

Last Thursday, I received a letter from the University of Utah. The first line stated that I hadn't been accepted to the PhD program for which I'd applied. I was bummed, but kind of relieved, too; it would narrow my life choices. However, as I continued to read, I learned that I had been accepted to the Master's program. Unlike many schools, the U doesn't accept BA/BS students into their PhD program (unless they have an amazing application and have all the classes they need, which is rare), so, the program director wrote, they would be happy to have me in the Master's program and I could apply for the PhD program after the first year. He suggested I call the graduate coordinator and set up an appointment to meet with her.

Friday morning I told my coworker and boss the news. My boss flipped out and said I had ruined his weekend. (He tends to get a tad dramatic, but it's one of the things I like about him; it's funny.) He gave me permission to call the coordinator, Brandy, during work and set an appt with her asap. (He wants to know asap whether I'm going to leave or not.) I had already decided that a Monday morning appointment would work the best for me, so I could spend the weekend with my fabulous cousins. When I called, she couldn't do it the 9th, I couldn't the 16th, and neither of us wanted to wait 'til the 23rd, so we decided to meet the very next Monday, the 2nd!

I asked my coworker if she'd work for me and asked my boss if I could have the day off. He was tempted to say no, just to tease me, but he said yes. I hurried and sent Cassie and Aly an email informing them I would be on my way to Salt Lake right after work, asked if I could stay with one of them, and hoped I wouldn't be crashing their weekend plans. Cassie wrote back first and said I could stay with her and that my coming was okay with her plans. Aly wrote back, too, saying that she was good with my visit, too. I called my mom and told her I'd be gone for the weekend. I was planning on playing with Cardine, though I hadn't actually made any plans with her, so I emailed her. (Turns out she had family in town, so she would have been busy with them anyway.) I couldn't think of anyone else who should know, though I felt like calling/emailing quite a few people to tell them the news. I was excited and pleased about being accepted to the U.

True to my word, I left shortly after work; it only took me 30 minutes to pack! I arrived in Salt Lake around 9 or 9:30 (I can't remember now). Aly had opted to stay at her apartment because I was getting in late and she had homework. I wondered if Cassie and I would make it an "early" night, but I should have known better - I should have known myself better! We started discussing The Secret and I ended up having a lot opinions about it, and self-help books in general, even though I haven't actually read the book. Sigh. Sometimes I think I'm awfully opinionated! Actually, compared to some of our other bedtimes, Cassie and I did make it to bed "early", 3 a.m.!

Thus, we didn't get up very early Saturday morning. Alyson came over to Cassie's around noon and we opted to lunch (brunch, according the restaurant) at Cafe Med. I seriously, seriously, totally, honestly, very much LOVE that place! Oh! The hummus! The soft pita triangles! Oh! The beef/lamb gyros! The lemon rice! Sigh. I could eat there every time I go to Salt Lake! In fact, until Aly and Cassie revolt, I probably will. We went back to Cassie's and watched a couple "Fairie Tales" from the 1980's. They were very corny and very enjoyable. The first was Cinderella and had Jennifer Beals and Matthew Broderick. He was great as the prince; very funny. The next was Sleeping Beauty with Christopher Reeve and Bernadette Peters. It was also good and funny. Then we sat around and talked / looked at things on the computer. For example, we watched the most recent "Ask A Ninja" clips. That guy is too funny!

Eventually (sorry, it's been a few days and my memory isn't what it used to be - Aly or Cassie can fill in the details, if needed), we decided to get something to eat. We tried a restaurant owned by the family of a girl Cassie knows, but they had ran out of food and were closed. You see, they only serve fresh food and they order what they think they'll need for the day. If they run out, so be it. It was about 8pm, so it wasn't like they were out of food by 3pm or anything. Next time, we'll try to get there a little earlier. Instead, we tried the Blue Platter, a restaurant we seem to remember reading about somewhere on cjane's blog. I had the BLT w/avacado sandwich with the steak cut fries. I was curious about the cajun fries because we had read an online review that said they were dangerous. I asked the waitress if she'd bring me just one. She agreed and brought me two. They were spicey. very. spicey. but. yummy. and. big. Aly adventerously ordered the portabello 'n hummus sandwich on rye (shoestring fries). She liked it but didn't love it. She let me have a bite and I agreed with her analysis. I think the problem was the hummus - it was good, just not as good as Cafe Med's. Cassie got a burger (steak cut fries) and it looked yummy (I failed to ask for a sample, but I assumed it was good based on how it looked). Oh, I forgot to mention the crayons! While waiting for our food, Cassie and I drew pictures on the back of our placemats. My drawing didn't start out too well; I broke the brown crayon. I almost gave up the endeavor but perservered and ended up with a childish drawing of the house Aly, Cassie, Kristi, and I will someday enjoy together. As the artist/architect/builder, I claimed the master suite in the attic. There are four rooms and two baths on the second floor, and a formal living room, powder room, kitchen, dining room, and family room on the first floor. It's a nice house.

Anyhoo, (this is getting long), after dinner we rushed to the Off-Broadway Theatre we had visited on our last cousins weekend. Last time we saw Pot Pie the Sailorman then stayed for the improv comedy act, Laughing Stock. This time we just went to Laughing Stock. It was tons better than last time - consistently funny throughout, instead of just occassionally funny. I love that it's clean humor! There are two guys that are especially funny and quick-witted. Ah, good times, good times.

Sunday we woke up mid-morning, having stayed up talking, of course, and went to IHOP for breakfast/brunch/lunch. Aly had more homework, so she left us right after we ate. I was really tired, so Cassie and I went back to her place and just relaxed/talked/slept/read/cleaned (her, not me) for awhile. For dinner we ate at Red Lobster (I love their grilled tilapia!), then went to the dollar movie and watched "Because I Said So". It was better than I expected, but I wasn't expecting much. Diane Keaton, who I really love, was just a bit over-the-top as the meddling, oft-times hysterical, mother. The guy was cute, though. It was light and amusing, so I felt okay with spending $1.50 on it. Cassie, I don't remember what we did next. I know that we walked to 7-11 at some point, but otherwise I'm drawing a blank. You are much better at remembering details! Anyhoo, we didn't stay up too late Sunday night since Cassie had to work Monday and I had my meeting with Brandy.

Monday morning, Cassie left for work and I got ready for my 10:30 am meeting. I was incredibly early when I left Cassie's apartment (9am), so I decided I'd just find a bench near my meeting place and read for a bit. Turns out, I was fortunate because I missed the street I should have turn on to. Then, I missed the turn for the next little street, I couldn't get into the right lane, and ended up going around the campus because I was too lazy to turn around. I still arrived at my destination early, but I only got to read for about 20 minutes! I went to my meeting 10 minutes early; Brandy was ready, so we started early. I learned a lot about the Master's program and what to expect. She was very informative and I'm glad I met with her.

As always, it was absolute fun hanging out with Alyson and Cassie, and I really appreciate them dropping their plans in order to hang out with me, with little/no advance warning. You two are amazing - I love you!!!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you in May!


Cardine said...

A weekend sounds really good right now. I'm counting down!

tearese said...

sounds like an exciting weekend! Congratulations on getting into school!

Framed said...

I saw a re-enactment of the improv performance last night. I suppose the real actors didn't laugh through their performance quite as much as Aly and Cassie did, but it was still funny.

shooky @ hummus blog said...

You should try making hummus at home, from dried chickpeas, at list once. It will give you a whole different perspective of how hummus should taste like.

Cassie said...

I think we stayed up until 4:00 on Friday. I don't think we did too much after the movie on Sunday. Just the walk to 7-11. I hope I didn't ruin Jason's April Fools joke on your mom because he tried to call you on my phone but it was off and I didn't hear the message until the next night.
I had so much fun. As always.

julie said...

Cardine, I feel for ya! Soon, soon. Call me this weekend if you aren't swamped!

Framed, you'd be surprised. Sometimes the actors were laughing harder than the audience. :)

Shooky, I've thought about it, just never got around to doing it.

Cassie, it wasn't ruined. I think he was just calling to tell me about it.

julie said...

Tearese, thanks. Now I just have to decide if I'm going to go there! That's really the hard part!

tearese said...

where else would you go?

julie said...

Tearese, I'm also considering getting an MBA from SUU or a Masters of Econ from UNLV. The latter isn't in serious contention any more, I really don't like the idea of living in Vegas.